Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Plan A Trip To Egypt

Recently I wrote an entry of my experience spending Ramadhan month in Morocco, this led to some question posted by readers and friends on whether is Morocco similar to Egypt. I can understand the slight confusion, Morocco is also known as Maghreb as Egypt known to the Muslim world as Mesir. And they are two different country.

I was lucky enough to get a reasonable package and the attractions offered cover all the major places despite it being a short trip. With all the information available online, there are many packages available for you to choose from nowadays; from cheap Egypt holiday packages to all inclusive package, you can even plan your own route or what I normally call a DIY or an ala-carte trip. Alternatively, you can also book holidays to Egypt online with It’s all up to the individual, whichever suits your style of traveling.

Being the cradle of ancient civilization of Africa, Egypt definitely have a lot to offer travelers of all ages and from all walks of life.

For history hunters, attractions that are not to be missed would of course be the only surviving Ancient Wonders of The World - The Great Pyramid of Giza (also known as the Pyramid of Khufu or the Pyramid of Cheops). The largest monolith statue - The Great Sphinx of Giza, UNESCO World Heritage Site ‘Nubian Monuments’ or rock temples in Abu Simbel and The Karnak Temple Complex located in Nubia, southern Egypt.

Egyptian Museum under construction during my trip
Gold Mask of King Tutankhamun’s tomb

Egypt also offers attractions for knowledge gatherer such as the Egyptian Museum with 120,000 items of extensive collection of ancient Egyptian antiquities (Museum of Egyptian Antiquities) or you can also visit Alexandria’s National Museum and the famous Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

Men fishing at Alexandria

Thrill seekers are not forgotten; Red Sea diving, desert camping, ATV ride, hot air ballooning or even felucca sailing (traditional wooden sailing boat) are made available.

Souvenir stalls near The Great Pyramid of Giza

 The Saladin Citadel of Cairo  

Fruit sellers in Alexandria

Let’s not forget shopaholics and bargain hunters out there, Khan el-Khalili souk situated in the Islamic district of Cairo goes as far back as 1382. Here you can get great souvenirs such as Hieroglyph art on papyrus paper, perfumes, shirts, fridge magnets and postcards or even stop by for a taste of street food while sipping their Arabic coffee. Aside, Khan el-Khalili also house the al-Hussein Mosque and the famous Al-Azhar University and its mosque located not far away from here.

So, have you plan your next holiday? If not, do consider Egypt as one of your destination. Let it be an all inclusive holidays, DIY or just make your life easy and book your holidays to Egypt online with


Auriss Haira' said...

jordan bila nak datang plak kak lily? hehe

Diana Diane Teo said...

Lately I read few blog about Egypt and my friend and his gf just back from there. Oh dear, I feels like really wanna go there. Seems like there are thousand of places I wanna go =D

Lily Riani said...


december ok? sbb mmg ada mandatory leaves from 25dec - 1jan.

i serious tau? bila cuti?


its bestest! but please do a 7-10 days trip yah. i did a 5d3n leh, not enough! you need to visit alexandria & luxor (which i missed out).

Reddy Express said...
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R.a.W | Ramble and Wander said...

Eh? Bukan it's not allowed to take any photo in King Tutankhamun's section in Egyptian Museum ke? Tak aci la camni, hahaha!

Lily Riani said...


There's a small print that state only CUTE person allowed to take all pics. hahahahhaha..... *wink*

this was before your trip there lar, i think they were more relax back then.

Jenny Morag said...

Nice blog. I love this blog very much. Egypt is one of the favorite countries .During my college time, I visit this country. My Egypt Tours was mind blowing . That time I learned so many things about culture, tradition, language, etc. I hope I got a second chance to visit this place again. Keep blogging.

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