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I Am In HostelBookers 7 Super Shots

I am taking part in HostelBookers 7 Super Shots!!!

Am sure some of you might have heard that HostelBookers is running a fun game for us happy snappers to share our photos that we feel deserves to be in the limelight. All we need to do is to select 7 photos from our hundreds of albums and thousands of photos that fit the below said categories. Sound simple right (those that have thousands of photos; good luck!), you will need to post these photos on your blog with captions or descriptions and tweet the hashtag #7SuperShots. Easy peasy.
  • A photo that…takes my breath away
  • A photo that…makes me laugh or smile
  • A photo that…makes me dream
  • A photo that…makes me think
  • A photo that…makes my mouth water
  • A photo that…tells a story
  • A photo that…I am most proud of (aka my worthy of National Geographic shot)
Here's me showing-off my so called 'self-think-I-am-good-but-so-so' travel photos (Wow! That's a mouth full).

A photo that…takes my breath away
Ubudiah Mosque in Kuala Kangsar | Perak, Malaysia
I have never been to Kuala Kangsar before this and the fact that my travelholic friends said that we are going to do a pit stop there surprises me. Thinking to myself; what in the world can there be 'there' but MasZuber kept saying we will visit Ubudiah Mosque. After visiting mosques around the continent, I was prepared to 'not-be-impress' by it. But I was wrong, very very wrong! The moment our car entered the The Royal Town of Kuala Kangsar, I was in awe... speechless. Ubudiah Mosque took my breath away. The white polish wall, the sun shining on it's golden dome, the clear blue sky to complements it and the late afternoon breeze... It's picture perfect.

A photo that…makes me laugh or smile
Boxer shorts in Stockholm | Sweden

The early December weather was super cold the day I arrived in Stockholm, my friend Elaine decided to take me shopping in case I needed an extra piece of winter wear. There I was, innocently following her to a mall near her house, as we entered the undergarment section I burst out laughing. The boxer shorts for cold bitter winter cost Kr390 (That's RM150), very strange for a Malaysian whom only experience summer all year round.

A photo that…makes me dream
Caldera in Oia | Santorini, Greece

It has been my dream to visit Santorini, known for it's famous calderas and blue domes. After years of planning, we finally book a flight last year to Greece and visited the famous Greek Island. As prepared as I was, I never anticipated that the actual view will be more breathtaking and amazing than all the pictures and movies combined. I kept shouting "this is it!, this is it!". My friend said this "even if you are bad at taking pictures, a view like this; your pictures will turn out perfect even it was taken with eyes closed!". Till to date, we still want to revisit Santorini.
Dream? Yes!

A photo that…makes me think
Enroute to Taj Mahal | Agra, India

Where I sat in my car comfortably with aircon blasting it's way in the early winter chill, the locals living their daily live by their affordable means. It's not about their comfort nor safety, it's about ensure the family have enough food on the table, roof over their head, clothes to wear and books for education. From Wellins Calcott, If you see any thing in yourself which may make you proud, look a little further, and you will find enough to make you humble.
Let's count our blessing.

A photo that…makes my mouth water
Break fasting feast in Ramadan | Marrakesh, Morocco

The day we arrived Marrakesh, our taxi driver that took us to Riad asked whether we are Muslim and are we fasting as it was during the month of Ramadan. We said yes, and he happily invited us to break fast with his family and him. As much as we were worried of our safety, we decided to tawakal and leave it in god's hand. We accepted his kind offer. At home his wife prepared a sumptuous authentic Ramadan meal, nothing was spared. This was the best hospitality I have ever received in my whole traveling experience as well as the best meal we had in Morocco.

A photo that…tells a story
Sannenzaka and Ninenzaka enroute Kiyomizu Temple | Kyoto, Japan

A moment back in time I would say if anyone were to ask me on Kyoto. Till to date I am still amazed on how the Japanese preserves their culture while living in the ever changing modernization demand. Despite that they have reinvented themselves and move lightning speed ahead; loyalty to its heritage, culture and tradition is still key in their beliefs. Make one ponder, how they instill this in their younger generation.

