Monday, May 28, 2012

Latest Travel Gadgets & New Nikon Camera

My sis's birthday or what I normally call it as bird-day is coming up this coming week and I have ran out of ideas on what to get her ( #kakakmithali ). So what I have done or creative come up with; is getting her the character she likes ie Hello Kitty and combining it with her love for traveling; which resulted in..... tah dah...... Hello Kitty travel gadgets.

Well, I got 3 of the stuff and the last 2 was from my bestie, Anna.

Hello Kitty iPhone Charger

Hello Kitty Adapter

Hello Kitty iPhone Docking Bay

Hello Kitty USB Drive

Hello Kitty Key Chain

This is what she really wanted and I told her once she sold her old camera (to her own flesh and blood brother!) and pay half the balance; I will subsidize the other half. So, once I am back from my trip, we shall revisit the Low Yat Plaza for a sisterly camera hunting activity.

Price: RSP RM 1,998 (with 10-30mm kit)
RSP RM 2,258 (with 10mm kit)
RSP RM 2,458 (with 10mm, 10-30mm kit)
RSP RM 2,558 (with 10-30mm, 30-110mm kit)*
*RSP RM 2,658 for Pink kit set


Credit hyperlink : Nikon Malaysia


Biqque said...

it would be great if the nikon pun ada sticker hello kitty :D

BlueEwoke said...

birthday i pun dah dekat..tak dpt camera, dpt lens pun jadi la..

p/s: kalau tak mo beli utk i pun tak pe, beli utk Aqilah pun jadi la... huhuhuhuhuhu *kes tak malu, hidung mancung, pipi tersorong2!*

emila yusof said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

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