Sunday, May 27, 2012

Things To Do In Chiang Mai/Thailand (Part 3)

Bo-Sang Handicraft Village

There is always a soft spot for Thailand, Chiang Mai in particular. I believe those who have been to Chiang Mai would feel the same. For holiday maker, business traveler and adventure seeker looking for cheap holidays, this is the place to be.

Earlier I have shared on Things To Do In Bangkok/Thailand (Part 1) and Things To Do In Bangkok (Part 2), where by both entries have indicated briefly on what you can do in Chiang Mai, aside from Bangkok itself. This time around, I will like to share more on Chiang Mai’s cultural from my view.

Bo-Sang Umbrella Making Centre

Keeping in mind that Chiang Mai offers one of the best cheap holiday destinations. You can start your cultural journey by visiting Bo-Sang Handicraft Village where you will discover one of Thailand “Ancient Art” - Sa Paper Umbrella Making. Here you get to see step-by-step how the artisan create their umbrella; from composing the bamboo framework, drawing on the stems of the Mulberry paper, the sundry station, designing the motif and finally the finished umbrella. 

Artisan composing the bamboo framework

The ready bamboo framework

 The drawn Mulberry paper

Custom made ready umbrella

Artisan painting on a bag

For budget travelers looking for something unique and yet no wanting to spend their dollars, you can also request the artisan to paint your belongings such as caps, shirts, bags, pant and etc. Of course this will cost much lesser and it is more practical especially for light travelers.

Bo-Sang handicraft town

Not only that, here at Bo-Sang you can also purchase handicraft made by locals, from bags to lightings to sarongs to house d├ęcor stuff at a reasonable price (bargaining skill is highly required).

Carved soap flowers

Another handicraft activity that is unique here is carved soap flower and carved candle. This is easily seen at Anusarn Night Market, the popular flower design comes in all shape, size and colour placed in a carved wooden jewelry box or clay pot.

Carved candle flower

It is understood that this art started 700 years ago in Sukothai, the old kingdom of Thailand with just fruits and vegetables carving. It had evolved to present date into an art form in order to keep the once dying art alive. Now, it is also taught to children age 11 years and above (as optional subject) to ensure the skill is being preserved.

Carved candle flower stalk

Where else can you get good, educational and cheap holidays if not in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


Annette | Bucket List Journey said...

I am planning a trip to Chiang Mai and these are some things that I haven't found in my research! I am so excited to go to the umbrella making centre :)

Dan Arif said...

Ok will need to add this handicraft place in my list!.. walaupun xtau bila nk pegi.. hehe

R.a.W | Ramble and Wander said...

Someone asked the artist to paint a Timberland backpack?? *gasp* :-)

Good idea and info though!

John said...

I see you went to the handicraft center, Really great crafts they have there.

Devlin Primo said...

They're really good with hand crafting. - De of things to do in Chiang Mai

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