Thursday, December 30, 2010

Travel Thursday | Booked in Jailhouse

Did I get your attention?

Hehehhehee.... This happened in 2009 while I was in New Zealand for a holiday. After surfing for days and weeks, Andrea and I FINALLY decided to stay in this Christchurch hostel mainly for it's name, history and cost (obviously!).

It's not a gimmick (jail is not farnie business righty? ehheheh...), it was a jailhouse ie for prisoner before this and they've converted it to a hostel for backpackers. And YES, we slept in the prison cell. Hahhahah..... a tad too adventurous right?!

It is VERY well equipped, clean, friendly, helpful and not to forget cheap too. The location is perfect; near the train station, stadium (we gotten ourselves an Il Divo concert tix), less then a minute walk to bus stop and ample parking lot.

No! It's not scary at all, well..... at least NOT at that point of time ;)

For more NZ pics, please click here.
For more Jailhouse Accommodation blog entry, please click here.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Watery & Outdoor Wednesday | Mysterious Beach

3 Days 2 Nights

A perfect Jogjakarta trip
Stopped by Parangtritis
To feel the breeze
of the mysterious beach

A legend was told
To all; behold
A Queen of the South Sea
Nyai Loro Kidul
THE beautiful nymphs
Or... perhaps a mermaid
part human, and part snake

She, who controls
the ocean, can too take one's soul
Folklore said and seen
Not to wear the colour green
As she, Javanese Spirit Queen
Would say "hello,
how have you been?"
Then you... would never been seen

More story of my Parangtritis trip here.

For more, please click on Watery Wednesday & Outdoor Wednesday.

Hyperlink credits : Adventuretrans


OK! OK! For those who knows me well, would be super duper surprise of my participation in Biqque's contest, I shall call it "to memeriah kan contest" and luck trying. I normally don't stand a chance in winning (at ALL, kid you not, never had the winning luck) but according to my colleague, this month is my lucky month (we both know why *wink wink*); hence, why not kan?!?

Let's see whether I can get this right. The stories goes...

This was one of the MOST INTERESTING 2D1N trip and am yet to blog about it (so, Biqque, kira you the first one to read lar!).

I bet most of you have heard of The Amazing Race right, and I also bet some of you travelholic out there would DREAM for a try-out. Well, (NO! I did not and this is not the try-out pic either) 6 of us signed up for KLM Treasure Trail 2005 from KL-Malaysia to Jakarta-Indonesia. Similar concept to The Amazing Race; as this is the closest we can get and feel the stress, adrenaline rush and craziness (plus communication breakdown! Chicken and duck talk carries a new meaning to us when one is press for time!) they felt during the race.

The race started from KL Sentral, in the ERL itself, at KLIA, on the plane (!!! apa giler ke? we all terlari2 dalam plane cari answer, siap nak bribe stewardess lagi), in Jakarta tour bus, at the dinner restaurant AND in the hotel the next morning. The result? We got 13th placing out of 30-40 teams. Not bad for a beginner I thought (muka perasan siut!). The winner? Gets FREE tix to The Netherland! Argh.... sakitnye hati!!

Anyway, BEST giler the trip! Would I try it again?

Well, that's the tip of the iceberg for my story/contest/entry.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Winter Sonata at Soraksan

A trip to remember.

The last trip (or should I say my first) to Korea was in 2002, that’s like eonssss ago. I can barely remember the details. But I do remember that I had fun ie LOADS of them. I went there with my best buddies; Anna, Erica, Angie and hubby David.

It started months earlier when we were complaining to each other that we never been to any "out of the country trip" together (we did a lot of individuals though), hence we came out with this “smart” plan that we shall visit a country where none of us been before. After loads of research (by Angie), she decided Seoul it is; despite that she been there a year or two before BUT with one CONDITION, we must take the ski trip package (to avoid redundancy in places of visit) for her sake. We agreed as usual, not much of a fussy lot we were (still are - simple Simon!).

