Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dendeng Daging for Iftar - PERFECT

I believe I will have 3 entries on iftar and this is my 2nd todate. 

Anyway, Malaysia are know to be the land of food (or at least how I would like to claim! Hahhhaha...), one will never be hungry here in Malaysia, righto? You can feast all day long, there bound to be a restaurant that opens till late at night or just don't ever close. In fact, I found out you can have durian buffet till wee hour in the morning... mak oi; sabor jek ler... Malaysia Boleh!

Last weekend we had iftar at aunt's house in Selayang (once a caterer, still take small family orders). I am abit ngada & manja with 2 aunties in particular and Mak Mok being one of them. She knows my favourite dish and she knows I can't take spicy food (health issue) AND normally tries her best to cater for everyone's favourite dish (giler best kan). We all cousin memang nakal, suka pedekoh dia masak macam-macam... ahhahahah.... sapa suruh masak sedap-sedap; not my fault kan kan kan.... Heeheheheh. SAYANG MAK! Oh! By the way, I call her Mak ie Mom... told cha I am manja.

The iftar was to also celebrate her daughter's birthday, hence the food choice was.... *speechless here* at abundance.... plus we all brought our portion of what we called "potluck" yang kalau tak bawak pun tak pa rasanye.

Rendang (bottom left) - She said "ada rendang baru best" / it's nicer if rendang was served.
Goreng Belado Ayam - Kid's dish... Oh yah! We are Minang, belado is a MUST!
Dendeng Daging - EVERYONE'S favourite, siap ta pau.... sedap tak ingat dunia!
Salad - Her daughter got the recipe from Pantry Magic.... superbly yummeh!

Fried Chicken - Kids kids kids & me! Haahahahahha....
Masak Lemak Tauchu (bottom right) - Pairs well with Dendeng Daging, or what we normally say "memang 'gu' dia lar..."

I don't fancy Malay kuih so I have no idea what the green & white kuih is called (not Seri Muka as it is not pulut at the bottom) and keria is a great favourite to everyone and I have no idea who brought it. I tau makan SAHAJA.

Me? I bought my popular yummiest wet poh-pie-yah for all.

Aside from these, there's beef stew, bubur lambuk, fried popiah, murtabak & kueh teow...

Sigh... Mak nak uni gemuk ke? Hehhehehe... Tak pa sebab sodap!

Air aje 4 jenis, Mak Mak... rajin giler.

This is the birthday girl, the kid is our nephew. Her son? Playing somewhere ler tuh.

OK! We can break our fast now...

This week? Mummy's house (ie my aunt).


Arlida Abdullah said...

suffer nya tengok food sesedap !! dendeng is my favouriteeeee

Jard The Great said...

untunglah dok dekat2 dgn famili.. sob.. sobb.. (kesiann daku di perantauan!) #drama =p

Janggel / Rain said...

MAsak lemak taucu tu sangat mabeles nampaknya!

Lily Riani said...


hi5... eh! hi10!!!!! sedap kan kan kan....


took you advice dear, replying all comments. thanks! *wink*

alaa kesian, next time my aunt buat makan2, u join lar... i tak kisah, aunt i lagi tak kisah, family we all mmg suka gathering and makan2... alhamdullillah family dekat. :)


sangat sedap but not many heard before bila i cite... tauchu i mmg fail masak... tak consistent. especially masak air! HAHAHHAH....

BlueEwoke said...

Ya Allah kejam nye entry ni..i bulan pose ni belum makan lagi makanan mak i, tak sabor nk balik minggu depan! Keria masih tak dpt bulan2 pose nih..ish

Janggel / Rain said...

WOW Keria??? Omai sedapnya keria MAK JAH tu! Tetiber terliur denga Na cakap Keria! Arghhhhh

Lily Riani said...


nothing like home cook meal huh, especially mom's cooking kan. sila makan sampai meletup.


nanti gi beli lepas raya... leh makan reramai. sampai kembong. ehheheh

Rayyan Haries said...

U r so #penguin lah lily.. hahhaha... but omg! why all minang food look so awesome one! lapar!

Lily Riani said...


ahhahah... minang food the yummiest

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