Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 2c | USJ - When Kitty meet Snoopy (Cute to Death!!!)

Hahhahah...... Kid you not. If you hate cute stuff, this will be over-does-death-by-cuteness entry. But I suggest you to browse thru as this are the things you will see in Universal Studios Japan. Betul!!!!!
This will be a pic entry... nak comment apa sangat kan.

 Do you think the people inside feels hot? Hahahah....  One thing I have to admit, they are full of characters. 

This is actually a frame and fridge magnet but mahai giler... my sis bought this.

 This is what I bought for USS trip at Osaka City Walk... Osaka is written at the bottom.

For more pic, please click HERE.


Fatt said...

so cuteeeee.....i suke peanuts :D
how expensive is the fm that ur sister bought?

Ren said...

Kehkeh akhirnya john masih belom mengomen! Yessssss!!!!

Kiut nak mampossss menatang2 tu!!!!! Gigih!!!

I rasa diorÀng ada mobile fan la dalam costume maskot tu! Hehhehee

just.HY said...

aku nk bersara dah janggel. hehehe. ;p

omg!!! baju hello kitty kat pic last skali tu the cutest ever! hehehe...r u gonna wear it in uss? ;p

Ely Hasrul said...

wahhh mmg shomel! topi kecik tu i suka!! kang kt USS kite nk buat ape Lily? ade kedai2 sebegini?

Lily Riani said...


fm tuh besar tapak tangan, its cum photo frame. adek i nye dalam region Y700-800, mine is Y1000+. mahai ler gak.


ahahhahahha... i pun rasa.... bayangkan if winter!!! terus kurus... hemm... i patut applu keje ni!


yup! i plan to wear the yellow baju.


uss ada kedai cam nih gak... leh sopping. topi tuh hairband actually nye. ehheh

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