It was kinda reasonable package back then at RM2198 full board (if I remembered it correctly), 5D4N I think. Seems like a good deal.

Since the trip was fully planned my Angie, thus lazy me don’t even remember the itinerary etc (I mean, Angie IS a super planner), all I did was take pic and look pretty. Hence, my story will be kinda brief instead of those daily detailed ones.

Upon arriving in Seoul, we were herd into the bus and it took us waaaaay out of the city, all I know is the first stop was at this restaurant for lunch where I quickly eat and went out to the front for a walk. I saw a path lead to the back which I kepoh (busybody) to check out.

WELL! WELL! WELL! What do you know, there‘s water everywhere ie SEA (or lake? Hemm…), and the beach is covered with SNOW. Boy! What a sight to behold. I ran in and told my friends and (but of cause, this usual happens) they too ran out to take pics. Hehheheh… we created quite a commotion in the tour group of 20s which am pretty sure the tour guide decided to hate us by then. Hahhahha….

We were hurriedly chase back to the bus and they took us to the temple off the cliff OVERLOOKING the sea, beach and houses.

Sigh.... Breathtaking!

There’s this thing I hate about when taking tour package, they tend to time every site seeing places giving you probably 20-30mins per venue. Argh…. That’s not enough for people like me! Must go again obviously!

Anyway, us herds were shooed again to the bus and again took us to the next destination - Soraksan National Park. It was all COVERED in snow, like really really REALLY THICK SNOW.

There’s cable cab ride on top of the mountain but due to the thick snow and strong wind, we weren’t encourage to ride. Well, with knee high snow that we can barely put forward each of our step, we obediently agreed to the tour guide. Psst.... After this, we weren’t so obedient anymore, heehheheh…… he got himself a bunch of too experience lunatic traveler on board, I bet he regretted being nice to us.
Hahahaha…. Sorry!

Next stop - Alps Resort.

Hyperlink credits : Wikipedia

I agree the attached picture(s) to be published in an upcoming My World issue. I am the sole owner and copyright holder of the image(s).

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Travel Thursday | Sunrise Borobudur


Till I achieve my quest
of watching THE mystical
Candi Borobudur whimsical
At crack of dawn
when the world is asleep
I stand to witness
God greatest

Read more of my 2007 trip to Borobudur, Indonesia here.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Watery Wednesday | There's a Will, There's a Way

A common sight
In Tonle Sap
Bridging of communication and media
in land of Cambodia
Technology advances without boundary
However weird
or silly
As long as there's a will
There's surely always a way.

Don't you just agree?

Taken in 2010 Cambodia trip. Read more of my Tonle Sap trip here.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Orchard Christmas Wanderlust

3 countries, 3 weeks business trips, 3 Singapore trips; all within 1 month (Attempting to sound like Phil Keoghan of The Amazing Race here). Tired? Well YEAH!!

Since I've been to Singapore soooo often (after all it's only 50mins flight), I thought I know it all (sounded cocky right? Singaporean probably hates me for this, SORRY guys!). Anyway, when Maimon say lets do a night cable car ride to Sentosa Island, I was..... there's a night ride??? Then she said, we can do LUGE too. WHAT??? There's more to come okay. Sucker for all these, I; without hesitation and obediently said YES! (I mean, who in their right mind wouldn't right!?!).

So, off we go to Mount Faber Jewel Cable Car ride.

The view was magnificent, and the fact that I was traveling with kids, I felt like one too - automatically (But seriously; I have always had the biggest young kid heart! Hahhaha). Love the road lights, reminded me of those postcard pics (on a perasan mode here).

I felt that Christmas is the season where the WHOLE Singapore is being lighted up. Really....

View of Vivo City when we cable car over it. Here too is the docking for Star Cruise that set sail from Singapore-Malaysia-Phuket. Not only that, you can also take the ferry to Batam, Indonesia. AND (Yup! There's more), they have another cable car station HERE if you wish to ride, but the trip is a tad too short from Vivo City to Sentosa Island though, hence I don't think it as much fun.

