Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Chasing sunset at Skansen Open Air Museum, Stockholm.

Sunset will never fail me.

I remembered very clearly my first trip to Stockholm a couple of years back where my dear friend Elaine hosted me and highly recommended me to visit Skasen, an open air museum, instead I went to check out Vasa Museum a viking ship museum, moi sucker for ships especially viking ship!). Hahhahahaa... and I spent 2-3 hours there, totally missing out Skasen, hence I thought I should give Skasen a chance during this trip *wink*. So, here I am. At Skasen, Stockholm.

Arriving at noon close to sunset doesn't help much. Oh yah! The sunset here is at 2-3ish during winter thus daylight is very valuable to those traveling during this time, one must manage their trips carefully and kiasu-ly.

Skansen is the world's first open-air museum, founded in 1891. Here you can stroll through five centuries of Swedish history, from north to south, with a real sense of the past all around in the histori­cal buildings and dwellings, peop­led by characters in period dress.

#TravelTips 1 : Please take note that the price fluctuates depending on month. Click HERE for 2015 admission fee and opening hours.

#TravelTips 2 : There is also a zoo and a petting zoo inside Skasen aside from demos/shows/activities, kindly allocate half a day here.

#TravelTips 3 : Use the map to plan your route or activity. Click HERE to download the map.

Above was our first showcase houses - glass making or glasswork, unfortunately they don't allow any pictures inside. There are also a souvenir shops here but mahal giler-giler ok. 'Oppet' tuh maknanya 'Open'. Comei kan? Glasbruk tuh I terbaca as gelas buruk. Hehehehehhehehhe....

#TravelTips 4 : There are a few attractions at Djurgården aside from Skasen. You can easily spend a whole day here (or probably 2 days) as well as all your money here. *Wink* Click HERE to see what attractions available in Djurgården.

#TravelTips 5 : Some of the showcase houses doesn't allow any pictures inside. So far, I bumped into one - Glasbruk/glass making or glasswork (above picture).

The Swedish have very nice wood carving motives and I noticed their flower motive are similar to us here in Malaysia. Anyway, looking at their woodcarving showcase house, I am not surprise how Ikea was built. They are a master at this.

There are a guy working quietly making a table at the corner, I was unable to take his picture due to the crowd in this house. Sigh...

Machinery house.

The whole park was covered with snow, as much as it was fun and dreamy, and beautiful, it was super cold and we shivered as we walk. The moment we found a showcase house, we will quickly run inside for some much needed heater. Asian sangat kan, hilang glams. Bluek.

The set-up was made for us for feel as if we were still living in the past, what was interesting was that they wore old traditional clothing and gave elaborate explanation if asked. So ask away... They will be happy to explain to you in great length.

I love the feel.

This house fascinates me, being an old post office in a rural village, a postman has made his home a post office and only works 2-3 days in a week (this was looooooooooooong time ago). A postman is of a higher social class (back then) but with little pay hence a postman need a second job to support his family. And also a postman only sort out letters, they don't go home to home sending all the mails. Obviously the process have evolved now.

I too learnt that a lady during those days must make her hand busy with household work, and if she has completes them, she will knit something, anything.

The post office counter.

The Christmas market area was close when we were there. Huhu...

Sun about to set.

Dalecarlian horse.

A Dalecarlian horse or Dala horse is a traditional carved, painted wooden horse statuette originating in Swedish province Dalarna. In the old days the Dala horse was mostly used as a toy for children; in modern times it has become a symbol of Dalarna, as well as Sweden in general. 

The Dalecarlian horse is said by some to be a model of Odin's horse Sleipnir, but unlike Sleipnir it does not have eight legs. Another apocryphal legend of the Dala horse is that they became the national toy in 1716. According to the legend, soldiers loyal to King Charles XII were quartered in the Dalarna region and carved the toys as gifts for their hosts.

From Wikipedia.

The great thing about Skansen is that it has a small zoo featuring winter animals, yippeee.... Some of the animals were hibernating or sleeping when we were there. Tak apa lah...

Love the sunset hue!

Domestic Reindeer.

Elk Moose.

Beautiful heh. #perasan

#TravelTips 6 : You can either take the tram, bus or walk to Djurgården. It is not that far but not that near either. My suggestion is to walk as the scenery is stunning.

#TravelTips 7 : If you are traveling to Sweden during summer, do bring a picnic basket when planning a trip here. They have nice spots for picnic *smile*. And dapat jimat duit gak *wink*.

Next museum entry will be on ABBA Museum, sure ramai tak tau ABBA nih berasal dari Sweden kan!


anne rmz said...

waahh... melted tengok pic sunset...

Time Traveller said...

Waktu sunset tapi campur snow tu.. alamak melting beb nak pi lagi kat sana.. :P

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