Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 3 & 4 | Hanging Out With Pekan Baru Relatives

This is the second last day at Pekan Baru, we visited a few of our relatives here; hanging out and catching up with them. Pekan Baru is very small and not make attractions that they can offer us todate. So we ended up going for shopping of which I waited next to the car as I am not a big fan of shopping and obviously more shopping and I waited even longer next to the car. Sigh... I felt the day pass by very very slooooooooowly.

After waiting for 2 hours (seriously!), everyone gathered at the car and headed to Apotik (Pharmacy), while waiting for my aunt to get her orders; I captured a few pics of local scene of Pekan Baru

A balancing act is highly required.

Note the word "dengan baik dan benar", who is the tak benar person, please own up! Hhehehe..

This is their Mini bus...kid you not!

You can never find a peddler so smartly dress in Malaysia. They certainly took pride in the job.

How does his rear view mirror works?

Dinner time! Oh gosh! Everyone must eat at the please and take note that the jering is super jummeh!

The front view, it is just a cekai place that I insisted cause I love the jering.

Family and friends having dinner and chit chatting. After the dinner we head back to the hotel to rest and the next day we left Pekan Baru.


Daddy said...

I am super impressed with their mini van...look like a speed demon on the road ...way cool.....:)

Yunaidi Joepoet said...

Hei, Pekanbaru is My Hometown :)
About 27 KM to north, there is elephant conservation. Good for visit if you come back to Pekanbaru.

Nice to know you :)


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