OK! We did the LUGE and all, I write this on the next entry for you guys yah... plus some other yummy stuff (on my 2nd Singapore trip).

Back on Christmas, the "Maimon cable car trip" was the first Singapore trip beginning of this month, then there's my last week trip (3rd trip) which I decided to take pics of the ever so famous Christmas light on Orchard Road. You won't believe how many LOCALS and TOURIST with their point-&-shot camerasssss and DSLRssssss with tripod and all on Orchard, goodness; it was a massive human traffic jam. Hahhaha.... but this created the Christmas-y mood, so; I guess no one minds.

I thought my mom favourite mall have the nicest decor, sooo sweet and yummy looking.

Towards the end of Orchard approaching ION Mall area, lesser crowd; more space for pics taking.

Near Centre Point mall. I guess the one thing missing here is SNOW!!!

Care to share your Christmas lights story with me?

P/S : Bahiya, I got your Timberland shoe for you yah!

Credits : Vivo City, ION Orchard, Sentosa, Wikipedia & Jewel Cable Car

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Travel Thursday | Sand Boarding

Sand boarding was tough, don't even dare to imagine snow boarding.

The first time I went to Perth in 2005, none of my friends was interested with adventurous activities. And as usual I was craving for one, obviously god love me and I got a free trip to Perth in November the same year! YEAY!!!!!

During our Free & Easy day, I insisted and persuaded Grace to accompany me to take up this Pinnacle and Sand Dune day package. The trip took us 4-5 hours per way, despite it was long & tiring drive, I was fully entertained by the beautiful scenery.

Upon reaching the sand dune, surf board was at stand-by mode for everyone to try out. What else can I say.... Weeeeeeeeeeee........ Whoooosh.....

The annoying thing was, the journey down to 20 seconds, but the climb up....ARGH!!!!! 15mins.

Have your tried any form of "boarding"?

NO! boarding school doesn't count! Hehhehee.....

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Watery Wednesday | Serenade

All Of You

(Sister Hazel)

Finally I figured out,

But it took a long long time
Now there's a turnabout,
Maybe cause I'm tryin'
There's been times, I'm so confused
Down my road, will it lead to you?
Just can't turn and walk away

It's hard to say what it is I see in you
Wonder if I'll always be with you
Words can't say it, I can't do
Enough to prove, it's all for you

I sometimes tagged along my friends for a karaoke session (those good old days), and I can still remember this one guy kept on asking me to sing with him this song (every time!). Never heard it till he sang to me, kinda like it - catchy and upbeat. Thus, every time during karaoke session, he will say it's "our" song, so let's sing it together. Awww..... I thought it was sweet but then again he probably said it to all the other girls. Hahhahaha.... BUT at that point of time, I decide to just enjoy the attention of a sweet guy "serenading" to me.


Have anyone serenade you a song before?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Going Home

Been away for so long.

Missing family, friends, food, facebook, blog. Arghhh...

Knowing the fact that network (and work) will minimise my access to facebook and blog PLUS that I can't access facebook in China *agony*, I have "smartly" prepared all my entries 3 weeks in advance and post to published at specific date. Hence, you noticed that I have all entries post out but minimal blog surfing to all my darling bloggers site (miss you guys!). Am catching up upon landing to Singapore on Friday and this coming week (YEAY!).

Been in Singapore since 25 November, and on 4 December flew to Beijing. Work starts from 7am and ens at 10pm...sigh. By then we were too tired and sleepy.
I posted some pics in Singapore (Marina Bay Sands Sky Park), so I thought I should do the same for Beijing.

We stayed in Loong Palace Hotel & Resort at some FAR FAR FAAAAAR away place ie outer of 5th Ring Road. Anyway....

After "surveying" the view from our Operation Room, I finally concluded the sunrise gonna look great, all I have to do is walk to the main road and snap some pics. No regrets here, glad I did it.

Can't help but snapping away.

Sigh.... Loving the scenary.

Love the sun, trees and feel.

