Sunday, December 4, 2011

World Wide Cheap Flight


I have mentioned this during our travelholic (ceh wahhh...) gathering at Baroque Restaurant in Danau Kota. I think when I posted this last year, most yet aware of my blog so am reposting for those doing Europe next year. Hope this helps in your preparation.


Recently I got a suggestion from Eugene to have a blog on travel tips, as much as I wanted to, I don’t think I have the bandwidth hence I figure I should share travel tips on this blog as well. Having said that, am sure you guys out there are very experience traveler and probably can advice me better or perhaps more. I too want to learn from you all - Master Yoda :D .

I have blogged about this before here but I thought I just reblog with slightly more visual and link.

For those who love traveling or do geographical expansion whenever they've reached a country, then I would like to recommend the below website for cheap flights or low cost carriers available around the world.

There’s only 2 sites I would like to highlight, of cause the first one will be Air Asia (NO! Am not being paid by Air Asia on this) as I think it’s the best low cost career in Asia especially since they covers all the countries in Asia region.

Secondly would be Attitude Travel (NOPE! Not paid by them either), they covers all region in the globe and have a listing of airlines operating in each respective country. I thought this was good especially when I travel to Europe.

Attitude Travel

Attitude Travel for Latin America

In fact, that’s how I got cheap flight from Barcelona to Casablanca, Amsterdam to Stockholm, Stockholm to Paris as well as Brisbane to Christchurch.
Hope you guys give it a try the next time you travel, it can be even cheaper then land travel.

Hyperlink, site & pic credits : Attitude Travel, Air Asia


JP said...

Thanks for sharing this useful info.

sdsfasda said...

Normally, such sites offer affiliate programs and just if you advertise them why not add own affiliate link and -eventually- take some pizza-coins for working for them?

I understand, you have a good job (contrary to me that I'm obligued to look for any earnings) but if you will see some money drop to your PayPal account if will give you additional satisfaction for blogging.

Rafael Lam said...

Very useful travel information!
I usually book Air Asia for south asia flights too!

Lily Riani said...

jarlin paul,

no prob, its my pleasure.


i prob just might. thanks for your guidance. appreciate it.

rafael lam,

now you get go everywhere around the world,

Unknown said...

great help indeed

greetings from Gina
back from the Caribbean right now

Mandy Southgate said...

I think that anyone, no matter how well travelled they are, can do with some good travel advice now and again. Thanks for this - I am definitely looking for some lower cost ways of getting around Europe.

TG said...

I traveled Air Asia once and they're pretty good. But it's always good to compare all the airways, also the regular ones. Sometimes they have some good deals :)

Lily Riani said...


happy to assist. hope you had a great. cant wait for your blog updates.


well said. hope to see you traveling in europe soon and update us your fantastic stories.


really? perhaps next trip to taiwan, you will take AA to Malaysia :D
couldnt agree with you more, even if i were to go to singapore, i will still coompare tiger air, jetstar, air asia, SW & MH. heheheh.... i believe singaporean calls it kiasu.

Netster23 said...

Wow Lily... never know about Attitude travel.. are they really good and gives the best rate?

Malaysian are getting more choice next year... Firefly is launching soon and I guess more airlines thus better price (I hope so)

Attitude Travel sounds cool.. will give it a try next time.

Ice said...

CHeap flights these days do give people lots of opportunities to see the world, don't they?

By the way, I have to say those luggages are really cute :o)

Gracie said...

Well you definitely know your travelling! These are great tips thank you!

And your luggage is cute too!

I hope you saw Harry Potter! It's definitely one of the best ones.

Lily Riani said...


yeah! it is cheap, however only if you are doign geoX (geo expansion), if you are flying from malaysia, AA still the best i think.

ai shiang,

agree. that's what i have been doing. you should too.
got th green luggage finally and 1 set of same brand but orange in colour for my sister.


hope the sites helps.
you just convinced me to watch harry porter!

Unknown said...

this is such a useful info. Thanks Lily! On last minute deal, it's always best to compare with other airlines.

Teamgsquare said...

i wish you get paid for this. This is the best possible Ad they would get for their Website .

Kellie Collis said...

Thank you for sharing these great sites! Bookmarking them for future travels. Enjoy a glorious day, Kellie xx

Lily Riani said...


glad to help. there's more sites, stay tune.

Team G Square,

you're the second person said in on my blog and the xxxx person told me.


glad to assist all my blogsphere friends :D

its simple love said...

Thanks for the tips! When I travel next I will sure to look into it!


p.s. Be sure to enter in my jewelry giveaway when you get the chance!

Lily Riani said...


glad to be of help.

I've participated in the contest.

Ren said...

Thanks Lily...Info yang sangat berguna. Thanks for sharing.

just.HY said...

omg!!! no wonder u ckp semalam..u takkan balik malaysia!!! much to offer. ok i dh rambang! what to do? haha.

thank you for such a useful tips!

Mie said...

Wah Lily info yg sangat bagus. Tix AAX ke London dan beli utk thn dpn. Camni boleh kot sambung ke NY, janji murah dan berbaloi...

Lily Riani said...


glad to help, masa gi EU dulu guna nih jek sbbkengkadang EuroStar tuh boleh tahan mahai dia.


u have pinjam janggel nye 30days AL. ehehhehe... lepas tuh merayap jek.



london to NY cam jauh and across continent, try within EU or africa, scandi or eastern EU, its more worthwhile.

masMZ KaKiJaLaN said...


Thanks 4 sharing... Lepas ni kena terus buat link so senang nak klik2 cari tiket bila dah mimpi2 nak pi jalan :D

nadiyahisham said...

Hi Lily! tq for visiting my blog, enjoy reading yours too. Great info for travelholic!

kemang~ said...

lily, good info !

*big claps*

stakat ni mampu AA je dulu..yg altitude bagai tu tolak tepi dulu..ahahA

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Wow great attitude on travel, Bananaz kinda lazy & not adventurous like to have all planned for. tQ for the info. Why jaga luggages not paid too? haha.

Lily Riani said...


rasa dah leh gapai europe tuh dah kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan. heheheh...


no prob, selalu ler jengok sini yek.


save dulu link, belum check belum tauuuuuuuu muahahah....


do abit of stretching exercise lor...heheh

AieSha said...

aha, info yang menarik... thanx.. ;)

Fatt said...

lily, ada lagi 1 website yg cover specifically Oz & NZ which is webjet. aku slalu gak tgk cni kalau travel in between Oz & Nz

Lily Riani said...

aie sha,

glad to help :D


iyee ke... nnt i google. thanks for new link :)

missbehave said...


thanks for the info, i penah baca ttg altitude tp tk penah gune, even sis of mine die just terus masuk those bajet airline web jekk to book, must suggest this also to her..

Farikica said...

Couldn't agree travel is very very expensive in Europe...

hcvvorld of Travels, Lifestyle and Photography said...

wow..this is really good tips!!! thanx a lot for the whole list!

Fie-Nuts said...


Great tips! I also took the budget flights when I was in Europe and it was so cheap! From Paris-Rome-Barcelona-Madrid-Paris.

Love it!

Unknown said...

That's a lovely mention, Lily, thank you especially for your really kind comments.

I'm sorry I've not seen your post before now (I can't believe you wrote it just over 3 years ago!)

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From one travel-loving adventurer to another - happy travels!!

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