Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Chiang Mai Outdoor Activities

Chiang Mai or in local word “New City” is known to be the most culturally significant city in northern Thailand. There are so many reasons for you to visit Chiang Mai, one of them being that it is at 24th placed in the 2012 list of "25 Best Destinations in the World" and it is also considering to apply for Creative City Status with UNESCO. All you need to do is get on any of the Thailand flights and just embrace yourself with its wondrous culture and serene nature; and experience it for yourself.

In my earlier entry, I have posted on Things To Do In Chiang Mai/Thailand which involved cultural activities. Chiang Mai are not popularly known for its outdoor activities to date, unless traveler and tourist search in depth; else they will stick to the same activities - shopping, eating, massage and cultural visit. Hence, this time around I will share my participation on outdoor activity that you can try during your trip here.

The venue where we assemble

The best way to embrace northern Thailand’s 1500 years old of lush green rainforest is by taking zipline canopy adventures. You will not only glide and fly through Chiang Mai’s pristine hills but you will also treetop walk and abseil (rappel) from them. Here, I would like to share my step-by-step experience gliding my way in the beautiful Thailand rainforest.

Gearing up by the sky rangers

Heading to the "fly/glide" point

Briefing by the sky rangers

Take/glide off

Gliding in the lush green rainforest

The highest and furthest of all treetop
The treetop canopy walk
Sky ranger waiting to receive "gliders"

The pristine Chiang Mai's hill, "glider's" view

Abseiling/rappelling down from last treetop

Group picture

There are many more great outdoor activities you can find here in Chiang Mai; bamboo rafting, elephant trekking, hiking, micro light flight, hot-air ballooning to name a few. One can never be truly bored with northern Thailand.

Now that you know where to plan your next holiday, get the fastest Thailand flights here and experience it yourself.

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Anash said...

Treeeessssss!!!! just love them!!
'flying' between them must be an awsome experince ever!!

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