Thursday, June 6, 2013

Don't Monkey Around With Other Monkey's Monkey

Don't Monkey Around With Other Monkey's Monkey
You DO understand this, don’t you.

Regardless whether you are a boy or a girl (yeah, we are all this young), you simply DO NOT monkey around especially with other monkey’s monkey. This proof to be true during my trip to Perak recently, I was innocent and yet they caged me instead. Well, I might been stretching the truth abit here, as it is not exactly a monkey; more like an Orang Utan *smile*.

The #DiscoverPerak2013 trip by #GayaTravel and Tourism Perak took us to our first pit stop, Bukit Merah Laketown Resort where I first experience being caged (you heard me alright) instead of the animal. Here how it goes….

We received a warm welcome and was later briefed on Bukit Merah Laketown Resort and few must do activities were highlighted. The first place they took us was to the Orang Utan Island, imagine the shock I got; they (yes, the orang utan) have an island to themselves just like Robinson Crusoe or Famous Five or Nim. Hey! That’s what I always wanted to own (eyes rolling) and I fail….

We took an ‘adventurous’ boat ride to the island at the same time brain-loading session with new information on Bukit Merah Laketown and orang utan. Upon arriving to this ‘mysterious’ island, I learnt that they are very well taken care of and that their biggest threat was us human. So instead, we were caged! Basically we all walked in a caged tunnel and get to view the orang utans roaming freely, and this is when I realized that they look so adorable. At that point of time, I kinda ‘formulate’ a plan to kidnap or in this case ‘orang-utan-nap’ one of them but as usual, I failed…

Here are some of the amazing fun facts on orang utans that we never knew.

Orang Utan Fun Facts
  • 2 species of Orang Utans (i) Pongo Pygmaeus and (ii) Pongo Abelii with population of 12,000 in Malaysia. It is only found here in Malaysia and Indonesia
  • Orang Utan menstrual cycle is from 29 - 31 days (similar to us human huh!)
  • Their (Orang Utan) menstruation last between 3 – 5 days. (Eh! Similar again!?!)
  • However, Orang Utan life span is shorter than us human, between 35 – 40 years.
  • Guess what??? Orang Utan LOVES durian and HATES medicine (very Malaysian lah).
  • Orang Utan become endangered due to logging, forest fire and plantation aside from mortality, smuggling and poaching.
  • The Orang Utan Island opened for public in early February 2000 with population of 24 todate, consist of 16 infants (born here) and 3 born at BJ Island
  • Bukit Merah Laketown Resort provides REHABILITATION PROGRAMME at its Orang Utan Island such as climbing activities, nest building, water sourcing and swinging. Their natural survival skill
  • Not only that, Bukit Merah Laketown Resort took the initiative to give back to the nature and country, by providing EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMME to primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities.

So, how do you feel now my learned friend? Smarter I hope!!!

PS : No, there was no monkeying with other monkey’s monkey unfortunately J.

A #DiscoverPerak2013 trip in collaboration with #GayaTravel.

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