Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 2b | Universal Studios Japan (USJ) & Hotel on Osaka City Walk

Been sleeping early everyday (11pm is NOT that early LILY!). Hence, the stagnant of this entry. Let's start!

The shuttle bus from where we stayed have 1 pick-up service to and fro ie 8:30am & 9:30pm respectively. Of course it doesn't come free despite we are the hotel guests (sigh... Eh! Line Chawan kan kan). The cost is Y5000/RM20 per trip, agak mahal lar....but to take a train on a morning working day is almost suicidal in Japan. After a lot of consideration (a kelecehan yang akan di terjah), we decided it's okay lar to take the shuttle. Journey was about 20-30mins with the heavy morning traffic.

Since we arrive at around 9am, the park is empty... well, ALMOST EMPTY! Memang gempak lar sebab, we felt as if we were so rich that we made USJ close it JUST for us. Hahhahah.... this is what we say, perasan MAXIMUS PRIME baik punya.

So, if those coming here to USJ or USS (wink wink), make sure you go in early yah.

We walked with no pedoman in life hahhahha.... (guidance), mainly because we were too excited and wanted to go with the flow (konon!). Bad move! Anyway, we were snapping photos like there's no tomorrow, testing alllllll camera functions (you guessed it right, I am using a compact cam - dasar pemalas!). Very old-skool huh this pic!

CHUP! Guess what we bump into?

Tah dah..... Spiderman!!! Don't worry, it's not real! It's an "it". Okay! Tak kan ler mamat tuh dok upside down berjam jam, get real guys! Kesian wor... But we all cam jakun jek masa tuh, ingat kan betul. Tipah tertipu tertipu tetipah! Ceh!

OK! You must try this ride!!! MUST MUST!!!! You will regret if don't.

As usual, toilet is a must go. Why the pic? Wanted to show Chawanna and Ely that they have babysit attached. Hhahahahha... COMEI!!!

Once I was done with my "small business", I heard loud noises and saw people rushing out from toilet. I too kepoh lar and did the same (not wanting to miss anything, ANYTHING!). 


Tah dahhh!!!! Parade!

I kept hoping my sis & Anna would come out in time and enjoy the parade but they took soooooo long. You know what???? They came out the moment the parade ended. Apparently they heard the noise and the rush BUT they decided to WAIT for me in the toilet. WHAT??????? JUJUR NYE! Of all the time.... DUH!

I told them, I MUST MUST MUST go to the  Back To The Future ride area to buy a car, obviously they go like "HUH?!?!?!", "Ada orang nak" I said (malas nak explain). Senang giler nak jumpa BUT, there was so many option aside from the one Cawan wanted... "Yang mana lak ni, should I pandai pandai or ikut instruction!??!". This time around, I JUJUR! Hahhahah.... Bought the unit Cawan wanted. But still lupa nama kete! AGAIN!!!

Cawan, what's the car name? (Cam tak leh google but tengah malas leh),

Jalan again.... suddenly we felt it was raining.... what a way to spoil the day huh! BUUUUUUUUUT..... it actually snowed!!!! Not rain!

For a brief 1-2 mins.... bikin gempak jek... kesian my sis. Hhehehehe.... bukan rejeki!

Not only the snow stopped but the sun decide to come out again and smile.... ek elllaaa..... Tak pa tak pa.... jalan jek.... blessing.

This is amazing as I didn't see this when I was in Universal Studios LA nor Singapore's, basically.... "dinosaur having a stroll" around the Jurassic Park area.... got us wondered, human inside? or mechanical? or.... momok? Hahhahahah.... Rasa in USS ada dak? Dulu tak ada...

As usual, ini is a kemestian. Apa ntah nama dia... churros kot.

Anna spotted a show airing at 3:30pm, so we plan our route accordingly to make sure we do not miss this. Ok lar... biasa biasa ajek, but what impresses me most is the below pic.

 No safety net or wired support. GILER APA!?!?

 This too, Ely & Chawanna... parking bay for stroller. Changgih tuh!

So you all know, we do play some of the rides, not all lar though. Sebab some we have tried in other countries plus Jurassic Park rides will get us soaking wet. Errrr.... so not a good idea in cold weather and foreign land. Sakit nanti seksa jiwa raga.

The good rides will be Spiderman & Jurassic Park, and another one will be mentioned below. Hehhehe...

By this time, it's getting dark and we almost complete the whole park/area.

This was the one I mentioned earlier, Hollywood Dream, my sis took a ride on this. She loves it, rollercoster freak she is. Look nicer at night. This game is the first one from the entrance, hard to miss it. Yes, ada somersault and all.

Semua poser poser belaka.

 My sis searching for souvenirs.... apa lagi nak tuh!

I tried this at Disneys and Universal Studios... we all thought we rather give this a pass, lebih kurang jek semua. Bunyi eksen dak? Hhehehe...

 Elmo characters for those trying hard to remember.

Balik ler apa lagi... penat wooh...

CHUP! Continued with The City Walk outside USJ, it's similar to the one in LA. However, the one in Singapore looks very different. It's row of shops & a HRC. No big deal lar...

Tak beli pun...... Japan HRC is very expensive.

This hotel is really outside USJ on Osaka City Walk, don't know the price. Please google it yah. One word - CONVENIENT!

This too, few pintu down. Hhahhahah....

Next to them (not directly of course), anime shop.... I pun kepoh skali. They have almost everything and anything! Man/boys/MALE would love it here.

Dah cukup! BALIK! (Out of cash too).

For more pics, please visit HERE


bdk2 @ John said...

