Thursday, June 17, 2021

Seoraksan, South Korea’s ‘Snowy Peaks Mountain’

It is said that Seoraksan translates to ‘Snowy Peaks Mountain’. With my limited Chinese knowledge, I found out that 雪嶽山 in chinese means ‘Snow Huge Mountain/Alps’, I couldn’t agree with both translations more. The name fits this beautiful mountain name perfectly.

I did a trip to Seoraksan in 2002 and was so excited to know that we will be taking the cable car up, it being a winter season makes it even more interesting as the view will be splendid. We soon learn that the cable car trip has to be cancelled due to heavy snow (safety issue). We were told that we get to see the Gwongeumseong Fortress and from the summit the view covers East Sea, Ulsanbawi Rock and Towangseong Falls. I guess I just need to repeat my Seoraksan then.

Located in Gangwon Province in South Korea, Seoraksan National Park is one of the most popular nature path for both local and tourist. This is due to its majestic view, spectacular rocky ridges, and its flora and fauna. What is not to love right (and yet I did not manage to visit the top due to the heavy snow when I was there, repeat trip mebbe?). This 3rd largest Korea mountain has a safe hiking trail that is often visited by nature lover for a weekend getaway.

For history hunter out there, well Seoraksan was designated by the UNESCO in 1982 as a biosphere reserve (listed as a tentative World Heritage). Before that, in was noted as the first Korea national park named under the National Park Law. This wondrous site is said to record a rare plant such as Hanabusaya Asiatic and Abios Nephrolepis including 822 vascular plant species. It is no surprise how the Korea government took great care in its conservation. You know what they say right - We Do Not Inherit the Earth from Our Ancestors; We Borrow It from Our Children. And the Korea took this rather seriously too, kudos.

And if nature and UNESCO doesn’t fit your bill, there’s always architecture/wellness for you to indulge yourself in - Paektamsa (Buddhist temple) and Shinhungsa (Buddhist temple - believed to be the oldest Seon temple in the world).

The most important question for me is : When is the best time to visit Seoraksan (as this will be my next plan) and this is what I plan to my trip.
·  Early Autumn is the best time according some, alternatively mid October to early November
·  Weekend trip will be crowded with locals and tourist
·  Will opt to depart from Seoul on Friday evening and stay in Sokcho (near the near Sokcho Express Bus Terminal)
·  I plan to do the Gwongeumseong Fortress Course (1.5km one-way). I basically need to do a 10 min hike the stairs to reach the peak of the fortress to admire its beauty, the whole walk would take 2 hours or so.

So how now, anyone wanna join me.

Operating Hours
Winter season : 4.00am - 12:00pm
Summer season : 3.00am – 2.00pm

Cable Car Fee (round trip)
Adults : ₩10,000
Child : ₩6,000
Infant : Free

How to get to Seoraksan National Park
A 3 hours car ride from Seoul or via public transport – take a bus from the Seoul Express Bus terminal or Dong Seoul terminal to Sokcho city. This will take approximately four hours. From Sokcho, take the local bus number 7 or 7-1 to Outer Seorak (Oeseorak), this ride will take around 30 minutes.

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Thursday, June 10, 2021

Everland Theme Park, South Korea – Winter Experience

The one reason and one reason only for me to agree on visiting Everland was the see with my own eyes the liger (everyone knows I like animals right) and the Tiger Bus. Am that easy to pleased huh! And this was after deliberating on which country to visit as among us we have travelled a fair bit and we try not to revisit the same country, we set on Seoul as 4 out of 5 have not been there before and the only person that been there was on a business trip. She didn’t cover as many places I guess.

Bear in my mind that we visit Seoul in 2012, the scene and vibe is very different back then. KPOP is not in yet, nor KDrama. Malaysia was still into JDrama and JPop I should think so. That aside, Seoul was interesting and unique to me. I have no expectation except the lacquerware & jewellery. Come to think of it, the only think I remember from this whole trip is how much I am in love with their Ginseng Chicken soup – sumpah sedap giler. I can eat it everyday, every meal. Perhaps I should google on how to cook this?

Back to Everland shall we, for those whom has yet to set foot in Everland this place is basically a theme park with the Safari World. The highlight was the dancing dancing bear and the liger offspring of a male lion and a female tiger. Of cause they have other animals as well such as panda, giraffe, penguin, sloth, seal amongst others. And you get to ride on the Tiger Bus of which, my plan formulate a plan to have a photo infront of the bus. Kiasu giler kan.

The second best thing I did over and over again was sledding as we went there during winter however I lost the photo of us sledding. Sad much.
1.       The Safari World is a must visit place, one of the best.
2.       Pay attention to the liger, not many in the world.
3.       And of cause, take a photo with the bus (if it still exist lah).
4.       If you visiting during winter, the sled is a must do. Best giler.
5.       Remember to buy your tickets in advance especially if you plan to travel during weekends on school holidays.
6.       Plan your zone, rides and shopping (Psst! T-Express ride is a must experience ride, plan ahead as the queue can be rather long)
7.       For Muslim, a unisex prayer room is located in the Mystery Mansion building (use the sink for ablution/wuduk – for convenience purposes please bring a bottle)

8.       There’s a prayer hall, hence planning is important.
9.       Summer and winter offers different rides, do some desktop research.
10.       Stay for the parade and fireworks.
11.       To wear comfortable shoes please as there will be a lot of walking.
12.       Keep yourself hydrated.
13.       Come early and prepare to spend a whole day here.
14.       Take lotsa photos.
Looking back at these old photos, make me wanna revisit Everland. JOM!

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