Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Things To Do in Yangoon, #Myanmar

Saint Mary's Cathedral
The largest cathedral in Myanmar. It was designed by Dutch architect Jos Cuypers and located on located on Bo Aung Kyaw Street.

Public Phone
The most unique public phone is this side of Asia. mobile and it can be relocated anywhere in the city.

Local buildings
Unique architecture left during British empire, take a stroll to enjoy the local scene occupying these buildings, colorful both in it's facade and characters.

Independence Monument 
Located inside Mahabandoola Garden, it have great views surrounding colonial buildings of the British empire and the City Hall. Fytche Square was the old name given in honour of Chief Commissioner of British Burma, Albert Fytche.

The Yangon City Hall
The City Hall building was built by the British, preserving its colonial architecture with Burmese ornamentation. There is a Burmese peacock seal at the entrance.

The Supreme Court
One of Yangon City heritage list, the High Court building was constructed from 1905 to 1911. Famous for its Queen Anne architecture style -red bricks exterior and a clock tower.

Emmanuel Baptist Church
Built by an American Missionary back in 1885 but was destroyed during World War II and rebuilt in 1952. One of the oldest churches in Yangon.

Sule Pagoda Roundabout
Another Yangoon landmark; the 2,000 years old Sule Pagoda Roundabout. Small shops occupying the ground floor offering services such as astrologists, palmists and etc.

The Shwedagon Pagoda
The famous 2,500 years old Shwedagon Pagoda. It can be seen from anywhere in the city, the landmark of Yangoon. Read here...

Friday, November 15, 2013

Travel Fashion | Travel In Style - Colorblock

Girls will be girls. Agree?

I know... I know... some are saying us girls travel heavy as we carry too many clothes etc. TET! Wrong! We do and can travel light yet travel in style (this is the part where you girls say "yah!!!!" loudly with a touch of snobbishness [and flip that hair too, gurl!]) and we have a secret for that (plus it's the latest trend in town... still). It is call...... colorblock!

* Note : Pictures : Credit to Style Corner, Pinterest and Google.

For those wearing headscarf, you can use the above as a guideline and improvise along the way. Long pants/skirts instead of short ones, layer it with cardigan, wear a floral/colorful headscraft etc.

I did 2 other entries on fashion previously.
Travel Tips/Fashion | 1 Shirt, 8 Ways (#Travellight)
Travel Fashion | 12 Ways To Tie A Scarf

Why am I so particular on style/fashion when I travel? Simple...
- Why should I look ugly when traveling? Like seriously...
- As I can't frequent the same country, thus I have that one shot to make sure the trip and pictures turn out super perfect. Yah... Call me kiasu. Hehehhehee...
- Every country I visit is special therefore should be given the utmost respect (ayat poyo)
- If you dress well, you'll get better treatment (try it!) 
- World Peace #Eh (Hahhahahha.....)

Try it!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Yangoon's Shwedagon Pagoda, #Myanmar

All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.
  ~ J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring ~

We had a few hours to spare before boarding the train to Bagan the day we arrive Myanmar, only one thing in our mind; a must visit pagoda in Yangoon. Chartering a taxi for few hours by just hailing at the roadside was the way we girls survive our hours in Yangoon, surprising it is not that hard especially when we found a nice local who speaks good English to negotiate with us the stops and cost.

We set foot in this magnificent 2,500 years old Shwedagon Pagoda or the Great Dagon Pagoda or also popularly known as the Golden Pagoda. If one comes to Kuala Lumpur and uses Petronas Twin tower as the landmark to guide them in the city, in Myanmar, Shwedagon Pagoda will be it. A golden glittered pagoda which enshrines strands of Buddha's hair is noted as the most sacred pagoda in Myanmar.

Shwedagon Pagoda is covered with hundreds of gold plates and the top of the stupa is encrusted with 4531 diamonds; the largest of which is a 72 carat diamond. It is clearly one of the wonders of the religious world. Shwedagon Pagoda is a repository of the best in Myanmar heritage – architecture, sculpture and arts. The Shwedagon Pagoda consists hundreds colorful temples, stupas, and statues that reflects the architectural era spanning almost a 2,500 years.

From Board of Trustees of Shwedagon Pagoda

Shwedagon Pagoda is sitted on the holy Singuttara Hill where once the resting spot of the relics of three Buddhas and Siddharta Guatama's 8 miraculous hairs hence the area was deemed sacred, for more history, please read HERE. Resting against clear blue skies, the golden pagoda seems majestic and glorious to any travelers' eyes.

Travelers need to be mindful on the simple basic rules entering a pagoda, dress modestly; avoid revealing or skimpy clothing. You will be requested to remove your shoes at the entrance and this includes sock. Shoe shelf is placed at the entrance counter, one can keep his shoe there or simply bring a plastic and store them in your bag.

Abit strong in colour, was my first time using the new Olympus.

Chasing monk.

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Day 4d :
Floating Garden and Jumping Cats Monastery

Monday, November 11, 2013

Day 4d | Floating Garden and Jumping Cats Monastery

 Curiousity kills the cat.
Perfect title! *grin*

The curiousity got the best in me. 
Wanted to know how this floating garden looks like and expect it looking like Amsterdam during tulip season is abit too much, I know, hahaahahaaa.... still, no harm in dreaming high *cheeky smile*. We told the boatman to take us to the floating garden, our second last stop for the day.

