Monday, December 31, 2012

Globetrotting with My Selangor Story 2013

When I was told about this contest I wasn't really sure if I wanted to participate. Then I thought why not - since I was born in Assunta Hospital & I grew up in Petaling Jaya I shouldn't have much problems writing about Selangor right?

ATV in Kemensah

Tet!!!! Wrong. Very wrong.

Because you see, when I tried to think about what were the things that I loved about Selangor, I couldn't. Because there were many. And I didn't know where to start.

So to make things easy for myself, I started with the fondest memories I had of Selangor. And that was Mimaland.

Sekincan paddy field

My father always took us there when I was a little girl. It was the earliest themepark in Malaysia before all your Sunway Lagoons, and it remained to be the only place in Malaysia that dinasours had been spotted roaming. Sadly the place has been closed down.

Then that memory made me think of Raju's Restaurant. It had THE BEST roti canai in Selangor & KL then and it still is now. I got to know from my geek brother that even Too Phat (I just found out Malique is from that band) mentioned about Raju's in one of their songs. That's when I started liking banana leaf Indian food. It's like Gardenia but roti canai, so good you can even eat it on its own. And the fried chickens and squid - HOMAIGOD. But my favourite is the coconut paste chudney paste & sambal. Mix it with dhal & curry and you will eat like you're at KFC, licking your fingers and all.

Rawang steam fish

Nearby to Raju's (which is in PJ), is AmCorp Mall which hosts the only proper & authentic flea market in Selangor/KL, not like the fakes ones in OneUtama or Mont Kiara hehehe you can find all sorts of cool stuff (or crap) there. Seriously, like old typewriters and vinyls and TVs and stuff.

Just opposite this AmCorp building there the largest A&W you'll find in peninsula Malaysia (kot. I think so lah) This A&W was the only place where we had a drive-in (not drive thru tau? Got difference! This one we park in the compound and the staff will come out & serve us in the car! So cool!) We always went there for dinner after my father picked us up from school. Sekarang dah takde dah. Sedih :(

Little India in Klang

Now I'm thinking - actually kan, there are soooo many nice & lovely things about Selangor tau? Like the Kelip-kelip in Kuala Selangor, or the sumptous (pergghhh I'm using a BIG word! Pat on my back) Satay Kajang in Kajang (takkan in Gombak kot), the Murni & Williams in PJ where you'll find some of the most yummy Asian fusion food (trust me, but you must fast for 2 days before going), the Lala Chongs and so many other places to eat. Then you have the Bukit Cherakah, Bukit Melawati, the OneUtama shopping mall (apparently it's the 4th biggest mall in the world. Seriously?) and so many other lah!

Lover Bridge in Tangjung Sepat

You just go an explore. What I realized I've just started doing. 

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Teaser | An Impromptu Trip To...

I woke up one day feeling bored, depressed and frustrated, so I called Anna and decided to pack our bag and head to.... (Am blessed with great good friends).

Hahhahhaha..... cute heh!

So, have you guessed?

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Travelholic + Bookworm = Travelworm

Just to share my travel books.... Yeah yeah! I am crazy like that.

Like seriously, don't know how to write this entry. I can't be writing on when, how, why or the book details right? Hahhahhahaaa.... So I guess, this will be a photologue entry.

Oh yah, managed to get 6x DK Eyewitness Travel Book at RM12 p/book from the Big Bad Wolf sale last week, worth it! For those who wants to know, it cost between RM100-RM150 per/book at any local book store. Happy happy joy joy!

If you notice, I have 2x Top10 Prague book, I'm willing to give a way 1x away for free, ping me if you are interested.

Lat's Place Restaurant, Johor

Guess what I found during my trip to Johor last 2 weeks?

Lat's Place Restaurant is located right next to the Hello Kitty Theme Park (will blog about it later). I was jumping up and down as I saw the signage (lame, I know), but knowing me; I'll jump anyway (pffft).

Found out that it is actually a Lat's Souvenir Shop, the restaurant is still under construction. A bit disappointed but knowing that they will be in operation from January 2013 onwards did make me happy, so I guess I am not that disappointed after all.

I definitely can't wait for this place to open so I can write (read : brag) more about it.

NST Story : A taste of Malaysian life at Lat's Place

Even the souvenirs were ole skool! How cool is that?!
Yes, they do have fridge magnet! Hahahahha....That was the first question I ask when I was inside the store.

The moment I knew it is open, I will probably do this; take a leave and run over to Johor to check out Lat's Place Restaurant! 

Friday, December 21, 2012

#Traveltips | What to buy in Legoland Malaysia?

Yeah yeah yeah.... I know, old news right? But I don't care lor... kiasu mah.

On the way to Legoland few months back >>>

I was pretty excited as I already have it all planned, what pictures to take, what angle to blog on even the entry title is already in this stubborn head of mine. All drafted and crafted, it's gonna be a masterpiece (sungguh drama) I told myself. 

Having been to a few theme parks, I very well know what to expect and it being new makes it even easier. Easy peasy I'd say. Little did I know....

I couldn't find an interesting blog angle, pictures look bad, somehow I just wasn't excited. Something is very wrong... (agak merisaukan jugak) the moment I went in. Oh oh! This is so not good... BUT since I am a very smart girl (bayangkan nada yang amat poyo & perasan), I managed to change my plan. Phew!! (Swipe forehead).

My so called 'beautiful' plan is to just share pictures of what they have that we can get as souvenirs, obviously those to my liking only lah, can't be putting all right? Hehheheh.... kang orang ingat kedai online lak.

So, enjoy the below souvenirs options but don't ask price pulak yek.

* Note 1 : Some pictures are not sharp, so I am blaming it on my mood. Hehehehhe.....
* Note 2 : Masa kecik-kecik dulu, I ada 3 tong of Lego, Kawada & Technic. Memang tomboy masa dulu.

These are the only cool fridge magnets I manage to grab.

No, there is NO magnets written Legoland Malaysia available. Upset ok!

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