About Lily Riani

"… Despite having set foot to all but 3 continents (how do you actually budget travel to the Artic and the Antartic?) in this beautiful blue planet, Lily shows no signs of slowing down.

An archeologist lost in a corporate manager’s body, Lily has been travelling in search of her greatest archeologic discovery since she was 17, not to mention looking for her misplaced trowel, handbroom & hat. Armed with wonder and curiousity, she started her journey at the great European landmarks in Rome and Paris before crossing the Atlantic to chase further clues in the United States.

This methodical, organized and particular traveler would probably keep a list of countries that she dreams of visiting and chances are this list grows by the day. A very-very well prepared traveler, Lily favours the budget travelling approach as she feels that is the best way to experience life the way it is lived. Never someone who travels without an itinerary and a list of preset activities, this isn't something that curtails her travelling experience but instead enriches it, as she sets out to maximize her limited visiting time.

And now over 20 years and 4 continents later, after adding a camera, BlogSpot and Social Media to her inventory, she uses her rusty but sharp magnifying glass of an eye and her trusty but gutsy instincts to hunt down the road less travelled to find the extra in the ordinary lives of Asian Pacific culture.

So enjoy this blog of hers, which chronicles her travels - recent and old - and try to see where she's coming from. Just make sure that before you ask her for travel advice, you've gotten a copy of a DK published travel guide for the country you're visiting. It's the best travel guide publishing house out there, and she'll make sure you'll remember that. I should know - I've went to Cairo and Alexandria with her!"

By : Jamal Raslan
Writer. Word Spoken Poet. Brother.


pearl said...

i also wish to travel to many places!!! how did you do that? xD xD

Unknown said...

Where's your picture?

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