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Hotel Review | Terrapuri - An architecture of a lost kingdom

For those who've read my earlier 'Penarik Beach at Sunset' entry would agree that the sunset captured was simply beautiful. You are also aware that I've written about the "secret hotel" where I stayed, this entry will reveal it all.

An architecture of a lost kingdom

Terrapuri (The Land Of Palaces) is a conservation and restoration project of Terengganu Malay Classic house. Its feature 29 antique hundred years old Classic Houses. The layout of the resort is inspired by the 17th century Terengganu Palace and its surrounding. Terrapuri consists of 20 exclusive restored villas, a gallery and a beach house. 

Terrapuri sits on the land flanked by the South China Sea on one side and mangrove river on the other (Setiu Wetland). By day coconut trees sway amidst sea breezes with stunning view of Pulau Perhentian, Lang Tengah, Pulau Cepu, Redang and Bidong islands, shimmer invitingly just offshore in emerald iridescence. By night, fireflies flash about while, in different seasons, ocean-going green turtles and painted terrapins lay their eggs on their respective sandy shores. [credit to : Terrapuri - An architecture of a lost kingdom]

The hotel synopsis intrigue us then, but what got us more excited was the moment we caught a glimpse of the hotel landscape as the gate slide open. 

~ Earlier this year; Andrea, Bahija & I planned a trip to Pangkor Laut. While doing the ground research, I came about Terrapuri article from Gaya Travel tweeter. Curious with the name (sounded like it is during Langkasuka circa), I check on the the site and fell in love immediately, like real big time ~

Thus, I dropped an email to both my friends and persuaded them to divert our trip here, guess what? They agreed!

Let me share with you my excitement and tell me whether you guys are as impress as I am.

Earlier entry

We learnt that the houses/villas are of original Terengganu village houses; the management went around Terengganu village looking for 50% still-standing kampung (village) house. Then they dismantle the structure, carry them back to the hotel site and assemble them.

Each house has it's own story, it's own identity, it's own uniqueness, it's own arcitecture. You almost don't get 2 model of the same house, similar yet not the same.

Minor renovation on toilets, bathroom, power supply and others was done to ensure comfort for us, the house guest. 

Everything was taken into consideration, every detail, right down to the bathtub, nothing was left out.

Little things like the flowers, the bronze vase, the weaved wall... all thought through thoroughly.

How could one forget Popinjay soap.

Those little things that make guest happy was thought of.

Four post bed.... Princess in the making *smile*.

Princess Song Seng Nim?

The lock? Yup! Olskool indeed.

The decors were all carved by local carpenter to retain Terengganu's authenticity.

The balcony where you can laze while having your meal (Yes, they do house-service as well). [Adam asking Song Seng Nim on how to build AdamEben empire]

I am definitely coming back.

22120 Setiu,
Terengganu, Malaysia
Tel : (609) 6245020 /
(609) 6312081

Fax : (609) 6228093
E-mail :

Corporate Office
Palms Garden Beach Resort Sdn. Bhd.(714058 D)
77A Jalan Sultan Sulaiman
20000 Kuala Terengganu
Terengganu, Malaysia
Tel : (609) 6245020 / (609) 6312081
Fax : (609) 6228093

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zila said...

fuhh..great idea to build this kind of place... traditional and pure malay style design.

Gaya Travel Magazine said...

We loveeeee it! You should put watermark to your photo though! You captured good photos and you uploaded very high quality photos. Some irresponsible prick will steal this from you.

Zila Zainal said...

homaiii.. pretty pictures u got there!

Lily Riani said...


i know! i should listen to the history! in awe man!

gaya travel mag,

thanks for the tips. will take note.

beautiful kan kan kan

zila zainal,

pictures doesnt do this place justice. its simply stunning!

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