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Travel Tips | How to get to Hua Hin from Bangkok (pictorial)

Have you been googling on below subject after reading my past few blog entries on Hua Hin?

How to get to Hua Hin from Bangkok
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Where is Hua Hin

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Well, I have found out the best way (for me that is, as it is pretty much depending on where you stay in Bangkok). Hence I can only show 1 way which is the way I took, to be honest there is at least 3 ways for you to get to Hua Hin from Bangkok. Hence, for the other 2 ways; I will cut & paste from sites and give credit back to them (doing this in another entry). Fair huh!

Hua Hin is located some 280km or 3 hours journey from Bangkok makes a perfect destination for a quick and short holiday for the locals as well as travelers.

My way to Hua Hin, Thailand (pictorial)
I took the mini van or van as what they call it locally, apparently this is the fastest way from where I stay and most convenient. Yeah! I stayed at Pratunam as usual *wink wink*.

As it was easier for us to get to Victory Monument Station from our hotel thus we did just that (apparently lazy was the key word here).

It's very easy really, just take the BTS from wherever you are and stop at Victory Monument Station and walk on the Sky Bridge and walk towards where the vans are all parked.

Yup! Those are the vans that can take you to almost everywhere (everywhere within reasonable distance from Bangkok yah! Hehhehe... not London or Paris or Australia etc). So you can just walk over to the building on the right hand side and take the in-door staircase down.

The staircase looks worrying, but it is ok... we actually thought we went into the wrong building. Hehhehehe.... panic gilos. 

The view from the Van Station (not sure what I should call this place).

You will see shops selling the destination/tickets, just approach any one will do (it's all the same price I think).

The ticket price per person stated out there loud and clear...

Also, please remember how Hua Hin is written in Thai because as you go further outskirt, English signages become lesser. I try to remember it in this manner ie how the writting looks like in English 'HCHU', kira aci ler kan... ehhehheh

The van we took, all the van are the same make - Toyota.

Very comfortable as it is 1 seat per person and yes; tickets will be given to the passanger.

1 spare seat in front. 

For your information, the vans do make few stops to drop/pick-up passangers along the way, so do not get panic. Oh! By the way, they drive FAST but safe - InsyaAllah. Ask the driver to notify you upon reaching Hua Hin (they speak minimal English, so keep your sentence simple).

Hua Hin stop, the building with blue roof on the left is the Hua Hin Tourism Centre.

Some places (backpackers hostels/guesthouses) are walking distance from this stop (5-10mins easy peasy breazy walk), so PLEASE ask the Hua Hin Tourism Centre for direction before engaging with the Tuk Tuk or van to your hotel.

Where I stood to take picture of the Van Stop is where the night market located. Basically it is across the street.

Tips :

Most backpacker hostels/guesthouse are located on a street behind this night market. EASY right?!
For those staying at the beach front, then a van or Tuk Tuk would be a better choice.

** My next entry will be on another walking-distance sightseeing place in Hua Hin town and other options to Hua Hin from Bangkok, so stay tune.


Biqque said...

showed to my colleague, terus dia nak bawak anak2 gi swiss farm tu! hahaha!

Lily Riani said...


so sweet of you to share. thanks dear!

Lotte said...

Ha ha, brings back memories. I took a break from grotty hostels while in Hua Hin and stayed at Baan Laksasubha which was really nice and not too expensive. I think.

iffatali said...

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anN said...

hi there, how long is the journey from Bkk to Hua Hin? and do you know what time is the last minivan leaving from Bkk? I am going there next month. Thanks for your post. It helps a lot!

Unknown said...

Hi Kak!

Nak tanya, from Hua Hin to Santorini Park & Swiss Park naik tuk tuk je eh? How long, how much will it cost? Kitorg ber-8.. Btw, will reached Hua Hin around 11:30, next train to Butterworth 18:45.. Sempat tak eh?

Thank you!! :)

Lily Riani said...


I naik tutuk 2 orang dalam RM100 but I rasa cam dangerous sbb dia hiwghay and lorry banyak. kecut perut gak. if 8 orang, why not naik taxi/kereta, tong-tong and pau 4-5 tpt terus. sana susah nak tahan tutuk/cab.

Unknown said...


ok2.. Kalau dari Bangkok ade van direct pi Cha Am tak? Kitorang nak naik train tp ke Hua Hin terus then kene patah balik pi Cha Am.. Train je RM40, mcm costly la pulak.. buang masa pun jugak.. hehe.


Lily Riani said...


Ada, van tuh stop kat CHa'am dulu then baru Hua Hin. :)

Lily Riani said...


Ada, van tuh stop kat CHa'am dulu then baru Hua Hin. :)

Lily Riani said...


Ada, van tuh stop kat CHa'am dulu then baru Hua Hin. :)

Margareth said...

hi, saya plan mau visit ke santroini park+ sheep farm from bangkok (pergi ber 2 orang)
saya punya bbrp pertanyaan:
-jadi dari van station di bangkok pilih jurusan ke hua hin atau cha am ya?

-terus dari hua hin/ cha am nya ke santroini park naek tuk tuk ya?

- dari santroini ke sheep farm naek tuktuk apa jalan kaki?

- gimana cara pulangnya dari sheep farm ke bangkok ya?

mohon infonya dan terima kasih sebelumnya..

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