Thursday, August 16, 2012

Quiet Period & Planned Trips | August - November 2012

Been quiet for awhile, with all the re-org, observing Ramadhan and family stuff. As we approach Eid Fitr, my overall schedule is being altered again, a positive note.

Re-org was major as now I need to handle the whole enterprise business (previously managed by more people obviously). Anyway, life still goes on... no point of whining or dwelling over this matter, just need to embrace it.

Ramadhan have been good to me (very good in fact, am blessed).

Family stuff, hemmm... perhaps this I shall keep it to myself (unless you are my closest friend, no way you will know until after the fact. Haahahahah....). Pray hard god be with us and assist us all the way. Insyaallah. Amin.

On personal note....

I have indicated that this year is going to be a Cuti-Cuti Malaysia year for me, didn't cover as much as I wish but I am pleased with myself nevertheless as I did visit places of interest that I have never been or known.

Thanks to Biqque for showing us Taiping and charcoal factory and mee udang (prawn noodle), Maszuber for Kuala Kangsar where I tasted the most yummeh laksa and not forgetting the most beautiful mosque ever, Masmz on muruku/keropok wholesaler in Ipoh.

Dan reminded me that I missed out ATV at Kemensah under #TourismSelangor on their #TSDayOut (betul ke hashtag nih?), I was worried I couldnt blend in at first, thankfully Dan/Adam/Byya/Jard joined, didn't feel so left out. Kudos to Dian for being the mastermind else I would have never tried. Toughest ATV ride so far for me. Noted that Byya fell off the ATV but luckily she got 2 bodyguard to rescue her (Adam/Dan).
Also Maszuber on fantastic Redang trip, Jard/Fie/Rayyan/Emila on Kuantan trip... very enlightening indeed. I even attended #Selangorlicios 2 launch with Byya/Farah/Jard/Dan. Finally get to know how it feels to be on the other side (normally I am the organizer for press activities; siap my PR co kene drill lepas tuh. Hahhah...). Ops! And the dinner at PNG Darby Park, thanks to Jard!

Dah macam thank you speech lak... hahhahah....

All in all, am happy...

Now for my next trip, hemmm... August till November will be tight for me on trips and work.

In August, I will be revisiting Santorini, maybe drop by Holland, Switzertland and Italy as well *wink* starting next week (yeah, I will be traveling on 3rd Raya with sis).

Kuala Terengganu trip will be in early September with Wahidah & Kim, ABA will be joining too (kan kan kan ABA!?!). Then I have to reccee Johor... and drop by Singapore (hopefully).

And also a Pahang trip (praying I will stop over Temerloh for masak lemak tempoyak ikan patin) with Wahidah... and possibly my nieces (still trying to fit into schedule).

October will be the 4x4 off road adventure and BSN Night Run (I think, kinda forgotten the date & month - 20th October [Wahidah smsed me the date]).

November will be Bangkok trip with fellow Girl Guides! So far...

AndI just got a tweet from Wahidah that in November; if we were to take 3 days AL, we will be 'awarded' with total of 9 days leaves. Hemm.... tempting. But need to save it for next year trip. Sigh...

That's about it, I will try to blog this weekend... else it will be after my trip.

Till then, Salam Ramadhan Al Mubarak & have a blessed Eid-ul Fitr.



Diana Diane Teo said...

Santorini again! Lily, I really wish to join especially going Holland too cause I didn't enjoy much at there. But too bad, I tight with my financial cause I also will travel from September, Oct & Dec. Perhaps next year lah.

Have a great trip with your friends & family & also Girl Guides members. Last but not least, selamat hari raya to you =D

MasZuber said...


diam-diam ubi berisi!!!

oh maiii santorini again. #nakjelessss.

Ya Allah, u punye heattech ade kat i lagiii.....harus kasi as soon as possible. besok ada umah dak??

Cik Lily Putih said...


ko jalan lagi ek... sememannya aku cukup jeles ek.

selamat ari raya

Dan Arif said...

panjang thank u speech :p .. but u didn't mention about the ATV ride!

Anyway Slamat Hari Raya to u ;)

Biqque said...

santorini again? hahaha!

lamanyer rasa tak gi obersi...hmmm...

Unknown said...

Santorini wow weeee... kim salam kt org2 santorini hehehe cewah..bapa ari u pegi ni sbnarnye?

Emmm agak full jugak agenda u lepas raya nih, best sungguh.. Ok selamat bercuti dan berjalan2 dan berseronokkkk

Jard The Great said...

haha! my name is mentioned three times here!!

happy traveling! hope to travel with u soon!

just.HY said...

selamat hari raya lily riani!

maaf zahir dan batin

have fun in santorini!!!

Lily Riani said...


hahahahha..... there's a surprise to it. you wait till i come back yah! any trip with GG will always be fun and funny!


santorini trip nih special, nanti i cerita. tunggu....


selamat raya, maaf zahir batin. bila nak jumpa lagi, ari tuh kejap sgt lah pulak kan.

Lily Riani said...


ok ok... lepas balas nih, i revised. ehehehh, sungguh durjana i kankankan


dah, jangan ngada, u bukan gi jogja ke? ke danang? i dah confuse dah ni. but i tau u gi ngan bapak bapak serta ibuk ibuk. ehehheh..

Lily Riani said...


korang tunggu entry santorini, sbb confirm kene chatt kau kau. ahhahha.... kejap jek gi.... bukan nye USA ke, rusia ke... flight tak selama tuh kan kan...


3x tuh, kene royalty ke? ehheheheh.... next one, pahang??


same to you dear, selamat hari raya & maaf zahir batin.

jerick said...

Wow, going to Europe?! Why don't you drop by Brussels as well. :)

Unknown said...

My name is Glen Liu from Travelpreneur Life. I have dropped you a mail. Please kindly check.

In the email, I have sent you an Invite to the Travel Pool party this coming Saturday, 3 pm at The Zehn Condo located at Jalan Bukit Pantai next to Pantai hospital.

Please kindly confirm your attendance and if you are bringing any friends.

My email and contact is:; +6593383654

Thank you!!

yours truly,
Glen Liu

Lily Riani said...


will you be taking me around? ehheheh.... will twit you if i drop by :)


saw the email way too late... i was traveling last week, sorry :(

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