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Day 9 & 10 | McArthur Glen Designer Outlet

Day 9

We got an early flight out of Bucharest, I buffered this incase of any flight delay; and that we will still be able to catch it home (which is the next day dawn). PLUS to give Zali 1 day to cover Acropolis as he didn't manage to (being 3 days lesser then us girls). Everything went well, on time and no hiccup NOR strike. AMIN...

To avoid of being summon again, we decided to book the hostel taxi (splitting cost by 4pax kinda untung) to the airport. Why didn't we think of this earlier, bengap betui!

Our plan was that Zali will catch the Acropolis and us girls will be jalan-ing at Plaka, we will then meet up at Syntagma Square to catch the shuttle to McArther Glen Designer Outlet... tuk shopping sket sket. So, while Zali was discovering Greek early civilization, we decided to check-out the Acropolis Museum at the foot of Acropolis. Guess what? That day was FREE (AGAIN!!! cam na ler negara nih nak kaya, preee memanjang!)!

Few things I observed, the security "forces" (note I did not use the word GUARD) was all in black coat & tie, some with sunglasses,  and of cause a walkie. Serious look like CIA or something.

We felt that, if anyone were to knock down ANYTHING, they will rescue the artifacts before us. HAHHAHAHHA.....

The above 2 was how it suppose to look like then and now.They have a step by step on stages of Acropolis construction.

This is the cool part, one section of the museum is glassed so that one can view the archeology digging that is still going on. In fact, come to think of it, the whole museum MIGHT have built on an archeology ground. Cam na ler depa bina tuh agaknye.

Once we were done, we took the train to Syntagma Square to meet up Zali.

The shuttle came on time and took us here, rasa cam padang jarak padang terkukur looking at the scenery to the venue... wondering whether is it worth it ke dak masa tuh... hemm....

 The selection was decent, what we wanted was there and murah, just don't compare to US FOS ler, but still murah banyak.The choice not as much though, but then again, if banyak pun; bukan ada duit nak nyopping.

Wonder whether the Johor Premium Outlook looks like this dak?

 I thought think brand was worth it, curi curi took some pics so that you guys can gauge.

 Apparently, shirts like these; if it's new arrival, the cost will reach between RM500-800. Murah kan... I think this is 1-2 season backwards, but OK ler, cam ada orang nak perasan.

 I bought this for work.

Nasib masa ni tak da BF, else sure dah beli dah nih, murah tuh.

 Tak beli ler kan hak ni, was waiting for Zali and Wahidah to finish their shopping. The bench was in front of this shop, snap pics je ler. As you know, am a travelholic not a shopaholic, sooo.... leh bosan gak masa ni. I shop ala-kadar jek. Some might beg to differ sure nye.

Once we completed or should I say broke, we took the shuttle back to our hotel. We pecah pukal berbagai kat bilik and start packing as we have a super early flight the next day. Where to?

 Balik Malaysia ler....!!!! (This is the Day 10 lerrr)

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Ren said...

Huaaaa dapat free lagi????? Best giler!!!!

Anyway sangat suka muzeum itu walaupun hanya tengok dalam gambar! Unik.

Guard2 tu hensem ke? Tak bekenan ke? Hahahaaahaaa

Unknown said...

wah patut letak greece dlm list lepas ni, untung nk pergi, sebab byk benda free hahahaha..

Nanti update Rinku Outlet plak yek! :p

Biqque said...

mengikut purata gambar dan pengalaman, so far i pegi premium outlet sume cam sama je skit lebih kurang design nyer :D

just.HY said...

Wwhatttt???? sooo much free stuff meh? kene pegi ni greece b4 dorang bankrup. ngeh ngeh ngeh. janggel, let's save money!

museum tu unik, aku suka sbb ade miniature. boleh main petik2 kamera plus boleh tgk the whole view of it. awesome!

lily, if u dont have bf it;s ok...u still can buy the sneakers for me though. wakakakakaka!!! smart ok!

kalo kat premium outlet, i do compare between harga kat malaysia. huhuh. kemeja utk kerja tu still mahal for me. dalam euro tu. but again...tak salah kalo nk splurge for ourselves. bukan selalu pakai bnda2 mahal. ye tak? ;p

Lily Riani said...


i rasa on sunday, museum free kot, sbb 2 kali dah kene. but bila tanya, dia kata for today oni. wallahuallam.... but mmg untung ler. jimat byk woh...


itu semestinye. uniqlo kids & toys r us pun gak... belum nampak...risau gak ni for this mission.


it is the same, but those without the word premium, doesnt carry prada, sf, loewe, burberry etc. i dah test kat US. i went to both. ada diff sket. and some are sooooo small, baik tak yah gi.


i rasa ler... every sunday kot, but if u tanya dia kata for today oni. penTIPU kot depa nih.

museum dia part miniature jek leh tangkap gambo, bab lain mmg dia tak allow, bag letak kat counter ok. strict giler.

ahhahah... masa tuh mlm, i confifent call bro dia tak angkat.

agree on premium outlet tuh, alang kepalang.. save around RM400-500 tau andu will look expensive & GOOD! boost up confifent.

according to my cousin advice, if you are meeting influencial ppl, always wear one of the item on your body that is branded, sbb it'll boost your confifent and ppl tgk pun ada respect. tuh ler trick nye.

just.HY said...

lily! no program meh today? sempat lagi balas komen2 ni sume. ngeh ngeh ngeh.

no wonder tak byk gmbr dalam museum tu. haishhh...rugi pulak rsenye. artifak tu mmg yg ori ke? giler babas smpai security enforcement pn mcm CIA agent dah.

i need to buy armani suit later on. together with hermes belt. LOL.

Ren said...

John...save money? hahaha ok start makan megi mulai skg. Hehehe.

Lily mana ber troli you???? tak nampak pon????

Ely Hasrul said...

mmg rezeki tuh asik free hehe..free2 pon bleh security ala2 CIA hebakk..

Anash said...

trolley dolly mana????
...gambar security force mana?(nak jugak nengok..) dan..
adiah mana????(hhahaaaa...tak malu mintak...heheh)

Lily Riani said...


update pepagi so next update will be at night ler...heheh...

armani suit? mahai tuh.

artifact tuh mmg ori then dia replicate some so you can see the actual physical full form... tuh dia, tak tau ler whtr u paham ke dak. if not, buat2 paham ler no.


i makan maggie dah 1 tahun dah for this trip... kiok kiok kiok...

trolley dah check in, ok! trip ni i make sure ada trolley yek.


security depa tak bagi berposing2 ler...

alaa... adiah tak de... next time, bawak kek for you okies...

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