Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Malaysia Travel Blogger Facebook 2012

Malaysia Travel Blogger Facebook group created by Zarah Naumul recently (or was it yesterday, hemmmm..) was a great help to unite all travel blogger in Malaysia. Woo hooo!!!!! Kudos dearie!

This is definitely a great avenue for us to share our experience and to scoop latest info from bloggers around on their recent trips (By this I meant tips *wink*). I for one didn’t realized there are so many out there (Suddenly the song “You Are Not Alone” playing in my head… whooshing it a way as I type….ahhaha), I feel so proud somehow (Ceh wahh….. ada nada perasan disini).

You see… when I started blogging, I googled here and there, high and low, left and right & up and down (Yup! Sampai begitu sekali citernye) searching for travelholics or should I say travelbloggers in Malaysia (Thus my blog subtagline : Globetrotter - Addiction of a Travelholic) but it was so hard or perhaps I am abit “doink” lar searching base on general SEO.

As time goes by, more and more travel blogger mushrooming (YESSS!!!!), this helps as most of us tend to bloghop around the same circle and hyperlinking each other. Well, you know what they say, birds of the same feather flock together…. Here we are - flocking together AND higher :)

I can personally say this, I can’t wait for a travel blogger meet up… I imagine how riuh sekampung we will be; everyone wanting to share their story mory first (Am sure ramai angkat tangan [and kaki] nak cakap dulu… HAHAHHAH….), share their pain & misery (Well, misery loves company they say), the dos and don’ts, the make it or break it relationship (Like The Amazing race gitu), etc etc etc…. beleh buat buku nih.

Anyway, I would like to thank Zarah Naumul who started this group and Wilson Ng, Rayyan Haries & Yafieda Jamil; for me to scoop some of the travelbloggers’ link from their "collection", dasar pemalas (Caught red-handed - owning up)... Cis!!! Hehehee... Thanks guys in advance, appreciate it.

~Devi da Lil Devil~ | www.devidalildevil.blogspot.com |
A Moment Like This | http://www.yvonnesam.com/ |
Beauty in Darkness | http://biqque.blogspot.com/
Bit by the Travel Bug | http://fie-nuts.com/
Borneo Malaysia Travel | http://www.tour-borneo-malaysia.com/ |
Brought up 2 Share | http://www.broughtup2share.com/ |
Bicycle Adventures | http://www.bicycle-adventures.com/ |
Discovering Ivanium | www.discoveringivanium.blogspot.com |
Emila Yusuf | http://emilayusof.com/ |
From Malaysia to the World | http://www.danarif.com/ |
KampungBoyCityGal | http://kampungboycitygal.com/ |
Luvs Life Too Much To Lose Out! | http://Ellisluvslife.blogspot.com |
Malaysia Asia | http://blog.malaysia-asia.my/ |
Our Home Called Kuantan | www.duncaninkuantan.blogspot.com |
Places and Food | http://www.placesandfood.com/ |
Ramble and Wander | http://www.rambleandwander.com/ |
Rugged Mom | http://www.ruggedmom.com/ |
Si Traveler Comel! - http://www.thebigsmallboy.com/ |
The Nomad Gorumand - http://www.rebeccasaw.com/ |
Travel & Living Journal of DT - http://dianateo-dt.blogspot.com |
Travel - just.yoga - http://www.yogaretnam.com/ |
Wonderful Malaysia - http://www.wonderfulmalaysia.com/ |
World of Travels, Enviro, Photography| http://hcvv.blogspot.com/ |


And of cause mine


Jard The Great said...

nice entry! hey u forgot my link!! zarah is me! ^^

Jessying said...

thanks to the group, now i know there are so many msian travel bloggers. love reading your blog :) thanks for the link and i've link you too :)

Diana Diane Teo said...

A good compilation but frankly speaking, not all are pure or even 80% travel blogs. Hence, some of them are not in my blogroll. *Bad girl I am* =P

Travel blog nowadays play important role in helping planning a trip and some really helps me a lot includes yours, Lily =D

David Jr said...

Nice post and I agree with Diana. But if you attended the recent Travel Bloggers Conference in KL and heard my session, remember I asked who was doing 'purely' travel only? I saw only one hand up and that guy was doing photography :)

Anyway, at least you have a list of people who blog about travel :)

Lily Riani said...


I hyperlinked you on your name on first line of the first para. but i will amend and include on the list :)


thanks for dropping by, ehhehe... glad to have known you.


I agree on this... some blogs are jumbled up, very inconsistent.


i totally agree, i read somewhere a couple of years ago that a blog name and content should be at least 80% co-related. the other 20% can be "others". but i noticed some got it on reverse mode. i make sure mine is on traveling as much as possible or at least related to. i also include local festival for non-msian tourist knowledge. i thought its useful to broadcast msia unique multiculture.

i wanted to attend but it was on weekday and beginning of my business quarter. very tough to be excused.... sigh.

Rayyan Haries said...

Hey Lily,

such an honour that you mentioned my name. Glad that I get to know you personally now. Been reading reading your blogs all this while..

Biqque said...

glad to know u as one of my earlier travelblogger bugs. amazingly, these bugs are building the colony, virtually :D let's spread the wings, fly around, and bite other bugs!

glad to know rayyan, zarah, and others too!

MasZuber said...


ramai rupanya golongan kita neh!

emila yusof said...

Great list! Trying to read one by one. Thanks for sharing.

Danny / John said...

hello world!

Anash said...

wow, me in the list?
banyaknyer buat homework lily weh!!


❀aRaBeLLa❀ said...

owh i pun join group ni..tapi i ni pesen jarang nak update.. =p

Ely Hasrul said...

beb, jaki aje i tahun nih sume org travel sana sini (eh silap i xjaki on travel tuh i jaki part jenjalan bersantai haha) i xdpt okeh teket HK!! ermmm

Fie-Nuts said...

Awesome. I feel so famous now. Thanks babe. :)

Lan S. Othmann said...

how come mine is not listed? huhu.. sedey..

Lily Riani said...


I got it from Fie on the MTB FB forum, I believe there's a latest version which I havent update on my entry :) Let me do so within this week.

W said...

Great list =)

Lily Riani said...


thanks :)

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Neha Kapoor said...

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Anonymous said...

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