Monday, January 5, 2015

#TravelTips | Zinkensdamm Hostel - Where I stayed in Stockholm

Gosh! The hostel here are so expensive.
Alhamdullillah. Found one with reasonable price, abit far from the city.
Skeptical at first, but was totally happy with the choice.
... despite that we have to walk for 10mins to the Tunnelbana (Metro subway).

This was our sight when we were looking for our hostel, that 10 mins walk I mentioned above? 5 mins was at this park. Envy huh!?! Totally worth it right, and I bet summer time would be even more fun and beautiful.

I was ecstatic with what I saw before me then, seeing snow is normal, seen and experienced it a couple of time but snow flakes sitting still on the trees for few days.... my winter wonderland! Suka suka suka.

One of the path to the woods/park. I really felt like I walked into the cupboard... into Narnia. Nih Aslan mana? Aslan mana? Hhehehhehe...

Then we saw this sheds or huts everywhere... at first we taught it was our hostel. And I said to myself, everyone get a shed/hut of their own, wow... how cool is that. I hope it comes with a heater. Giler sejuk kot kan.

At last we reached our hostel. Apologise in advance as the picture I took of the hostel was on my third day, snow melted (no more winterland drama).

#TravelTips 1 : It is 5-10 mins metro ride from the city and the frequency is every 5 mins or so.

#TravelTips 2 : You need to walk for about 10 mins to reach the hostel but it is worth it.

This is the main door, on it right side is a bar and cafe, you can have your coffee at its 'sidewalk' if you wish.

The receptionist is very helpful and friendly, they have almost everything from postcards to stamps, to makes and booking.

#TravelTips 3 : Online payment was made partially, balance can be made either via cash or credit card.

#TravelTips 4 : You can get your postcard, stamp and post it here as well (letter box is at the entrance door).

Aside from the sidewalk cafe, you can also have your coffee or breakfast here; hostel courtyard. During summer, you probably can do you work here too. Just bring a laptop.

For those that didn't have any smartphones or laptops, public PC is available plus working or lepak area. I did my office work here in the evening, very quiet and wifi is stronger here too.

This is the lounge which is one floor down, facing the kitchen/pantry. There is children play area as well within the same section. Very cozy mozy.... me loike!

Pantry or kitchen dining area. Lengkap kan!

This is the kitchen, fairly big (they use yellow lighting, hence I have to tweak it abit else romantic and gelap gambo) and fully equip; 3 stoves area, 2 kettles, 2 coffee maker, 3 ovens, 2 microwaves, 2 sinks, 2 huge fridge, utensils are at abundance. Pots and pants, plates and cups, knifes and ladles, can cater (and cook for) up to 50pax I should think.

Oh yah! Very clean!

Fully equip kitchen. 

Showers are at different areas and its huge (lupa nak tangkap gambo lak). Clean too. 

What I like is that they place chairs everywhere with book shalves so that you can just enjoy your own quiet time with minimal conversation.

The dorm corridor, they have about 100 rooms... can you imaging how big this place is? Strangely it is quiet and peaceful (maybe sebab tak full house kot?).

#TravelTips 5 : The only drawback is that you have to brig your OWN bed sheet and pillow cover, you can also rent it for 60SEK during your stay.

They also probide laundry facilities - washer + dryer + detergent for 45SEK. 

Iron and folding table.

If you are not fussy about walking and don't mind staying abit outskirt, then this place is cool.

#TravelTips 6 : Get a 3 days metro pass (Access Card [blue colour card]), this saves a lot of $$$. Or even a Stockholm Tourist Card, either one will do.

#TravelTips 7 : There is a COOP Supermarket at the metro station, get some bread or some food here before walking back then cook it at the hostel *smile*.

#TravelTips 8 : We brought nasi impit, serunding, canned sardines, Brahim curry, Maggi noodles, instant rice, cereal etc, we usual heat or cook it to eat.

#TravelTips 9 : Standard of living is pretty high here ( especially for us Malaysian), maka mohon bawak makanan bebanyak bila nak travel ke negara-negara Scandinavia nih.

#TravelTips 10 : Lupa nak habaq, WIFI FREE.

Zinkensdamm Hostel
Zinkens väg 20
SE-117 41

Tel : +46 8-616 81 10 / +46 8-616 81 00

Take the red line southward towards Fruängen or Norsborg. Get off at station Zinkensdamm. Cross Hornsgatan and follow Ringvägen straight ahead. Turn right on to Zinkens väg after the sports field (about 200 meters) and follow the road to the end.


PaE said...

Woooow nice lily.. Tema narnia tul. Hostel tu kitchen dia besar.. everything looks nice.
2014 ni ramai tul ke Stockholm.. sume pun kate mahal..

Farikica said...

Hi Lily! To me, a 10 minute stroll during winter is no big deal ler.. jngn kat KL buat gitu... mau dehydration...kikiki... anyway, very nice hostel... Tips2 u bg pon very useful... Bila mau sampai..? x tau la zaman bila..haha...

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