Thursday, June 20, 2013

#TravelTips | Japan - Flower Power

So, Flower Power huh.

Bet you guys (note the word guys not gals) is kinda curious when I say flower power, is it gonna be about FLOWER or GIRLS?

And if it is on girls, is it going to be on girls or GIRLS *hint hint*? Right right right? Well, it is actually about flower. Iyeee... BUNGA!

With Malaysia Airlines ongoing 24hours Osaka flight promo, I thought I should share with you the Furano flower season in Japan for those interested and kinda wanna leverage on this promo/trip.

Malaysia Airline Promo, click HERE.

Furano Tourism link, click HERE.

This is what Furano famous for.... flower power. (courtesy of Wikipedia)

Please take note that FURANO is NOT located in OSAKA nor KYOTO.
You can fly to Hokkaido via Air Asia Japan from Narita or Nagoya.
Current (todate) promo for flight to Sapporo, Hokkaido via Narita is Y4680 = RM153
By then, I believe visa is no more required to fly to Japan (click HERE for The Star online news on Japan Visa)

So, where is this Furano place right?


Ako Retna said...

alaaaaaa nak pegi! nak pegi!
tapi mana plak nak cekau duit simpanan dalam 10k ni.. huhu...

bila NO VISA to enter JAPAN nak berkuatkuasa ek? :p

Ernie Khairina said...

how if i love all those flowers? T_T

Fiey said...

betulker kena ade 10k dlm account to kak lily? ce cite ce citeee

Lily Riani said...


no visa beginning July sila sila....


lemme test test a trip then full posting


july onwards no more visa :)

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