Tuesday, October 2, 2012

SWISS Sheep Farm in Cha-Am, Thailand!!!

I have shared yesterday's trip to Santorini Park located in Cha-Am, Thailand. Yah! It is not located in Greece, I don't remember seeing a ferris wheel in Santorini island (as in the one in Greece) nor was there music playing on the street/lanes of Santorini like the one we experienced in Santorini Park hahhahahha.....

The next stop is SWISS SHEEP FARM, you heard me alright! It's like Greece and Switzerland is 1 minute away from each other. Awww...... Travelers, happy right right right?!?!?!?

Santorini Park and Swiss Sheep Farm can be done on the same day as they are just across the road from each other, when I say road; it's actually a huge highway, so don't try to cross over on foot yah. My suggestion is to hire (or 'pau') the tuk-tuk for whole day.

Earlier entry on Thailand trip :
For more pics, please click HERE

The original plan was to visit a similar place which is also located in Thiland but since we found out about this place it's extremely near, why not right. Especially with an entrance fee that is relatively affordable.

They operate since in June 2012 thus it is farely new. Keeping with the theme; you can see real sheep (just incase some of you might ask) hahhahhaha... horse ride, archery, cafe etc. I believe the locals visite this place for wedding photos as well.

Hope you enjoy the pics, more details will be shared at the end of this entry.

The entrance of Swiss Sheep Farm

Ticket counter

50Baht ie RM5 only

Swiss Sheep Farm Petchburi, Thailand 76120
Tel : +66 (0) 32-772495

Opening Time
Mon - Fri : 10.00 - 19.00
Sat - Sun : 09.00 - 19.00

For more information, please visit http://swisssheepfarm.com/english.php#home
Entrance Fee
50 Baht / RM5 (as of 2012)


Danny / John said...


murahnya entrance fee.

Rayyan Haries said...

gambaar u atas bicycle is so overrr okayyy..ahahaha....

but this is amazing and cheap too!!

norh said...

mcm sweet sangat tempat ni.. tahun depan kena refer sini lg la utk planning..he he

Meitzeu said...

lol. Such a nice cozy place to visit in THailand!

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Cawan said...

ptt turun kn tongkat basikal tu, then kayuh laju2.. bwak blik terus.. heee he

Zara AB said...

I'm now browsing through their web. Cantik2 gambar in the gallery folder. Never thought that this kind of farm existed in Thailand. Harus pergi ni next year.

Zara AB said...

I'm now browsing through their web. Cantik2 gambar in the gallery folder. Never thought that this kind of farm existed in Thailand. Harus pergi ni next year.

Biqque said...




i am soooooooo going to this place one day! i want to hug that shaun the sheep!!! mannnnnn...lagi banyak daripada yg i jumpa kat NZ kotttt! hahahaha! my nieces and nephews gonna love this place. gonna show them ur blog!

wa said...

wahhhh...ada gak tempat mcm ni kat Thailand..baru tahu...:)

Janggel / Rain said...

Canteknya tempat tu...

retna yusof said...

canteekkk nyaaa!!!!!!

siti sensei said...

very nice vlog..keep it up sis:))

Lily Riani said...


ler... dah mula first first pulak dah. hehehhe....

mmg murah, yg santorini tuh FREE except on Fri-Sun tau. but rides byr separate.


when are you going... i will tell you the places...

over sgt kan!


jap jap... nnt entry cam na nak gi tempat nih... byk lagi tpt i baru jumpa. i nak jd duta diarang ok dak?

Lily Riani said...


yeah lor... you should try.




tunggu entry lain plus entry on how to get there yek.

Lily Riani said...


masa tgk shaun the sheep mmg teringat you... magnet dia tak tulis cha-am nor huahin... so i tak beli... agak bengang jugak lar.


next trip with family boleh ler kan. but kene tahan panas kot.


very very the cantek

Lily Riani said...


sangat kan... but terik nye bukan main.


thank sweetie, appreciate you appreciating it. kene belanja nih hehehhe...

Anonymous said...

This place is a horrible rip off. I would not go again and I would not recommend it to my friends.

Simon Lee said...

A very good place for photo shooting:) Can go there (Santorini Park + Swiss Sheep Farm) for wedding photo shooting as well:)


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