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Estonia - Dancing in the Rain (UNESCO)

Camera easily jammed up due to cold weather (yeah, I own an old junk but trustworthy camera)
Gloomy and rainy day (Mr. Sun decided to shy away).
What mode should I use?
Nostalgic of course!

Since it is a medieval town, nostalgic mode seems like the best choice. There is so many stories on the hiccups I faced but I think I will share it in my next blog entry, this; I will share what I saw and some tips.

Of all the countries I covered during this trip, Estonia was the only one that rained, by rain I mean, water pouring down like nobodies business (kata orang hujan berkat ia idak?) and wind from all directions, yet, I absolutely love the feel. Earlier on the lady from our hostel said Tallinn old town was covered with snow just 3 days back, simply whimsical I bet. I told her that I'll pray for snow on my last night so that I can experience both special moments. That statement tickled her, weird Asian she might think of us. Ahaks.

After dumping our luggage, we roamed the old town, adding this gem into our UNESCO check-list. This post-Soviet state somehow jerked my thought for a fair bit; safety, cost of living, accessibility, the list goes on. Well guess what, the worries was thrown out the instant I saw this quaint little old town with its range of souvenir choices *eyes gleaming* and the nut seller (medieval much heh). 

We even asked her, what was the recipe and this was her answer.

"14 types of sugar, ginger, black pepper, cinnamon, cloves and yes, love." Yeah, so I got myself a pack, how can you not buy when someone cooked you with their heart poured into it *smile* (pandai sangat ambek hati tourist kan).

The Raekoja Plats or Town Hall Square is 5 minutes walk from my hostel.

#TravelTips 1 : Highly advise for travelers to book hostel or guesthouses inside the Tallinn Old Town. You can walk everywhere hence save cost.

#TravelTips 2 : Since it is called old town, please be mindful that most of the buildings doesn't come with escalator or elevator, pack as light as possible as you might need to carry your knapsack 2-3 floors up.

There is no cars in the old town, you can walk anyway you like (meniarap pun boleh asal tak nyusah orang), and everything else is exactly like the pictures I am sharing. 

#TravelTips 3 : If you feel like walking the whole old town, allocate half a day for yourself. 

#TravelTips 4 : If think you'll enjoy visiting a museum or two, or perhaps cehck out their local theater scene, then a full day will be ideal.

One thing I like about this country is that how they are able to integrate modern and old harmoniously, without loosing the feel and depth of their history. Unfortunately no wifi in the McDonald.... yikes!

As the weather changed dramatically when I was there, rain poured heavily at about 3ish or so, stubbornly insisting that it will stop, we pursued our quest to take night photos of Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. In the midst or heavy rain and darkness, we walk up the street (agak kerja giler gak sebab licin, basah and sejuk).

Passing by the Raekoja Plats Christmas Market.

Moving up street, into the lonely lane.

Accidentally found Maiden Tower Museum-Cafe inside this defense wall.

Still wondering on hot wine. Hemmm...

We finally found it - Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

#TravelTips 5 : It was abit tiring at first until we found few ways to getting here. The old town is so small, that at the end of 24hrs you'll remember all the lanes and shortcuts. Felt like local.


The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is an orthodox cathedral in the Tallinn Old Town, Estonia. It was built to a design by Mikhail Preobrazhensky in a typical Russian Revival style between 1894 and 1900, during the period when the country was part of the Russian Empire. The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is Tallinn's largest and grandest orthodox cupola cathedral. 

From Wikipedia

Another path that leads back to the Old Town Square.


#TravelTips 6 : If you are from either Helsinki in Finland or Stockholm in Sweden, you can easily reach Estonia via ferry or flight. My suggestion will be ferry... more fun *wink*.

#TravelTips 7 : Sweden to Estonia takes approximately 16 hours.

#TravelTips 8 : It takes 2 hours from Finland to Estonia.

That's all for now, will share on the drama I had when sourcing for accommodation in Estonia in my next entry.

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