Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Adat Berjojak. A Rawa community unique custom.

I was curious when I saw the itinerary.
Adat Berjojak.
Apa tuh?
My curiosity got the best of me.

I did some checking and found out that Adat Berjojak custom or ceremony is being practiced by the Rao or Rawa community in Gopeng. Rao or Rawa community originates from Rao Mapat Tunggul, in Pasaman, West Sumatera, Indonesia. Arrived between 1875 to 1876 in Perak, they still practices and preserves their age old customs, dialect and maintain strong ties with their Indonesian families and friends.

One of the tradition that they still actively practice is Adat Berjojak or Pantang Tanah; where a toddler's first step on the ground. There are a few stories relating to Ada Berjojak, one being 'berjojak' is a must for Rawa descendants upon leaving Pagar Ruyung soil. Another stated that the tradition started when a humble servant promised that he will carry the King of Pagar Ruyung for 14 months once his son is healed from a mysterious disease. 

We were made to understand that the toddler is not allowed to eat chicken or wears any gold jewelry until he or she undergo the Adat Berjojak, and that the Rawa community believes for those that overset the custom will be sick or mishaps would befall the family. 

Items used are gold, 3 types of clay (white, black and yellow), saffron rice, normal white rice and roasted rice (bertih beras), 3 limes, few7 types of flowers and daun gelenggang (Cassia Senna), the process is conducted by experienced elderly from the community. Selawat, Al-Fatihah and jampi being recites during this process. Gong and fire crackers will be let off at 3 different ritual stages informing villagers that the family is undergoing the customary.

Video on Adat Berjojak can be viewed HERE.

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