Monday, October 8, 2012

#SocialMedia (#SoMe) #101

I was preparing myself for a #SocialMedia presentation and I thought I might as well browse through a few sites to get myself better educated (so that I look smart during the meeting, hahahhah...).

Oh boy! I found so many #SocialMedia visual that I thought I should share it with everyone. I have picked basic examples which I felt kinda explain it in the most creative, simplest and funniest way.

Courtesy from Google

Look at the #SoMe jigsaw puzzle, these are all the #SoMe available in the market todate and I only subscribe to not more then 6 (of which I am already drowning by just keeping up with them).

Courtesy from Google

This is kinda cool, I saw this for the first time shared by Freda from BFM. However, I was kinda lost on 'Last FM' tho, anyone of you subscribes to this? Good? Fun?

Local company mostly subscribe to Facebook rather than the rest unless it's very life stylish. And if it is a life style company/product then the target audience will proabably be direct consumer/individual (make sense?).

Courtesy from Google

This is very crucial, I have heard of event fatigue but this is the first time I came about #SoMe fatigue... Wow! Need to take note and inform my agency.

How many have you heard before this?
How many #SoMe Apps do you have?
Out of this, how many #SoMe do you actively update?
Did you ever know the difference?
Do you feel 'lost' without network connection?

Are you a #SocialMedia addict?


hey said...

love the idea.
love ur blog too.. so Ill follow u, hope u wont mind to follow me too..

looking forward to have ur name on my blog. <3


Diana Diane Teo said...

At first it was just facebook and twitter and blog. Lately, obsessed with Instagram and foursquare. Haven't started with Pinterest eventhough had signed up. Die lor me! #SoMe has been taken over my life. Can't live without internet even when travelling.

Lily Riani said...


thanks for dropping by yah!


same here... sucker for SoME. no net i die! ehehhe

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