Sunday, January 22, 2012

Things To Do In Bangkok/Thailand (Part 2)

Guys, if previous post with same title was created for Janggel, this time it's for the hottest topic during the last gathering - ICAM. Of cause, also to those visiting Bangkok or Thailand soon.

If previous post was on where I have been, this time I will cover those places am yet to visit and has been on my KIV list since forever. So, for those who wants to go and don't mind me joining them; just give me a tinkle *wink*.

1. Bangkok Train Market

I seriously don't know how far is it from Bangkok (watch this video he narrator will advice you - I think) but I don't mind giving it a try. Mind you, it's 2 video (a must watch for both, it can take a while to download)

Excerpt and pic credits from/to : Fotoflucht, OddCulture, PrimeUrTravel & PixGroove

The Maeklong Railway Market in Thailand is a very curious food market located in the province of Samut Songkhram. Also called Mae Klong Market or Talad Rom Hoop Market (“Talad” is “market”, “Rom” means “umbrella” (awning) and “Hoop” means “pull down”), it’s composed of stalls that are set up right along train tracks selling vegetables and other foods.

Train Market of Thailand (Part 1) - Credit to Arezeo

Train Market of Thailand (Part 2) - Credit to Arezeo

2. Bat Temple

Don't ask me why, I just simply thought it was cool. Hhahhahah... BATMAN!!!
Located at Bat temple, Wat Kao Song Pian - Rachaburi, Thailand. Apparently at about 6 - 6:30pm they will fly from one cave to another (something like that lar). I was told about this by my colleague which intrigues me. Hence.... (pic credit to mccraze)

Bat temple and cave, Thailand - Credit to Ansdeblauwe

They use to allow guest to stay overnight (they have few rooms available) but apparently ever since mid last year or so, they are going thru some changes and only allows day trip guest. This is a sad news of cause but still worthwhile to visit.

Not only New Zealand have sheeps okay!! Hehhehe....cute huh! (pic courtesy of TripAdvisor).

Read it somewhere that it is near The Scenery Resort, so you can kill 2 birds with 1 stone then. Beautiful huh!

4. Cha-am

Yet to check, but heard oit so much from a friend who work there for 5 years.

Let me research this a bit more. Credit to The Star.


Ely Hasrul said...

1stt takkk???

Lily Riani said...

pirst u... bendang lawa dak? warna ijau dak? lupa nak reply sms u smlm.

Biqque said...


bdk2 @ John said...

cisss!!!! i'm late!!! hahahaha...

jap nk baca~

bdk2 @ John said...

ok comelnyaaa biri2 tu ade kat bangkok jugak! tp yg railway tu seriusly sgt2 scary. tak hancur ke tomato digilis ketapi?

what if tak sempat alih sume?

Ely Hasrul said...

br nk komen 3 kali guruh dh berdentam dentum.. tpksa offline jap.. xsempat nk blk, pg kedai, pg mkn, pg jusco, papi tido eh dh nk kul 7pm cisss..

Janggel said...

Lily! Jom kite pi semua tempat tu!!!! Muahahhaaaa!

bdk2 @ John said...

janggel, bawak aku sekali!!!! nak ikut!!!

Sandy said...

Been awhile since I've popped in to say hi and see where your travels have taken you. WOW, that first picture gives me the willies. It's so close, I'm claustrophobic and feel it even in the picture. How do the veggies keep from getting run over or smelling like the train? Looks like the train goes right over the top of them?

Your other pictures are awesome. I always enjoy seeing them.

Lily Riani said...


bila u nak terjah lak? ehheheh


jom gi... september nih!


80% jadik!


thanks for your kind compliments. i do enjoy traveling immersely and glad that u enjoyed the blog and pics :) happy new year (sorry for the late wishes)

W Grimm said...

Stolen Picture from here:

Lily Riani said...

W Grimm,

I gotten your pic from another blog.

Didnt know earlier that you were the original owner. I have given/hyperlink the credit to you. please advice whether you wish or me to remove the pic.


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