Monday, February 7, 2022

Kenyir State Park Discovery and Bird Watching Activity

This is the first time am trying this bird watching thingy. Verdit : I absolutely love all the infos shared but to cari the bird and recognising it… I failed ‘with flying colours’. Ahaks.

Video :

The Terengganu State Park introduced the Kenyir State Park Discovery as an eco tourism destinations to raise public awareness about the importance of nature. Kenyir State Park consist of 30,000 hectares of various beautiful flora and fauna such as rat pakma, tiger orked, rafflesia, 9 species of hornbills, tigers, bears and many more. What makes it more interesting is that there’s a white hornbill - White-crowned Hornbill is the name!

During the bird watching activity, I learnt that black-billed magpie has a melodious call, it is easier to see a hornbill early in the morning and migration bird do do a pit stop here in Kenyir. In fact, Jas brought up a good question ‘how do the northern hemisphere migratory bird adapt to tropical weather?’.

#FunFacts (shared by Anuar McAfee)
1. There are 463 bird species in Terengganu
2. 332 of it are resident birds, 87 migrant and 35 resident/migrant
3. 92 are listed with Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as threatened (20%)
4. Excellent locations for beginner birders throughout the state of Terengganu

5. Kenyir Lake is one of the best spots for rainforest birds in the state
6. Kenyir Lake has over 300 species of birds
7. Can easily spot 9 species of hornbills
8. Great variety of tropical forest birds
9. 30,000ha of fully protected lowland and hill dipterocarp rainforest

The protection and maintenance of the Kenyir State Park is managed by Majlis Pengurusan Taman Negeri Terengganu (MPTN) together with related government agencies, namely the Terengganu State Forestry Department, Department of Wildlife and National Parks (Jabatan Perhilitan Negeri Terengganu), Ketengah and non-government bodies - Nature Based Solutions and Phantera. Sime Darby Foundation assisted in ensuring nature treasure is there for the future generations. There shared with us information on the park, the animals, survival skill, plants and many more, not merely on trekking per se. I truly welcome this initiative as I feel we should love and understand our mother nature.

Video :

1. Binocular!!! Get a good one and learn how to use first tau.
2. It will be helpful if you already now about the birds and the bees.
3. DO NOT make alot of noise, you'll 'opocot' the bird nanti.
4. By being quiet, cos you can hear their beautiful calls 🎶

5. Train your eyes to notice any small movement.
6. Sharp eyes are an added advantage (obviously 🙄).
7. We bumped into wild boar footprints and elephant dungs. You might too 😉
8. You can overnight at the Lawit Lodge as it is better to start early in the morning 🌄
9. Start early and you might be able to see all 9 hornbills 💓
10. Other activities that you can include (ideally a 3D2N stay at Lawit Lodge in Kenyir Lake would be 👌🏻👍🏻❤💯) - Elephant Village 🐘, Houseboating at Kenyir ️, Camping 🏕, fishing 🎣 and trekking.

Video :

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Thursday, February 3, 2022

Trekking at Kenyir State Park | AP Seladang

Kick-starting 2022 with a BANG! BIG BIG BANG! Haaa… gitew.
Small bang tak main, orang kata. Orang kata lah… bukan I kata.
Video :

Many of you might have known especially those that follow my Instagram closely, I recently did Stand UP Paddling or SUP as popularly known. Tried that in PD…. Plenty of fun. Nahhhh, did not fall down pun. I forbid myself to. Kiasi!

February is the month for another outdoor activity – Trekking at Kenyir State Park and bird watching (gonna blog about this later). March? I will be in Sabah… follow my Instagram lah as I usually upload promptly here. Blog comes in much later.

If you are an avid jungle trekker – like Adela, this would be a piece of cake WITH icing on top. If you are an amateur like moi… this trek is fairly easy BUT with loadsa pacat jer lar. Opkos lah kan, nama pun masuk utan. Duh!!! It takes approximate 2 hours or so to trek to the 1st pokok ara or fig tree, then we rested and had our tapau-ed lunch before heading to the 2nd pokok ara, the proceed heading back to our vehicle via the river route (which took only an hour or so – but we all basah lah sebab kena menyelami hati budi air sungai kan kan kan. HAHHAHHHAHHAHH….).

I learnt few important stuff here, how to identify an elephant dung, Malayan tapir footprint, tiger and sun bear’s claw marks, types of plant that is important for survival and making delicious masak lemak tempoyak (Adela tuh dah try ke letak daun kesing/pijat, sedap ke idok?) and many more. I have to admit this trip is very educational, am glad I joined.

1. Taman Negeri Kenyir or Kenyir State Park consist of an area size of 30,000 ha.
2. Kenyir State Park is source of medicinal products, recreation, cultural and spiritual values aside being known for its flora and fauna.
3. The two significant indigenous Orang Asli communities are the Bateq of Kuala Koh and the Semaq Beri of Sungai Berua.
4. The Park is important for our endangered species such as the Malayan Tiger, the Malayan Tapir, the Sun Bear, the Asian Elephant and Panther.

Pokok Ara / Fig Tree

5. Key threats to Kenyir’s biodiversity include poaching, deforestation, and encroachment from oil palm and rubber plantations.

6. Where else Justice for Wildlife Malaysia (incubated by Rimba) – help develop state park regulations, conduct judiciary and legislative workshops to improve prosecution rates for wildlife crime.
7. Permit is required for jungle activities purpose.
8. Our access/exit point is Seladang (AP Seladang).
9. Trip video :

The trip was led by the experienced state rangers, Justice for Wildlife Malaysia team, UNISZA, Terrapuri and us medias. Specially thanks to En. Dome and Janggut for explaining everything to me, soalan yang tidak-tidak pun dia reply (reply ngan loyak buruk nya AHHAHHAHHAH… Bagus!!! 😊 😊 😊)

For enquiry, please reach out to Terrapuri and/or Ping Anchorage

GTN x Terrapuri Fam Trip is in collaboration with Ping Anchorage and Terrapuri, and all its sponsors with #GayaTravel as media coordinator.
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