Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 8 | Hunting for Dracula Castle, Souvenirs & Postcard

This is so long overdue, I need to finish all these entry before my next trip. Oh by the way, I now tweet too. Learning still and having lotsa fun with it. 

Focus LILY! The story entry!??!
Here goes... We started our day abit late, we also decided to split with Zali & Wan. WHY? The boys wanted to go shopping and us girls wanted to go find a way to Brasov ie where Dracula Castle situated (without doing sufficient research prior, tetiba awat over confident for this trip). DECIDED! Split we did, happily looking for our own path (ceh waaah...), hahhahah.....

Hotel didn't come with breakfast, so we did the next best thing, bought a bun from the pâtisserie and took a stroll to the train station. The route was not that "friendly" nor welcoming, kinda worrying as today was our first day doing own public transportation. With this feeling, hemm.... not helping most certainly.

Felt a bit dodgy right, we start pulling our backpack to the front, panic nye pasal.

Upon reaching the track, Surprise! Surprise! It was actually clean, punctual & decent. We got panic for no reason. Ek elaaa.... memang overst!

The train/metro we took obviously was underground, for us to visit Brasov, we need to take the "normal" land train, but this was not done until I try their hot chocolate vending machine... GOODNESS GRACIOUS! It was super YUMMY! I got so ADDICTED! I always think that Europe vending machine drinks taste better then our Starbuck! Murah lak tuh!

We start looking for the ticket counter to get the direction to Brasov, the understanding was that it will take 3-4 hours, hemmm... what silly me fail (FAIL!!!) to find out is that the train does not depart half hourly, hourly etc etc... then of course to make things harder, there a express train and normal train which stops at ever station. Complicated lak nih! After calculating the journey, the time required to roam around and the train back... apa lagi....

So, cite nye we all tak pegi cari si hensem dracula! Hahhahah.... Good excuse to revisit Romania dak? Or perhaps, I go neighbouring country and drop by Brasov?

So we decide to just take a walk in the town and look for souvenirs ie fridge magnets and postcards.
Above is the bus/tram ticket counter.

Jalan lar punya jalan.... we bump into Volksbank, eh! Volkswagen also have a bank?

Tak pa! Jalan lagi, I think we walked about 5km minimum overall. We saw this, I can't resist!

And this pub! Giler comei!

Apparently this is very popular... tak try, still full at that point of time.

I thought this name was good! Good creativity! Hands down y'all.

Check out the background!!!!!!!!!!!! Nampak dak?????
Genius Travel & Banca Transilvania

We finally reached Piaţa Universităţii. I have to tell this story, of which I have been telling tones of folks; for those hearing or reading this YET again, SORRY lerrr... ehhehhe...

Hatta, arakian... cam real!

Obviously the name says it all, it a universities arealar... we were cool about this (really!). After snapping few pics, we said let's go and take the train to HRC as I need to buy some magnets and take a walk in the park (the biggest park I ever seen; it will be an entry on its own for this). Still cool here.

Down we head, as we reach the foyer, we FINALLY saw the tourism information counter. GERAM!!! Of all the places!?!?!? We found few infos nevertheless, so for those planning to visit Bucharest or Brasov... :

1. The tourism information centre is located at University Square or Piata Universitatii
2. Next door sells souvenirs (small shop) - postcard & fridge magnet (MAHAL!) but no stamp
3. There are packages offered to take you to Brasov BUT MAHAAAAL.
4. Their conversational English is perfect, no worries here

Back to my story, after buying and inquiring, we went to the station to take the train; as you guess, the amount of passengers are namely STUDENT, STUDENT and STUDENT! But here's the thing.... they are LANKY/ PRETTY/STYLO... I felt sooooo SHORT/UGLY/BURUK... talk about being intimidated, having low self-esteem, high sense of envy. Tension masa tuh okay!

Not just that, depa berdiri ala ala Tyra Banks, jenis yang sangkut bag sebelah tangan; kaki bent down sket, bahu senget sebelah, ala ala pose maut cam nak masuk cat walk gitu. Ish! Rasa hina sat!

