Monday, June 29, 2020

Aquaria KLCC SOP during MCO (2020)

I’ve written previously on EQ Hotel SOP, how particular and extra careful there are. Now I’m gonna tell you my experience visiting Aquaria KLCC, Malaysia during Covid-19 MCO period. I have to say, they were pretty thorough (they have too lah… as their attraction is located indoor and in an enclosed area). Extra precautions were imposed on the visitors, and I am more than happy to oblige (demi negara, nusa dan bangsa!). Gitew…

If you are worried, then I encourage you to check my video in my Instagram Highlights under Covid-19 SPO. I video-ed everything that I wrote below.

Aquaria SOP
MySejahtera QR Code/Log book and temperature check
The usual steps of taking your name (you can also do it online ie via MySejahtera), mobile number and temperature check is being done as you enter the premise.

Have to wear lah…

Decontamination Floor Mat
It helps to disinfectant shoes by cleaning and sanitizing, the mat is placed at the entrance after the QR scan and temperature check.

Usually briefing is done about Aquaria and its Dos and Don’ts but this time around, they’ve included SOP briefing as well. The briefing area adheres the 1meter social distance guideline.

Standing area
There is a specific standing area indicated on the floor for individual as well as group (family or friends). Visitors are required to stand in the indicated area only.

No tank touch
For health and safety reason, do not touch the tank. As you don’t who has been touching it (by accident or intentionally), so please please please avoid touching it.

No fish/starfish touching
Yup! Do no touch or put your hand inside the open aquarium, of which previously (pre Covid-19 pandemic) you are allowed to. A big no this time around.

Sanitisers are being place at every zone. Please use it.

Number of visitors
Aquaria KLCC is minimising visitor traffic to 400 pax at one time. Visitors are required to pre-book their slot in advance.

I hope you guys are happy and comfortable at the steps taken by Aquaria.

Operation Hours
Daily (including public holidays) : 10:00am – 7:00pm (last admission 6:00 pm)
Monday – Sunday: 10:00 am – 7:00 pm (last admission 6:00 pm)

Post MCO (SOP) Media Trip is in collaboration with Tourism Malaysia and all its sponsors.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

EQ Hotel, Kuala Lumpur - (Covid-19) SOP Implementation

Of all the media trips that I’ve participated, this is the most unique one.

As everyone know (whole world knows too), the Covid-19 pandemic has hit whole world for the last few months and Malaysia is not excepted. We are now recovery stage or recovery movement control order (RMCO) effective from 10 June till 31 August as announced by our Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

Relaxation of operations has been given to few other non-essentials businesses as well as activities. Thanks to the active Covid-19 swab test, daily MKN reminders via sms on SOP and social distancing, fellow Malaysia that by-hearted the rules and follow it to the ‘T’. And to our healthcare team that relentlessly took care of the Covid-19 patients and conducting screening (especially those in the red zone), I bow to you.

This is perhaps a mark of hard-earned additional freedom gained by a combination of strict government enforcement of Covid-19 precautions, the health authorities' active Covid-19 screenings, and Malaysians' compliance with rules and precautions, but the Health Ministry is still reminding Malaysians daily to continue to comply with standard operating procedures and to practice social distancing.

Good news for travelers is that starting 10 June onwards, Malaysians are allowed to travel domestically or inter-state, international borders will still remain shut. With this in mind, a lot of hotels around Kuala Lumpur and whole of Malaysia is gearing and ready to accept local tourist for a staycation or a weekend getaway. Necessary and extra precaution/steps has been taken into consideration by the hoteliers, and I am proud to say, the one I experienced at was SUPERB (good job Equatorial). I am going to make it easy for you by listing their plus points.

The (temperature) gun
I was greeted with a temperature gun, my particulars were taken as usual. On top of this, a list of questions needed to be answered before I can check in. I can do this manually or online. And of course, I have to answer it truthfully.

The room distancing
Yup! Yup! Yup! Not only human was asked to kept a distance, room were ‘insisted’ to do the same. The hotel has 50-60% occupancy rate as they only house their visitor every alternate room UNLESS you book a connecting room (for family).

The (add-on) toiletry set
Welcoming the NEW Kids On The Block – The Sanitiser!

The (sweet) touch
Non-SOP related but deserve a HUGE applause… instead of putting a typical western chips/snacks, EQ Hotel localize the complimentary snacks – Kuih Makmur and Murukku.

The (2-days) quarantine room
Upon guest checking-out, the room will be quarantined for 2 days before they disinfect it on the 3rd day.

The detergent and water
Mattress, pillow and cushion covers are being washed with a special detergent, and the water temperature is being increased to 60degree Celsius. The extra precaution to ensure guest’s safety.

The room with a view
Another non-SOP related point - KL Tower/KLCC view, ask them for this room. Enough said *wink*.