Am i first??? hahahahha

bdk2 @ John said...

winter and yet blue skies!!! i love it lily~ omg..jelesnyaaaaaa teramat sangat! gonna save money for the japan trip then. haishhh...

lily, i noticed u looked different everytime u went on travel. but when u met us, it's different also. hahaha...travel fashion yah? hahah ;p

Lily Riani said...

yesss....... u shud do a contest on this. u sure menang!

Lily Riani said...

eh! i meant "I" shud do a contest.... nampak sgt dah ngantuk.

Cawan said...

and the only universal studio with Hello Kitty! i saw on stage! cute cute..

Car name tu Delorean, a.k.a Back to The Future from Tomica / Tomy. knowing the price, ouchhh.. Rm3+ !! bak kate @John, sujud syukur..

Janggel said...

john gigih!!!! yes im six!!!!

Janggel said...

pengkomen bertuah yg keenam dapat hadiah tak????

giler best paeade dan segala macam mak nenek kat situ!!!! langit pon kalerrrr peberet i jer tu!!!!

my word veri= wariz.... adakah akan mewarisi harta pusaka king arthur???

fatt said...


tapi utk org yg anti-rollercoaster and things that anti-gravity mcm i, tmpt cam gini kurang sesuai..last time i masuk disneyland HK pastu cuba 1 ride yg paling gile kat sana and i regret every second of it. hahaha...ohmai, still bleh ingt camne rasa kecut tu. i shut my eyes ok for the whole ride...lalala~

decide that to be as the last ride..forever!

anyway, kalau naik train berapa tambangnya?

Diana Diane Teo said...

I guess the hotel located outside USJ must be damn expensive. What to do? Japan is listed as one of the most expensive country.

Wah! Inside theme park got anime shop. If my brothers found out, definitely they will ask me to fly to Japan with them. Hahaha..

This will be in my list if next time going Osaka again. So envy that your sister travel with me. My sister not really like travelling :(

Biqque said...

i suka la dino tu jalan2 dlm tu...jangan maskot udah, maskot i phobiaaaaa! hahaha!

Lily Riani said...


if you nak gi jepang, i nak itut gak. hehehehh....

i mmg kemestian, tiap negara satu pesyen...but rambut ni cam buat i nampak kiddie and tembam. USS pesyen apa yek.


nnt i buat entry Day 2c lak, cat versus dog or raining cat & dog etc etc.... u sure teperanjat nye.


until 2pm jek lawa, lepas tuh - mendung berarak kelabu okay! bab show & jurassic park tuh dah tak besh!

i guna mode "special" dlm cam i, mmg "naik" kaler nye. MUAHAHHAHA....

king arthur nye majik or pedang ada ler. gi lawan ngan merlin to get it. ehheheh... gogo fighting!

Lily Riani said...


ye ke... i r/c ringan ok, yg terlalu mencabar i pung tak berani. pengecut.

bab train tuh, nnt i buat entry on public transport yek sbb from my htl ada coach by hotel. u tunggu yek yek yek... i include map skali.


i suppose it will be expensive. the anime shop is outside USJ, so you can actually visit it. btw, they have an anima university/collage in japan. ur bro wld love it.

as for the cost, i guess if u stay in guesthouse/hostel; you can reduce cost tremendously. but if with family, parents normally prefer hotels :)


bukan maskot, i rasa gempak giler. if ada orang kat dlm, sure berpeluh and penat.

Anash said...

weh..best aaa rasa snow lite-lite gitu...
and the parade...should be nice ,kan?
me with roller coaster not really good blend either...yang biasa2 ok...yang extreme??? nangis gak kat situ...hahah

MasZuber said...

beshhh nye lilyyyyyy!!!!

harap2 satu hari nanti ade la rejki sampai ke sana!!

BlueEwoke said...

Weh aku nk tergelak bila Fatt yang hensem tu kata dia takut naik roller coaster!!!! HAHAHAHHA mcm maharaja lawak la pula nih...

Bila ada trip reramai ke USJ plak ni? nak itut..pegi berdua dengan Cawan tak meriah nanti..

winter + langit biru = gambar cun (memang tidak sia2)

Lily Riani said...

kak coco chanel,

tak pe, bab roller coster changgih if i rasa seriau, we teman the each other ok ok ok. kite gi makan churros. ehheheh


insyallah. jom ler, i nak gi autumn this year.


itu ler pasai, aku pun terkezut. aku pengecut gak but yg simple ok. the thing is kat HK mana ada r/c scary. ehhehe... confuse gak on fatt nye level nih. biar benor.

bab usj tuh tak dpt den nolong laei


u sure u r not making this up up up hehehhe... sure orang doubt nye, snow boarding ok jek.

Ely Hasrul said...

aku kah yg last komentar???

wahhh saya mmg percaya abis la di negara itu terutama USJ sungguh baby frenli. saya suka! dari saya bercita2 ingin ke belah ultramanland terus saya ingin masukkn USJ juga. jika itinerary sudah bertambah bagaimana pula dgn kosnye.. sigh..

dgn kata lain
apesal adik u JUJUR sgt??!!! melepas parade!! huishhh

Ely Hasrul said...


aku pong agak konpius fatt seram dgn rollercoaster. rasa cm comel sgt dia takut hahahaa. aku xbape minat sgt rides kt themepark sbb aku kan lebeh suka cam diva catwalk sana sini been there done that ewahh tp kalu sihat patu ade kawan mmg aku al-naik la sume bende tuh.. fatt leh kawan dgn papi hehehehe, biqque plak leh kawna dgn sami takut maskot.. aku nk kawan dgn sapa yg suka mkn aje hahahhahaa

Janggel said...

Ely aku suka MAKAN!!!! Hehehhehe

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