Atas sebab GERAM yang tahap dewa, balik malam tuh, gi H&M shopping, konon nak boost self confident! 
Yup! Cam nih pun boleh!

Hyperlink credit : Wikipedia


bdk2 @ John said...

am i first?

ape jadik kat dracula visit tu? u mmg x pegi sbb waktu train tu tak kene masa ke? i mean..interval die cmne?

adoyaii...hina/buruk/pendek? what to do...at least people love you lily! hahaha...*bodek ke ni*?

BlueEwoke said...

Hellooo..i was expecting nk tengok gambar drakula ye!!! ni nk marah nih!!

Kat sana student mcm model? omg..kalau i pegi pun confirmed low self esteem hahahaha.. Part shopping kat H&M tu menarik gak..hahahaha

Janggel said...

Caner la gamaknya kalo jumpe dracula hensem tu yer? i rasa mau pitam u kat situ ...sedar2 je dah ada kat underworld... *ok enaf. Hahahaa.

Kalo jalan kat sana terasa kite macam model gak ker? Ke macam kleaner je?

Biqque said...

hey, i ordered u couple of dracula, remember? pfftt!

*walk away...with couple of fridge magnet in hand...*


fatt said...

hi Lily...

so the best way to Brasov is keluar awal, is it? ke camne? atau stay kat area2 situ?

i rasa bangunan2 kat sini lawa...wlpun sepesen tp artistic. i rasa org2 putih2 ni sbb dorg ada ketinggian pastu stuktur muka dorg tu yg buat jadi cantik...tu psl dress camne pun somehow still look like model.

Anash said...

once my friend used to call me vampire sebab suka nau tido siang dalam kelas tapi malam kat hostel berjaga..
er..sama tak dengan dracula?
(er..apa punya komen daaa???)
btw..the way you describe model tuh..teringat you citer ...tunggu teksi pun dah ada gaya model..kat Italy, right? tak bleh blah citer tuh...hahahahaa...

Lily Riani said...


interval dia jauh2... if kire by the time sampai, ronda and patah balik, it will be midnight. tak condusive.

mmg terasa kat sana. ehheh// but i tetap perasan i comei.


abis dlm rm500 gak lar... but kire2 balik worth it. ehheh... but shopping sana best dari h&m athens.

idak jumpa drac tuh... sedih ah.


drac dah jadi artist, depa dah tak dok kat brasov! HAHAHHAHAHH

Lily Riani said...


aku rasa MPAJ :p


6AM train the best. but giler cam na nak sampai train station ni at 6am? best is obernight sana then tak rush!

eastern EU muka lain sket, once you gi EU and a couple of ctries, you will paham what i meant.

gamba i tak captured all, but the architecture is diff from those i have seen in other part of EU. I assume becos of the eastern EU influence.


ehheheh.... yg i cite tuh kat bucharest ler...semua vogue giler.

kemang said...

cantik nye kakak kite ni....haha !

eh makasih tuk postcard aritu, lovely ! hehe

eh jap ! dah tweet dah skang? bak , nak follow ! hihihi

fatt said...

ok noted, better overnight nmpknya. tq.

ok now i know...i tot sume muka sepesen. no wonder aritu baca dlm blog shahrul yg bebudak EU bleh guess dgn tepat dari mana seseorang tu datang (i mean all the EU ppl). but from ur observation, org dari negara EU yg mana paling cantik/hensem ala2 model?

Gil Ra Im said...

erghhh.. i was excited waiting for this dracula entry... ooh sungguh frust... tapi yu lagi frust kan? hurm, ni maknanya yu kena pegi lagi la ni kan?kan?kan? (^___^)v

Lily Riani said...


mecih! ah ah.... dah tweet, lilyriani ID nye.... nnt i gi mana2 i postcard u yek.


susah nak cakap gak... bila u dah gi EU nnt, you will learn and be able to tell between a brit, swedish, american, oz etc... eastern EU muka lain dari spainish/parisian/italian etc. you lebih kurang can tell ler...hispanic or not. susah nak explain...

romanian cantek gak, tak se-stylo parisian but not bad lar.

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