The gym
Only 5 pax is allowed at a time and you need to registered and book a slot.

The F&B outlets
Similar to the room distancing, the table is placed 1-2 meter apart. Individual guest will sit alone, where else family members or group can sit together.

The ‘serving’ buffet
This was rather interesting as the buffet menu is being served just like a course-meal AND you can repeat the dish you that like, they will serve it to you. Again.

The alfresco dining (with KL view)
Come on… trust me on this one. I don’t have the night photo to proof it as the area is closed during (R/E/C)MCO period but it does look amazing even during day time.

The alfresco pool (with KL view)
Cool right!

Go book your stay there, I bet you’ll love it.

Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO)
Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO)
Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO)
Movement Control Order (MCO)

Post MCO (SOP) Media Trip is in collaboration with Tourism Malaysia and all its sponsors.

Monday, April 6, 2020

Taiwan | Halal Food in Taipei City

If you’ve read my old entries, you would know how much I love Taiwan. It is like love at the first site, well for me, in this case…. Love at many site…. Like, ALL the site I’ve visited – physically and virtually. I find it hard to not fall in love with Taiwan. I might be bias here as I am fluent in Mandarin, and added advantage.

The only thing I find Taiwan not to my liking is the food, I guess it is because I can’t sample all the yummeh food that I have been hearing. Yup! It is not halal, and good halal food is not that easy to find. And if there is one, it is not that convenient.  Kinda sad huh! Having said that, the 3 below are those that I would like to recommend. Am very sure there are plenty more, but due to time constraint, I was unable to locate nor try them. Next time maybe *wink*.

The first 2 that I am featuring are very Taiwan type of delicacy which is the famous beef noodle. I highly encourage for you guys to try this else kira tak aci lah kan. Hehehhhee…. Worry not guys, all the restaurants stated below are halal certified tau. So, jangan risau.

Chang's Beef Noodles Shop

This is one of the HALAL beef noodle restaurant in Taipei that I like. I love the side orders the most to be honest... especially the one that looks like gyoza and ommelette, sodaaaap. Few things I would like to highlight :

1. The price range is pretty reasonable
2. The options are aplenty
3. There's a few other halal resto within this street
4. Next door is a hostel hence it is convenient for low budget travelers (swipe to view hotel name). 5. The resto location itself is within reach
6. Its crowded so come early or be abit patient hokkay

Chang's Beef Noodles Shop
21, Yanping South Road
Zhongzheng District
Taipei City, Taiwan

Master Diced Beef Nankan Restaurant

This is also one of the Taiwan halal diced beef noodle restaurant. This time around I sampled the braised beef noodle of which I don't think I like the taste, I guess am the clear soup type of a girl. But I have to give credit to the diced beef... giler sedap hokkay.

By the way, the restaurant have the clear soup type too but I thought I should try something new and different.

Master Diced Beef Nankan Restaurant
95, Taoyuan St
Luzhu Dist, Taoyuan

Yunus Halal Restaurant

Steam fish! A must order. The other dish is suhun with vege and prawn, I have no idea the name of the dish though, perhaps if you visit this place, you can show this picture for them to see and cook.

As it is an ala carte meal so it will be slightly pricey if you were to eat a lot. Better to in a small group. I forgot to tale a picture of the halal sign, my bad.

Yunus Halal Restaurant
36, Beining Road
Songshan District
Taipei City

Kunming Islamic Restaurant, Taipei

This is more of a rice and dishes type of restaurant (in Malaysia kira macam order nasi ngan lauk lah) and my favourite dish is the curry chicken. Sumpah sedap giler.

OK ok ok… I know I must be fair and all. In all honesty, all the dishes are yummeh (kid you not) either that I was plan hungry. Ahaks! 2 dishes that you must order (kalau tekak melayu kita sama lah) are curry chicken and the sambal fish, add on would be tomyam and vege dish. If there’s only 2-3 of you guys eating, curry chicken or the fish will do, plus another vege dish. If 5 pax or more, you probably can have 3 dishes or so.

Kunming Islamic Restaurant, Taipei
26, Lane 81
Fuxing North Road
Songshan District
Taipei City

Ice Monster

Similar to our very own Air Batu Campur or fondly known as ABC, Ice Monster is basically Taiwan's famous kakigori or shaved ice dessert chain. Impressed with the amazingly large range of shaved ice flavours/options, we decided to go with mango flavour (as it is THE MANGO season now and Taiwan is also famous for this yummeh fruit). This cotton candy like textured shaved ice was served with ice cream and cubes of mango that is heavenly in taste. Swipe to view.

I also learnt that Ice Monster in Taiwan is Halal certified; ensuring their Muslim customers that all ingredients used are.

​Ice Monster
No.204, Sec. 2
Xinyi, Taipei

Gonna share more on Taiwan. Lepas tuh you guys must go tau.

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