Monday, August 27, 2012

Teaser | Eid Fitr, Santorini Park, Swiss Sheep Farm and more

Salam Eid Fitr
Maaf Zahir & Batin

Muslim in Malaysia celebrated Eid Fitr last week and as usual, food was at abundance at our home with all the rendang, lemang, ketupat and raya cookies. The diet exercised during fasting month was gone (for some; it was gone the minute we had our first iftar, hahahhahah...). All gained back within the 1st 3 days of raya (and some said during the 1st day itself).

For me, we celebrated in a small scale especially after my late dad passed away, after solat raya and relaxing for an hour or so at home, we all headed to Mummy & Tina's (aunt & cousin) house as usual. And yeay! Mummy & Tina have moved to their new-old-house. Cantek, SUKA!!!

Abby and Tina, 2 of my closest cousins. Actually semua close... heehheheh... But ini yang sangat pandai masak and bake.

Raya-ed at Kak Za's house in Kajang last weekend. As usual, few troops attacked her house (pre-informed of cause, we all tak ler sekejam tuh, Hahhahha....). She served non-raya food ie white rice, dendeng and... the rest am not so bothered (janji ada dendeng!).

Kids these days are so into SoMe. Nih exchanging SoMe account or game ler nih.

On 3rd raya, sis & I went Santorini Park (yeah! I tweeted & blogged on this earlier), reason being my sis have been working non-stop and she needed a break out of country (memang banyak songeh, maka travel ler dua beradik nih).

We also visited Swiss Sheep Farm... the weather is super HOT till I got bad sunburn, it was summer all year round *wink*.

Wow! I went to Greece & Switzerland. NOT!

This places are in Thailand. YUP! Kid you not!
I will share more details in next few entry (after I finishes my Sri Lanka and whatever that is pending. Hehhehehe.....)

We also visited The Maruekatayawan Palace located nearby the 2 parks (above), quaint beautiful palace.... I wish it was mine! Well, I need a Thai prince first....sigh... nampaknye idak ler kan.

Not to forget, also visited the most 'olskool' train station in Thailand. Love this place like crazy!


BlueEwoke said...

arghhhhhh tipah tertipuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

masMZ said...

membayangkan keretapi di hadapan...... jeng jeng jengggggggg.....

mana satu thai prince yng u nak nih?? meh kita pi pinang! hahahaha

Biqque said...

i knew it! I KNEW IT! OMG! despite of knowing u (travel sukati banyak duit) i was wondering, takkan la pegi lagi hahahaha!

BTW, nice place to visit. bleh la lari2 jap bebila :D

Lily Riani said...


takan ler i gi kurang dr seminggu. you know i wont repeat kan kan kan... ehheheh...


ketepi station tuh, confirm korang nye gambo lawa. confirm!!!


i tak repeat unless diff area/state or free. heehheh... nnt i detail cam na nak gi, jauh gak dr bkk ie 4hrs ride.

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