Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tokyo Travel Tips (Part 1) | Tokyo Fabric Town

Japan : The Current Frenzy.

Yup! I noticed it too, everyone seems to be heading to the Land of Rising Sun. Do I blame them? NOOOOOOO!!!!! Because I am too part of those who jump into the bandwagon of "pandang ke timur, gerak ke timur". Hahhahhaha.... If you ever want to do a single-Asian-female- solo trip, you can test you skill and patience here in Japan. They are challenging in terms of language (memang chicken and duck talk - 雞同鴨講) YET the safest country (well, at least to me!). And if you read minimal chinese, your life here will be a breeze.

Enough with the rambling, lets talk business (ceh wahh..), I am here to share one and only thing!!!! 

(Female would know and understand this "pretty" well *wink*)

Where else to get good and reasonably price Japanese cotton if not in Japan itself, ngam mou?!?! So, after endless effort of searching and asking Mr. Google, I finally found it before my trip (visited in March 2012, read all my Japan trip HERE).

The price
reasonably good, depending on one's taste and budget

The direction
easy - average (I got there without asking - proud & perasan me!  Hehhehe...)

The choice/selection
FAINT (pengsan, bangun balik, pengsan, bangun balik.... x44), alot of shops and choices!!!!!! CHUP! Nak PENGSAN BALIK!

The link

Enjoy your upcoming Japan trip and have fun shopping!


MasZuber said...

O maiiii

Japanese cotton??? Gerammm!!!

hajiMete said...

pengsan selalu.. ehhhee

Travel Planner said...

It protect us during travel in hot summer.

Biqque said...

the one that we have in m'sia, are they real japs cotton? hahaha!

Anash said...

pernah nak cuba guna Japan Cotton buat langsir tapi kena marah dengan mak ....sebab buta seni...
(manale tau...ingat semua kain samaaaa aje)

Meitzeu said...

Japanese cotton eh.. hmm...

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masMZ said...

Walla blog wajah baru!! Langsir baru! Colourful :D

Me cotton lover, 5 hari keje 4 hari pakai kurung cotton... Harus giles borong kain kat sini, muahahaha

Rayyan Haries said...

lily, kain at japan! terbaik! hihihi...

Lily Riani said...


i suka cotton, sng maintain.


ehheheh... i baru jek bgn dr pengsan. lain kali pengsan secara berjemaah ok. HAHAHH...

travel planner,

agree, hence i must prefer cotton, japanese cotton especially

Lily Riani said...


yes, you need to ask specifically. i rasa ler kot.


sabo lerr... jap cotton buat langsir. ehhehe.... risau risau risau.


yup, popular among malays for our baju kurung.

Lily Riani said...


lawaaa daaak header baru? MUIAHAHHA.... borong satu TOWN ok!


shop then jual. apa kata... recover duit travel. wink.

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