Thursday, August 2, 2012

Phnom Penh | Poverty. Enlightment. Repentance.

Important note :

I recently found out from a friend that my blog have been copied almost word for word (even the pics). I have drop and inform him in his blog as well as the necessary parties with regards to this, hence I hope the owner will remove his blog with immediate effect. Thanks.

Self Reflection Entry

Phnom Penh | Poverty. Enlightment. Repentance.

Yeah! It sounded like the movie 'Eat. Pray. Love', not very creative & original huh! 

Ever since I came back from my Cambodia trip in early June, I look at things differently. Some might noticed the change in me, some might not; I guess it doesn't matter as much as long as HE noticed.

I came to realised how fortunate I am and how ungrateful I've been or can be (most of us perhaps) thus I feel I need to change slowly & 'soulfully'.

The soul searching task starts and I am looking at a holistic point not just on a single line item; which kinda reminded me of Malaysia's Girl Guide Rule #10 (Undang-undang Pandu Puteri). Hahhaah... weird kan. There are a few of dos and don'ts I created after this trip.... Insyaallah I will follow them closely & religiously.

PS : Don't misintepret and think that I am ignoring the rukuns etc pulak.... as this obviously apply to us all by default.

Anyway, below are pictures taken during my trip which englightened me and hopefully us all.


Niza Zainal said...

Nice capture, Lily!
You are so lucky to have experienced all that :)

muhamadakmalwahab said...

I had been to Cambodia two times for ultimate travel...and most recently for an ASEAN meeting...and i have to say...going there brings a new light...of how other people lives and how we should be 'bersyukur' coz we are living in such a great environment...

p/s:went to Cambodia recently for a meeting for 10 days but i only able to see the hotel and the meeting time to have a brisk walk around town at all...huhuhu...

Lily Riani said...


thanks... it was certainly enlightening.


i agree. felt awaken suddenly. plan to revisit during raya qurban, insyaallah.

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