Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hotel Review | Mandala Boutique Hotel Vientiane, Laos

3 days planning time.

The hotel that I wanted was not available and I was pretty depress over it especially since I kinda like the sound of its review plus I really wanted a chillax trip with no plan on sightseeing until we arrive Vientiane. With the hotel running full house, it is not helping my then present state.

In the heart of bustling Vientiane stands a remarkable hotel. Built in the early part of the last century, circa 1932, and painstakingly restored to its former imperial glory, the Settha Palace Hotel serves as a testament to the long lost era of classical elegance, gracious service and French colonial charm. 

Once more owned by the same passionate family that ran the hotel in its heyday before the change of regime to Communism in 1975, no stone has been left unturned and no expense spared in the quest to bring this Vientiane landmark back to life.

Yes. I have a fetish for old architecture buildings. I am weird like that.

Lo, and behold!
(Let's just stop at that, creating the element of suspense [konon])

My earlier entry : Pha That Luang & Patuxai In Vientiane, Laos (UNESCO)

Mandala Boutique Hotel. It doesn't sound as impressive but it'll do (since we have 3 days to plan and the hotel I wanted is not available). We secured the room and pack our bag, hoping for the best.

My very first glimpse; so far so good I told myself. Colonial, clean and looks welcoming, now lets hope that the service live up to its first impression. (pray hard).

Vietnamese decor with a tinge of British flare... That's it, love at the first sight. Seriously, I can fall in love with a decor easily, like really easily. And the service? Fantastic!

The front desk was entertaining a guest hence we decide to roam for abit. 

Love. Love. Love.

The reading area, cozy.


Out door hang-out area.

I brave myself and sneak upstairs.

Upstairs is where the 'expensive' room is located, it felt abit like Carcosa Sri Negara. Really.

Common balcony.

And then we learn we get to stay at the extension part of the property; the unglamorous part of it. Again, another disappointment. Sigh.... Maybe I should just call this trip the 'The Disappointment Trip' (slapforehead).

Lo, and behold!


Oh yah! The bathroom, have no door; ONLY curtains. Sexy!

And another thing, note on the moon-roof. (sexy habis!)

Path way to the open air dining area. The only dining area.
(The package from agoda comes with breakfast)

This is my room view, the dining place. I kinda like it :)

Didn't I tell you earlier?
It's fantastic!

The Mandala Boutique Hotel is located in a small side road away from the busy streets of Vientiane, but within walking distance to the city centre and just a 15-minute drive from the airport ~ From Mandala Boutique Hotel website.

Address :
MANDALA Boutique Hotel
Baan Phiavat
33 Unit 10, Sisattanak District
Vientiane, Laos
Phone: +856 21 214493

** This is not a paid advertisement/review


Sandy said...

Well it might not have been your first choice, but looks pretty nice. Hope you have a great trip.

Anonymous said...

This is really one nice boutique hotel.

Lily Riani said...


the trip was great, love it! and sometimes not getting what you wnat works better :)


sangat nice and cheaper than my first choice :D

Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger said...

We sampled the Majestic Hotel KL and they have see-through bathrooms...really only for husband and wife ;)

That hotel certainly looks inviting. Glad you picked a fabulous place to stay!

Duncan in Kuantan
Teaching English with Mr. Duncan

Lily Riani said...


I stayed in Majestic twice before, the bathroom is way too sexy! hehehehhe

Jesse said...

Very nice interior. Reminds of some of the hotels in NYC. Cheers!

Lily Riani said...


really. which hotel?

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