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Hotel Review | Conrad Bali, Indonesia

 ~ This is not a paid advertorial, review is base purely on blogger's view/experience ~

 Balinese wedding in Bali, everyone's dream! And my wedding in Bali....


I bump into this wedding held in the hotel where I stayed - Conrad Bali in Teluk Benoa in Bali, Indonesia. Never been in such a big landed/low-rise hotel in my life before; with exception in Phuket where I stayed in Banyan Tree. You should check it out, it's really impressive!

Conrad Bali is a beautiful hotel to have a wedding of cause, aside from the fact that it is super huge and have a small lovely chapel. But, for Muslims; my suggestion is to have either a beach or garden wedding instead (tak kan kat chapel kot kan), the scenery and view is splendid! Kid you not (psst.... priceytoo!)

I was here for a few days and the suite where I stayed is "king kong" in size, it's like my house ie hall plus dining plus dry kitchen. Basically you can play hide and sick or police and thief or any game for that matter (just to give you an idea on how big the room is laarrr). This is by far the biggest suite I have ever stayed in my life, even Mirage Hotel Las Vegas's suite was smaller then this (masih terkejut badak lagih thinking about it).

I shall share the Conrad Bali room size base on my experience (this is not a paid advertorial, review is base purely on my view/experience).

Twin sharing suite, yeah queen size just like the America's hotel.

Each room gets a souvenir :)

Bathroom with walk-in cabinet, John/Danny probably would love this. Hahhaha...

The bathroom is as big as my room back home. And it comes with flat screen TV at the bathtub.

Love thee bag!
Tah dahhh......!!!! The living room! Huge huh! By the way, the TV can be twirled to the bedroom.
This is the dining area, you can see I was doing my work messily here! Hahhahah....
I love the option given as well as the quantity....Peppermint! My favorite!
Kid you not, I mean seriously! There's a coffee machine in the room.

They can't be giving a coffee machine without giving the coffee beans, right?

Let's take a look outside, you guys must be wondering, how huge can huge be, right? I might have exaggerated abit, but still... nonetheless....

I love taking a stroll every morning for breakfast here.... rasa cam rich and famous gitus...

One of the pool, note... the word "ONE" here!

This is how near it is to the beach.

Here's how the beach looks like close up.... not bad huh. Serene and quiet!

 One of the coffee house but not the breakfast area though.
This is the place where they teach the guest yoga in the morning.

Jogging path.... which I did not manage to do lar...

The other pool which is in front of my room.... this area is quieter as this is meant more for the suite guest.

The more public pool area at sunrise.

Path to beach.


Perfect for wedding, perfect for honeymooon!

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~ This is not a paid advertorial, review is base purely on blogger's view/experience ~


just.HY said...

omg!!! it's huge!!! i wud die to get my house like that! hehehe... cuns gilos! menepati citarasa i. kekeke.. simple and yet modern. hehh

Biqque said...

hotel recce and fully paid? U'VE GOT THE BEST JOB IN THE WORLD!

P/S: ada satu mamat ni, dia dibayar utk tido hotel merata alam and buat blog. post kat blog sendri plak tu! cool...

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Bali Hotels said...

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