It was really really really FAAAAAAAR. Out hotel was located outer of Ring Road 5, to go to the airport takes 1 hour, to Silk Market 1 hour, to Badaling Gate of Great Wall Of China also took us 1 hour. WHAT!!!!! Argh.... hence, due to work, journey and taxi fairs, I stayed in the hotel 98% of the time.

The view from the operation room for my team, my colleague kept laughing at me as I was the ONLY one whom are touristy ie kept snapping pics. Now they know me as the sunset and sunrise girl. Hahhahah.... Little Miss Sunshine me!

Went to Silk Market in Beijing, took me 1 hour to JUST get there!!! Argh..... and RMB80 (comes up to RM40), a very very expensive journey. It was compensated with the goodies I got here, extreme happy of cause (show you the pics in next blog *wink*). Wanted to buy more buuuuuuut... my luggage was soooooo full as I have been out of country for the last 2 weeks.

Saw this Hyundai model, love it! Hemm..... haven't seen one in Malaysia. I hope they bring this model in.

The front view, not bad huh!

The view from Silk Market while waiting for my cab.

Finally back to Malaysia (before that, I did a 2 days R&R in Singapore).

Hyperlink credits : Loong Palace Hotel & Resort

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Travel Thursday | White Elephant of Thailand

Believe me now?

It was a trip with my sis back in 2008 (Yeah! I visit Thailand almost by yearly -just love it!), and during our trip to Ayuthayya , we stop by at an elephant sanctuary and there, they taught the elephant to do some tricks like sitting, drawing (REALLY!!!) and etc.

As I was busy taking pics of other elephants around, I saw this baby elephant from far and it's WHITE! I mean... really WHITE! Kid you not! Crazy me (As usual!) ran closer to take the pics. I was practically awe struck, is it suppose to be sacred or something...

Out of curiosity I googled (from Wikipedia ofcos) and found out :
The term derives from the sacred white elephants kept by Southeast Asian monarchs in Burma, Thailand[1], Laos and Cambodia. To possess a white elephant was regarded (and is still regarded in Thailand and Burma) as a sign that the monarch reigned with justice and power, and that the kingdom was blessed with peace and prosperity. The tradition derives from tales which associate a white elephant with the birth of the Buddha, as his mother was reputed to have dreamed of a white elephant presenting her with a lotus flower, a symbol of wisdom and purity, on the eve of giving birth.[2] Because the animals were considered sacred and laws protected them from labor, receiving a gift of a white elephant from a monarch was simultaneously both a blessing and a curse: a blessing because the animal was sacred and a sign of the monarch's favour, and a curse because the animal had to be retained and could not be put to much practical use, at least to offset the cost of maintaining it.

Have you seen an animal as unique?

Hyperlink credits : Wikipedia

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Watery Wednesday | The Red Junk

Hong Kong famous junk
cruising the harbour
From floating village
of Aberdeen shire
With it's red sail
And it's red flag
It's dup dup sound
... breaks the night
How I wish
that I could
ride on this
old school boat

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Marina Bay Sands Skypark

Have you heard of Sands chain of hotel? Yeah! Like the one in Las Vegas, but this one is in Asia ie Singapore's latest tourist addition. Yup! Looks like a Noah ark just landed on 3 buildings.
Been here since last Thursday and flying off today (Saturday) to Beijing (YUP! Great [fire] Wall of China) and will be flying back to my home sweet home only on Sunday. Argh..... it's no fun as it's a BUSINESS TRIP!

Anyway, I've hearing people raving about this "great hotel" and I have to say, am a liiiiiiiitle bit curious myself. My experience? Check-in took 30-45mins as they unable to find my name (and how are they going to handle 1800 guest from my company beats me!). As I checked into my room.... just like a normal hotel room, seriously! Nothing great! Sooo.. what was the hype I wonder?!??!?!

Which can only mean.... I need to go up to the Skypark on top and check it out. Oh Yeah, the linear pool is located here too. If you are wondering where, it's on "Noah ark"... the next thing you will be wondering, what else is there right?! Well, Kudeta Club is there plus a dining area (breakfast for suite guess).

