Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The 39 Restaurant on Level 39

I can't remember how the whole plan got started but I do remember I agreed to have an iftar with Jard, Rayyan & Thristan at Pantai (somewhere) - Ayam Penyet. I figure why not right? Don't mind meeting and making new friends from Malaysian Travel Bloggers group and the fact that I have read Rayyan's blog made me even more curious to meet him (I underestimate this sweet bubbly guy; he is very friendly, outspoken and helpful - never ending giving me tips on blogging. Thanks!)

A day before the iftar date (I still find it strange that I agreed for I hardly do iftar outside [3-4 times in a month the most so far]), Jard smsed/whatsapp to inform the venue have changed to PNB Darby Park which is simply perfect as it takes 5-7mins to get there from my house. Knowing that it is located next to InterContinental Hotel and a walking distance from Ampang Park Putera Station makes it easier for dear Rayyan to get here (a true believer of public transport). Perfect plan!

I saw Jard tweeted that we are to proceed to Level 39 which I thought it's abit weird since normally restaurant/coffee house are located on the ground floor. Oh well! Lets not argue and just go up as instructed I thought.

Oh boy! Was I surprised.... There's a restaurant called The 39 Restaurant on Level 39. COOL!

Their spread pleases me as they have sushi in the house! Yeay! I went for salmon, salmon, salmon and more salmon.

Rayyan said the fish head curry was to die for, I 100% believe in him as we had some silence for awhile; that itself pretty much says it all. Hahahahah.... kidding Rayyan and so love your company.

Despite the fact that I am not into malay type soup, the choice here is simply amazing.

Main section where the spread was displayed.

Otak-otak. NO!!! Its pais ikan or fish pais.

The roasted lamb as well as the grilled prawn is simply tender and delicious (to my taste bud that is).

The desert choices was as impressive, they have the normal spread of malay/nyonya kuihs as well as western selections.

 Interested now? Hahhaha.....

Here's the best part, the view on 39th floor is absolutely breathless...

KLCC, KLCC park & mosque and KL Tower all lighted up.

Never knew the new building belongs to Felda. Surprise surprise.

For more information, please click PNB Darby Park Executive Suites or call 03-7490 3939 / 7490 3333.

Before I forgot, a "9+1" promotion for 9 persons who dine, the 10th person gets to dine for free! This "9+1" offer valid from 23 - 27 July 2012.

Salam Ramadhan


just.HY said...

i tot u've been to all 5 stars hotels in KL? quite suprised to hear that u never been to 39 restaurant? quite famous for the delicious foods. PNB Darby park is famous among arabs coz they serve halal food and one of the hotel who received halal cert from Jakim.

Lily Riani said...

you are 100% right on Jakim & halal stuff. Am veyr much impress seriously, I admit my ignorance too.

as for 5 star thingy.... unfortunately ni bukan full-fledge hotel ler dearie, function room not big enough for company to do events else i would have done it. and it is also not in procurement list kang kene qtn dek org audit lak kang, jenuh menjawab. hence never been before... al-kisahnye.

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