Thursday, August 9, 2012

#lilyriani Bird Day - Excalibur Cake | 2012

Am doing a little housekeeping on my phone and realised I have this few pics and a video, didn't even know Jeff took a video of this (all this while I thought it was all pics).

Anyway, before I delete them pics, I thought I should capture this memory in my blog... 

They asked me what I wanted to have for my bird day lunch (their treat), I said roti canai! Seriously.... they were like, that's it....??? 

Yeah! I feel like eating roti canai that day (am a simple person... sungguh tak creative kan), then I said "Fine! Roti canai and Baskin Robbins ok?" Of course to their liking as this folks are die-hard BR fan (and HD too). Oh yah! We have a BR gang in the office where we do BR outing every 31st of the month. Hahhahhaha..... 

I settled for single scoop or something shared with Geok Lan but they insisted there should be a bird day cake... apa-apa lar monyet, korang yang bayar.

The cake was very hard (macam batu ok!)... I bet taking Excalibur out was an easier task than this. ARTHUR!!!!!! Mana mamat Arthur nih!??!

Susah giler sesangat melampau!

I have few bird day sessions with few different colleague & friends, but this is the BR cum travel gang that is sekepala. If I am not wrong, they are also divers, hardcore cavers, rock climbers & aspire photographer. 

Strangely, the only trip we did together were bootcamps; which was what got us started. Hang on guys, I am planning to revive this; it will be the best bootcamp evah!

This was taken via my phone, muka selekeh ok... cause I have to walk from BV2 to Davi's to BR. Kes dera.... berapa # talian NUR?

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