Friday, January 2, 2015

#TravelTips | Where to stay in Danau Maninjau? (Beach Guest House)

Definitely a place to stay.
No hanky-panky.

Those that read my earlier entry will begin to notice that I did not book any accommodation during my trip from Pekan Baru to Padang, we played it by ears. Seek for an accommodation upon arrival to.... anywhere, at anytime, where budget permits. And we were lucky that all our accommodation was clean, friendly, unique (very key for me *wink*) and safe. Alhamdulillah.

Having said that, this was one of the hardest and luckiest as we were sourcing for a shelter during heavy rain and at night fall, went to at least 5-6 homes before bumping into this guest house. And I have to stay that this one caught me by surprise as I personally think it will be the sleeziest of all with the name like Beach Club (?!?!) plus the pak cik at one of the houses said alot of foreigner staying there (in my heart, I went like "errrrr..... doesn't sound promising, party place is it?!?") but boy, was I wrong. Dead wrong. Big time.

After surveying (before confirming, we insisted on checking the room and toilet, call me kiasu. Hiks)... the verdict? I absolutely LOVE it!

I don't think I need to write long lengthy entries and explain every corner etc. Enough by me saying, it is clean (both rooms), the toilet was very decent and well equip, the scenery is to die for, the restaurant at the street was yummeh and the guesthouse owner was helpful and friendly. So far, nothing bad for me, or maybe I am just lucky. Insan terpilih gitew. Alhamdullilah.

The big house is the main building with a few rooms, we stayed at the one on the left (first room). The one walking is Imam; my trusty friend that have been chauffeuring us everywhere. Sweet and helpful guy...

Room type
Value Room
Standart Room
Superior Room
The Dormitory

The house on the left is the same big house in above picture, their cafe is facing the lake. Sumpah coolness ok! Pagi-pagi tengok sunrise!

Ze kaffe!

Morning view.

View from my room. 

View from the gazebo. 

Villages by the lake.

Money Changer
Laundry Service
Motorbike rentals (half- day / full-day)
Mountain bike rentals
Canoe rentals (traditional dugout canoes)
Hot springs (200m from Beach Guest House)
Jungle Waterfall hike (3 hour round trip)
Jungle hiking to the top of the caldera (7 hour round trip)

Mentawi Island
Harau Valley
Minagkabau Tour
Rafflesia Flower and Luwak Coffee Tour
Whitewater Rafting
 44 Bends and Jungle Trek Tour
Maninjau Nature Tour
Canoe rentals
Motorbike Rental
Mountain Bike Rent

Iyea! Iyea abang-abang and kakak-kakak, wifi FREE as usual kat sini.

Beach Guest House & Bagoes Cafe
JL Raya Maninjau–Lbk Basung KM 1
Lake Maninjau West Sumatra – Indonesia – 26471
Phone: +62752-861799
Mobile : +6281363797005, +6282171573131


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