Monday, January 12, 2015

10 Things Why You Should Visit Estonia

1. One word. Cheap. From souvenir to accommodation, attractions, food, taxi and everything else are cheaper than other Scandinavia countries. So, do plan to drop by at this new developing country.

2. One huge village. Yup, it is a small city, Tallinn is. You can probably walk everywhere especially in the old town. 2 full days trip are sufficient.

3. They use Euro currency (strange because I always thought otherwise).

4. Christmas decor and celebration lasted longer in Tallinn, Estonia. It started from the last week of November to the first week of January the following year. 

5. You can reach Estonia via ferry from Baltic region countries. It is that easy.

6. Passport is not required if your enter from any one of the Scandinavia countries (maksudnya tak de chop-chop kat passport).

7. It is a medieval town, do not be surprised if you see shops or establishments wearing medieval costume and living up to the theme and mood.

8. Skype originates from Estonia. Yup! Skype = Estonia. Don't play play.

9. Estonia is also known as Dancing Estonia or Dancing Eesti. Am not gonna tell you why, google it *smile*.

10. Theater is at abundance, go watch one. Adakah ini bermakna mereka pandai 'berdrama'? Hemmm.... (Cultured sangat kan)

It is a safe and interesting country, I highly recommend you to pay this country a visit. I believe it will look exceptionally beautiful when the whole town is covered with snow or during spring/summer where you can just laze around at the pier and take a stroll at the old town.

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