A photo that…I am most proud of
Lil' girl of Ta Prohm | Siem Reap, Cambodia

Saw this little girl waiting for her mom outside Ta Prohm Temple, lonely and hungry yet waiting patiently for her mom to call it a day. I manage to locate her tired mom trying to sell some souvenirs and  trinkets to tourist like me; to make an honest living. I was in dilemma whether to buy or not to buy; as buying will draw attention to myself which means I will be flocked by peddlers. Not helping would mean that I will always wonder whether this little girl would have a decent meal that day. Today, I am still wondering...

Would like to thank Fie from Bit By The Travel Bug whom tagged me, this has been fun seriously; reminiscing my earlier trips around the globe.

The 5 person that have been tagged by me :

Thanks HostelBookers!


Diana Diane Teo said...

First thing first: Your blog header is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful. Seriously.

R.a.W | Ramble and Wander said...

Wow! Masjid Ubudiah has never looked so stunning! Love other shots too!

Diana Diane Teo said...

I also love your first photo. Macam the mosque is appear right in front of me now. Let me guess, you are using your Canon Powershot?

Jard The Great said...

i feel very humbled by this post and pictures. hehe. thanks for sharing!

Fie-Nuts said...

Oh-Em-Gee. *faints and roll over*. Finally a very good female photographer (wait you're a female kan? Lol). The photos are AMAZINGx999999999999999999. My favourite is GREECE! I'm actually quite happy to see everyone having fun in this. All thanks to RAW.

Rayyan Haries said...

and of coz there's photo from Greece! that is a beautiful view...crossing fingers, hoping that one fine day i'll be able to go there!!!

seems like everyone loving the Greece picca!

Wenny said...

I like your new blog layout. It's so professional looking and so are your photography. You really have a creative flair in capturing your targets.

MasZuber said...


bila la i nak pandai buat layout2 yg macammani..

nways, i adore your 7th pix. the girl from cambodia. awesome shot!

Biqque said...

new header! WOOHOO!

luv ya pics!

verification word : ibillys
(either i'm iblis or ikan bilis)

Farikica said...

Hmmm.. what can i say... very well said... My fav? No.....6... Never been to Japan but been reading about it in blogs.. The photo is classic. It looks dim yet vivid. No 7 really touches my heart... And no 1, i have been driving at Bukit Chandan and crossing the mosque so many times but never seen the mosque as enchanted as the one i've seen in the picture..:) All in all, very nice, lily!

Annette | Bucket List Journey said...

I adore the sweet photo of the little girl in Cambodia. So precious.

Ely Hasrul said...

beb header gempakk!!! mcm slot kat tlc channel okehhh!!!

Lily Riani said...


thank youuuuuuu... ehhehe my nephew helped alot/


thanks, still learning.


thank youuuuu. glad you appreciated it thus me appreciating it being appreciated. ehheh.. tougue twisted?


tuh je ler modal i. kuang kuang kuang.

Lily Riani said...


my pleasure, there are so many travel bloggers are good in photography... am in awe with their work.


yup! S95.


you the sifu lar.. who am i as compared to the master. ehhehe

Lily Riani said...


nephew i helped ler, if i; mmg kantoi jek. i like the pic of the kids too. ehheh.. same taste huh.


thankks. ikan bilis or iblis? heemmm... depending to circumstances huh.


thank you thank you thank you. please revisit bukit chandan & revisit this mosque. heheheh... live is more impressive that i can say.

Lily Riani said...


thank you, glad that you like it.


i kan dulu angan2 nak jadi host

Cawan said...

nice pic, semua ade cerita trsendiri..

ruggedmom said...

banyaknye tempat you've been to..kena jual rumah kalau nak ikut cam u ni

Anash said...

as someone did mention
you are not taking pictures...
you are creating pictures...
awesome tau!

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