Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 8b | I Almost Comolot in Bucharest

I will keep this short & simple.

One trick to cut cost on traveling is to visit parks providing that you love them of course. Else it will be a bore. For me, it's a walk in the park - literally. Hahhahah.... What makes it perfect, Wahidah do not mind! YEAY! Way to go Wahidah!
Anywayssss.... we saw a museum earlier yesterday so we decided that since we "cancelled" our Brasov, why not we take a walk in the city during the mid day and the park after lunch. Sounds like a good idea huh! (And cheap, smart Lily [Dengan nada perasan])

This entry am going to do a reverse... so, for you to know on comolot, you actually need to read the whole entry thru (tak leh skip skip).

This is how big the museum is, and that is definitely not the lake size mind you! Agak agak bila nak habis jalan ni.

We paid and went in, obviously we tend to see houses and houses and house of yesteryears as well as of different circa. One thing caught my eyes was that they have alot of locals visiting them AND..... they are mostly students!!! I know, I know.... nothing wrong with this but they were there for assignment bukan dating. You got it! They are architecture student... hardworking architecture student.

Strangely, I don't remember seeing this scene in Malacca Museum (we have similar kan?).. it was kinda a nice sight.

Siap measuring tape berbagai, ada yang lukis lukis lagi.

Ayam den lapeh...heheheh.... check out the leg! Pegi gym ke apa!?!?

If you want to see more, check out my Facebook album HERE as usual.

Before we get into the museum, we actually have to cut thru this super HUGE park, REALLY HUGE! You can even ran a bike in the park, begitu besau nye. But this is not the story-mory obviously, the real story is that we saw many LEADER HEADS in the park, apparently they're always there for people to visits (ala ala bertegur sapa gitus, to build rapport ler), I  pun apa lagi, ambek kesempatan tuk COMOLOT with them ler kan. 


HAHAHAHHAH........ tuh jek cite nye... marah ke?


Fatt said...

is that the leader heads? merata2 dlm park? ohmai, kalau malam2 sure terasa lain mcm.

btw masa u pegi ni musim panas ke?

Ren said...

Agak2 konsep dia ada tak macam Taman mini Malaysia / Asean kat Melaka tu?

Ely Hasrul said...

tu ker comolot nye??!! ciss.. u know u got me at comolot tajuk! dh teruja tau! hahaha..

Biqque said...

*jalan setempat*

"eh lily, u should place your boobs in between the leader's nose...HAHAHAHA! BARU BESTTTTTTT!"

*berlalu sambil lumba jalan kaki*

Gil Ra Im said...

ayat paling takleh blah:
"... check out the leg! Pegi gym ke apa!?!?..."

ayam pegi gym?
hahahahha. u always crack me up la, Lily. hehehhehee

Lily Riani said...


i gi masa autumn, weather was below 20 but tak sejuk langsung, berpeluh sakan. but i brought chill clothings so pakai gak lah waima bukan sangat sejuk.


thats the name i was looking for!!!! mini asean.. sejibik but nicer kot. bersih-er.


trick i nak u baca sampai abis... sure u suka kan kan kan... MUAHHAHAH

Lily Riani said...

Gil Ra Im,

U tengok ler kaki dia, bulky giler, cam body builder. ehheheh....


wooohoooo..... seksa gilos... ahhahah.... *muka blushing konon2*... hehhehe....

tak takut icam baca ke auntie biq ooi....hehehheh...

Anash said...

mini malaysia / mini asia di melaka? waayyyyy tooo different dgn your visit there..hehe..but similar in the intention(pulak ..pehal speaking england nih??)

lagi citer???
(ps..the ayam can say ...see my leg, ok?..hahah)

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