Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Girl Guides Association of Thailand (Bangkok)

This entry is dedicated to Diana Teo of Travel & Living Journal of DT

I walked past this area a million times and never once I noticed this building. Perhaps I was focusing (rushing) on the shop(ping) or time. Either way, I overlooked this small building every time.

But somehow, that particular day I decided to look down, not see but look - really look.

That is when I notice that it is The Girl Guides Association of Thailand headquarter, and yes; Diana was the first thing came to my mind. I immediately look for the next staircase down.

You see, I always read Diana tweeting about her girl guide activities (and she is one of the committee in Girl Guides Association of Sabah, don't play play [popular blogger too]) and being a girl guide myself (was), I have the highest respect for her and the fact that she continues being active even after school (unlike me).

And while in Bangkok for the umpteenth time, I was wondering to myself; what to get this lady - postcards (overated - from me/Bangkok)? Journal/diary (bought that on previous trip - forgot to post)? Food (ship all the way to Kota Kinabalu? Aiyooo)? Magnets (too many of Bangkok/Thailand probably)?

Then it hit me, this is a sign!!! I must go in and get her something from Girl Guides Association of Thailand, well... at least a badge or something.
Picture taken via iPhone; to excited, didn't realised it is shaky.

Guess which one I got for her?

I was in Sunflower Patrol. I think.

Kind and motherly looking heh.

Guess what? The door was locked, obviously I got panic as it was my second last day in Bangkok and the next day in a Saturday, they might be close on weekends. Yet... yet I see guiders inside, and I start circling the building (yup, I did that. Kiasu right) and found out that they close the main doors and the entrance is only from back door. Ahhhh...... Phew!

Pushed the door open, took off my shoes, tip-toed to the shop quietly like a mouse. Not sure why I need to do that, not like I am going to rob the shop, hahahahaha.....

I asked (in English) on whether I can purchase any of the stuff, they said yes and looked at me curiously. The lady asked where was I from, I said "Malaysia and I use to be a girl guide too (the need to point it out and show off - drama Lily!)". Continued "I want to get something for a friend, she is still very active in girl guide". The friendly guider asked whether I was from Kuala Lumpur and I said yes, told her that my friend is from Kota Kinabalu (macam ler dia tahu kat mana). Then I said Kota Kinabalu is in Sabah, located in Borneo; "ahhhhhhh..... Borneo!", that got their attention alright :)

I took 20mins or so choosing the stuff and requested to snap a few photos. Permission granted.

It has been long since I last visited Kuala Lumpur headquarters, maybe I should just...

Those that wishes to drop by, take note of the opening time.

Diana is also an avid travel blogger (the kindest and sweetest) and always remember to send me a postcard *hint hint wink*, I managed to get her 2 souvenirs from here (kinda proud moment), take a guess what are they. Muahhahahhahaah... *evil laugh*.

For those who wanted to drop by, it is located near (1 min walk) the Victory monumemt BTS Station (walk towards the monument itself).


Diana Diane Teo said...

Lily, why you treat me so nice? Later I really fall in love with you. Hahaha.. That's really kind of you. Too bad we couldn't meet up when you in KK. Probably next time, I guess. ;)

Like they said, "ONCE A GUIDE, ALWAYS A GUIDE!"

Lily Riani said...


Close to my heart, I will surely remember. Hhehehheh....

Yes, once day I will visit KK agai and you must take me jalan jalan. and vice versa

Unknown said...

Hello, my troop will be researching the Girl Guides of Thailand for World Thinking day. Do you know how I can find their website?


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