I have to admit though, the night view is simply....... A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!!!

Not only it's a linear pool BUT BUT BUT... an efinity pool AS WELL! I mean, how cool can you get right?!??!?!? RIGHT??? You must remember that this pool is OVERLOOKING Singapore skyline, sigh...... breathtaking!

Can you see the club at the end.... YUP! Clubbing while getting awesome view of Singapore and....errr....hehehhee....
Other then that..... nothing much I guess.
So, have you been to a building that has a "fancy" view deck on top? But so-so on other area?

OK guys, I need to pack and fly off to Beijing!

Credit hyperlink : Marina Bay Sands, Wikipedia

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Travel Thursday | Home Office

I was with Andrea Gail
In beautiful Maori trail
Where Mr. Cow graze
And the local laze
On clear sunny days

Picture we took
Envy we look
That Mr. Cow's work place
Has mountain, lake and plenty of space
Makes you wanna trade place
From our urban jungle craze
To really slow down
Our lunatic pace

Mr. Cow's Home Office
Is nothing like ours
He's is peaceful, serene and picturesque
Where else ours..... *sigh*

So, we wonder how
And we wonder why
Can dear Mr. Cow
Have a MUCH better life style


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Watery Wednesday | Yonder


Taken aback by God's creation
Same thing we saw from below
Yet from above
picturesque beauty
painted by God

Read my adventure on Microlight Plane here.
Watery Wednesday

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Babe's Magnet!

Being a travelholic the la
st 10-14 years (or perhaps more) have finally resulted with the accumulation of my little-lest collection - fridge magnets, as this was the SMALLEST, LIGHTEST, EASIEST and CHEAPEST of all souvenirs. And along the years, manufacturer of respective country has gotten very VERY creative in designing them; WHICH made me spoil for choices. At times, I felt like buying ALLLLLLL of those in the store, especially when I was in Australia and New Zealand.

Normally, per country; I will end up with approximately 25 pieces at minimum for friends and relatives. It's worst when I was in New Zealand as we were driving from town to town and city to city, I knew it in my heart that I MUST buy them ALL to "prove" that I've BEEN THERE! Hehhehee.... Anyway, I thought I should share this with you - my crazy collection.

By the way, this is not all.... I have other souvenirs as well such as trinket boxes and plates from other countries (HEAVY!). Hemmm.... probably share it in my next blog entry :P

The latest set. Purchased this in Kuching 2 months back.

The 2nd set from Sabah :D

Magnet spring cleaning. I poured all on the floor and start segregating it in my "assumed smart" order (whatever "order" that may be?!??!).

First layer in my newly purchased Togoyo box.

Plastic and rubber type - trying hard to stop buying this. Rubber/plastic are NO-NO as it will melt easily in Malaysia HOT weather which makes the rubber/plastic sticky and slimy AND run out of shape. Sigh... I learn the hard way.

Paper material... I like this the best as it's lighter and doesn't add to the weight to my luggage when I buy by few dozensssss.

Ceramics... and more ceramics.

More ceramics, very fragile, am stopping this and focus more on matels.

Supposedly the buildings magnets which is ONLY a handful, I guess I am kinda pathetic at this collection.

The country faces. Not that many as yet, hope to collect more.

The odd ones.

The fluffy magnets. I started this when I bought my first Koala and Kangaroo from Australia, followed by Angelina giving me the Mickey from Hong Kong Disneyland. Then I begin my quest - Moose from Sweden, Kiwi/Sheep/Pukeko from New Zealand, Panda from China, Bull from Spain etc. I do hope I can get more, hemm..... can Anna help me buy Paddington bear magnet from London? Hehhehe... I shall insist!

Stray magnets from office, just brought it home to be kept with it's magnetic family :D

You think I'm bad? My cousin have more then 500 pieces.... GOSH!

Any of you collects stuff when you travel?

What are the cool items?

And how do you kept it?

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