Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Bagasta - A Modern 'Kampung' Experience in Kuala Lumpur

I am a Kampung City Girl.

When I got Gaya Travel's invitation to attend their 10th year anniversary and Adam's 1 year old birthday at Bagasta, I was thrilled and curious at the same time. Bagasta? Kampung in KL? Hemmm... I just have to check-in out.

Browsing thru their website before starting my journey to Kampung Baru, "Ahhh...." I said to myself, "...that is the perfect 'kampung in the city' location", I won't deny this. Their website also indicated that they have the best view - a rooftop overlooking Petronas Twin tower. This, I need to verify. Ahaks.

Kampung (malay/local language) = village

Gaya Travel and medias.

Being one of the earliest to arrive gives me ample time to survey the surrounding at their rooftop, as you can see... it is overlooking Petronas Twin Tower and the whole Kuala Lumpur city centre!

That's it, I told myself. I am so going to do my family potluck here at the rooftop too. Located at the centre of Kampung Baru and the heart of local delicacies makes it an ideal and suitable place for get-together and obviously a few night stay as well.

Since I am sold on their location as well as the view, I told Puan Intan, the CEO of Bagasta that I would like to take a peep at the rooms and probably blog about it, being the kind and helpful person she is, she said with a smile "Boleh ajer...". I am a happy customer *smile*.

Waiting area.

Quiet spot to rest or reading. 

Superior room.

Kain pelekat and batik.

A local touch for those staying here, kain pelekat and batik (sarong) for guest to get comfortable in. I thought this was a sweet gesture especially for foreigner, able to experience a semi 'kampung' life style. According to Puan Intan, some of them are so excited and hunt for one to bring home. Promoting Malaysia to the world, a simple act from us; Malaysia's small ambassador. 

Despite being a small establishment, Bagasta ensure their guests are well taken care of, nothing fancy, just bare necessity. Enough for travelers or even backpackers.


Cozy corner. 

Gaya Travel team and media friends.

Congratulation Gaya Travel, looking forward for a great 2015 and Happy New Year!

A Modern 'Kampung' Experience in Kuala Lumpur
56, Jalan Raja Alang
Kampung Baru
56000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : 603 2696 9988

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