Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Santa Claus Post Office at Arctic Circle

Interesting right!
A post office at the arctic circle.
Not just a post office, a Santa Claus Post Office.

When I first heard about this, my first thought was, I must send a postcard from here. Not all the postcards lah since it is very expensive but at least to 1 (or a few) lucky friends (plus sister). Aren't you excited? I know, I know... what is the big deal right. The big deal is, it is from Arctic Circle and it comes with a special Santa Claus cum Arctic Circle stamps and postmark. Where else in the world can you get it. I am still baffled on why did I not send one to myself?!? Dang Lily!! I can be so daze at times (when I am extremely excited especially, ie like when I was there).

Santa Claus's Main Post Office.

My camera kept getting frozen and jammed up, I warmed it by putting it under my armpit or between my leg. NO! What I did was, use a heatpad/pack and wrap around it, chuck in my bag for few minutes. That should warm it a bit. 

This also shows how cold the weather is, which normally goes as low as -20c while we re in Rovaniemi. My advice for those with an old camera like mine, make sure it is protected and not expose to the cold weather often. Very very the leceh.

Santa Claus Village is a 10 minutes drive from Rovaniemi town and 10 minutes or so from the airport. What we did was we brought our luggage to Santa Claus Village and store it for a few hours while we go wondering around, the storage place which cost EU€10 per bag. It is a better option than us going back to the hotel to get our luggage then head to the airport. 

Luggage storage sign on the door.

For those who find Santa Claus Village is lack in activities or bringing kids for some family fun time, you can also proceed to Santa Claus park which is located 2km from Santa Claus Village; an indoor theme park. We chose to skip the theme park as we were pressing for time and it wasn't our priorities. Having said that, for those theme park lover, you can give it a try and share with us.


The Roosevelt Cottage or Arctic Circle Cottage (Napapiirin Maja)  

The Roosevelt Cottage or Arctic Circle Cottage History

An exhibition related to the history of tourism at the Arctic Circle. Rovaniemi and Lapland were the first recipients of aid provided by Unicef’s predecessor UNRRA in post-war Finland. The aid provided by Unicef also included the construction of the Arctic Circle Cabin and the commencement of tourist services. Known as the “soul” of UNRRA, Eleanor Roosevelt made a surprise visit to Rovaniemi in 1950. The Arctic Circle Cabin was constructed in just two weeks for the reception ceremony.


Sample of letters and postcards sent to Santa Claus.

A letter or postcard from Santa Claus Post Office will bear Santa Clause and Arctic Circle postmark. Special huh *smile*.

Curious now?
Drop by and check-it out yourself. It's cold though *wink*.

Santa Claus Main Post Office
Address : Tähtikuja 1, Arctic Circle, 96930 Rovaniemi, Finland
Email : joulupukinpaaposti@posti.fi
Phone : +35820 45 23120
URL : kampanja.posti.fi / www.posti.fi / www.santaclausvillage.info


J-Mei said...

Nice, last year I had sent a postcard to Santa Claus Finland but did not get his reply :(

Diana Diane Teo said...

I'm not sure whether is it from the same place but I got the exact same postmark as the last photos from a friend who went Finland last 2 years. I really love to see cute and unique postmark on postcard. =D

Anonymous said...

Hi, Love your blog. May I ask how much it costs to send a postcard at Santa Claus place? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

May I ask you how much does sending a post card from Santa Claus place cost? Thanks!

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