Friday, October 5, 2012

Travel Fashion | Jubah/Abaya from Singapore Trip

The last few visits to Singapore I did not manage to step into my jubah shop in Singapore. Sob sob...

Kinda far for me to purchase a jubah right? Well, that is because I like this specific design; with embroidery and all... I find it very unique and in fact a bit like a Mexico dress. Kot kot lar dapat gi middle east leh ngada-ngada pakai kan, letak jek belt betul tak? Hehheheh.... Jom Jordan! InsyaAllah.

Very Mexico colour heh... This is my existing jubah.

The flowers at the bottom/foot (design kat kaki jubah).

Another jubah of mine, love the sweet and pastel colour.

The bottom/foot design is slightly different from the white base shown on top.

So far, I only have this 2 jubahs (I do have the normal black ones, but I prefer this type as it is of cotton material - me favourite). During recent trip, I visited the same shop in the hope that they still have a few of the same design (since I bought it 2 years ago).... to my luck, they do!!!

Don't like this collar somehow... new design so they said.

Bought this red one, still finding it weird buying a red jubah. Oh well...

The lady was showing a customer whom custom made her jubah for her haj trip and I immediately fell in love with the colours; pastel and sweet... aww.... I must have this. Then, she pull out another one - a baby light blue base, ish ish ish....

I don't know why in my camera it came out darker blue as the actual colour was light baby blue... very soft and pastel-ish. Just use your imagination lar yek... (sorry, camera kat kedai tak sharp)

The sleeves and bottom/foot design.

Sweet huh? Yes, I custom made mine exactly the same (whole exact detail), it should be ready in November. So, it looks like I will be visiting Singapore again *wink* soon.

They have dresses for little girls as well. Comei kan...

Top for little girl.

This is the shop... they have normal Baju Kurung as well.

Here's the address & contact detail.

Sis's cat kepoh-ing while I was busy snapping pics.


Jard The Great said...

SG not that far actually. hehehehe

Janggel / Rain said...

OOOOOO itu ke rupa jubanhya... lawa.

❀aRaBeLLa❀ said...

Cutenya design jubah2 dia...mahal tak?

Anash said...

never had any of these jubah before

Biqque said...

owh camni...sulam2 ni indo banyak gak...ish, meh kita beli mesin sulam tu, kita buat ramai2 kat kl! hahahaha!

siti sensei said...

Sis Lily..
Like ur jubah..
Harganya msti cantik juga ye x!! ^^, hehe

Lily Riani said...


tuh ler... tempting kan kan... ehheheh nak ikut?


jom beli byk2 then jual. ehheheh...


i suka sbb diff, SGD80 x 2.4 = RM192. agak mahal but workmanship perfect.

Lily Riani said...


kat kl i dont remember seeing lar. i like the detailing. kemas.


klau rajin gi ler jahit... i fobia mesin jahit nih (walhal ibu kite jahit baju kurung bagai).


lawa kaaaaan... harga nye.... mahai ler gak - SGD80 x 2.4 = RM192

BlueEwoke said...

cantik gak design2 dia, i teringat ada cam baju wane putih yg sulam2 gambar ats skali tu, mak i beli kt sabah masa i bukan jubah la

Ok nanti nk beli utk Aqilah laa

Naramas Aman said...

I like jubah/abaya as well. I found many beautiful abayas during my trip to Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Mekah, Madinah and Jeddah. And in Vietnam as well. I'm sure you will get crazy when you go there.

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