I kept wondering how the locals "built" this garden, did a little research and found out that the locals gather up lake-bottom weeds from the deeper parts of the lake and make them into floating beds in their garden areas, anchored by bamboo poles (courtesy of Wikipedia). And I further found out that the gardens rise and fall according to the tide and what makes it so interesting is that it also resistant to flooding. That is not all, they are able to cultivate rice here too.

I asked where are all the flowers since we only saw few patches here and there (to our disappointment) and I was surprised by the answer, apparently the plants here are planted according to the season, and now - tomato. Yup! T.O.M.A.T.O.

I learnt that if I can actually balance myself well, I can take better pictures when standing. Hence I was having fun standing half the journey and taking pictures - Titanic sangat. Hhahahahhaha...

I really want the boat to go into the aisle but since it on private property and gated (Yeah... gated! Don't play-play). None was "open" for us to row in and snoop around.

The trip here was pretty quick since we can't get down and roam about, I do suggest that those coming here to check on the season. I have a feeling that it will be beautiful if the season is right, just imagine flowers or fruits floating on water; the colours, the smells and the view; it's going to be absolutely amazing.

Our last stop was located just 5-10 minutes away, Nga Phe Kyaung or Jumping Cats Monastery. Nothing special about this monastery just that it have plenty of cats. The history of this monastery was painted on the wall, so, do pay attention and read thru. 

Oh yah! The cats here are trained to jump through hoops.

This monastery was built on teak wood on stilt surrounded by the water and floating gardens. A beautiful monastery and definitely a beautiful sight. And the famous Burmese cats? Even more beautiful!

Souvenir area in the monastery.

Inle Lake in the evening.

Map courtesy of Asia Pearl Travels.

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

#UNESCO | Regent of Perak Raja Dr Nazrin Shah officiate Lenggong Valley 1st Anniversary

Lenggong Valley is the 5th site in Malaysia recognized as World Heritage site after George Town, Malacca, Mount Kinabalu and Niah Cave and I was fortunate to attend to Lenggong Valley 1st Anniversary here at Dataran Lenggong. 

The ceremony was officiated by Regent of Perak Raja Dr Nazrin Shah at Carnival Lenggong, also present were Raja Puan Besar Perak Tuanku Zara Salim, Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abd Kadir and Heritage Commissioner Professor Emeritus Datuk Zuraina Majid.

The Archaeological Heritage of the Lenggong Valley has been inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site during 36th World Heritage Committee Meeting on 30th June 2012 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. This achievement is the 4th World Heritage Site for Malaysia and the 953rd in the world. 

Jamal Abdillah performing.

A Lenggong Carnival Media Fam Trip 2013 in collaboration with Tourism Malaysia Perak. #DiscoverPerak2013

Ipoh Geological Museum, Perak

What a surprise, Malaysia's Geological Museum is located in Ipoh, Perak!

Ipoh being the tin mining capital in Malaysia hence it make sense that the Geological Museum is located here. Not knowing what to expect I decided to keep an open my mind and lower my expectation as to not want to be disappointed. 

Well, guess what? I was surprised, in awed, overwhelmed and speechless.

The Geological Museum is located on along Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, opposite of Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman (STAR).

The museum is divided into 7 zones covering from museum history to dinosaur and fossils, to geoheritage.

Zone A - History of the Museum and Department, History of the Earth, Geological Structures Mural, Geological Museum
Zone B - Dinosaur and Fossils, Rocks, Geological Museum
Zone C - Minerals, Crystals and Gemstones, Geological Museum, Geological Museum
Zone D - Uses of Minerals
Zone E - Mining Activities, Geological Museum
Zone F - Mineral Exploration and Marine Geology Activities, Geological Museum
Zone G - Geological Hazards, Quarry and Mines, Hydrogeology, Geology and Nation Building, Mineral Resources, Geoheritage, JMG Products, Research and Developement, Laboratory Services

Here I learnt that "fools gold" do exist, all this while I thought it was just a saying and now, I get to see how it actually looks like. Like real gold!

We were taught all the type of golds, obviously we were only interested in gold of all the minerals they have or shown us!!! Hahhahahhaa....

My observation of this place are as below, one that I did not expect. Kudos guys!

Plus points!
- Informative
- Guided tours available
- Knowledgeable guide
- Clean and fully air-conditioned
- NO entrance fee *smile*
- Accessible (city centre)

What made Perak famous - tin mining.

One place I would highly recommend you to visit, for guided tour, please call and make the arrangement.

Visiting Hours
Monday to Thursday : 08.30 am - 12.30 pm & 02.00 pm - 05.00 pm
Friday : 08.30 am - 12.00 pm & 03.00 pm - 05.00 pm
Closed : Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays

Entrance Fees: Free Admission

Geological Museum
Jabatan Mineral dan Geosains Malaysia
Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah,
31400 Ipoh Perak.

Tel: 05-540 600
Fax: 05-540 6100

Groups visits, please fowards application to:
Pengarah Perkhidmatan Teknikal
Jabatan Mineral dan Geosains Malaysia, Ipoh, Perak.

A Lenggong Carnival Media Fam Trip 2013 in collaboration with Tourism Malaysia Perak. #DiscoverPerak2013

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