Monday, January 11, 2016

Teaser | When Kansai is more than Osaka and Kyoto!

In general, when one says he or she will be visiting Kansai or Kansai region it usually means the 2 famous and popular cities; Osaka and Kyoto. Of course then there's Nara, Arashiyama and etc, but how many have venture out of the places mentioned, such as Kinosaki - a town famous for its onsen and crab (Yes! Crab!!!) or Kannebe Highland - to trek in a volcanic crater. How many visited Kobe and tried Kobe beef? And how many of us know that Kobe is famous for shoes? Or perhaps experience riding Kobe's night cruise?

Here, I would like to share some of the pictures I capture during my trip, will be penning my experiences next week. In sha Allah. Enjoy the pics!

Stay tune for more stories.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Home Away From Home | Ibis Makassar

Strategically located by the famous Makassar landmark, where locals and tourist flock to catch the beautiful evening hues, a short tricycle ride to the nearest mall and a 30 minute stroll to the historical Fort Rotterdam; the birth place of Makassar. Makassar or Ujung Pandang is the capital of Sulawesi, once a thriving port and a trading route for spices, metal goods and textiles before the Portuguese and Dutch came into power. Fort Rotterdam was built after the Dutch replaced the Portuguese as colonial masters in 1667. Being one of the largest port in north-east Indonesia, it is no surprise that the Bugis, Makassar and Mandar ethnic groups are great seafarers and boat builders. Their seafaring prowess and boat building skill were known around the Malay archipelago.

Today, Makassar’s Tana Toraja is famed for having the most unique funeral rituals in the world whereby after all the ritual being carried out, the body is place is in a cave up on the cliff. Where else Tanjung Bira’s white sandy beach and royal blue sea is a great favourite to beach lovers both near and far.

For business and weekend travelers, city hotel that is accessible and convenient to tourist attractions and historical sites would be an ideal pick, and Ibis Makassar City Center Hotel offers just this. Surrounded by culinary excellence where the locals ability to ‘cook up a storm’ for you foodies, 30 minutes drive from Hasanuddin International airport and 10 minutes from Trans Studio Makassar (one of the largest indoor theme park) emphasizes the reason what makes Ibis Makassar City Center Hotel the place to stay.

Impressed with the digital wall at the reception, warmed by the crew’s hospitality and the attentiveness of the Ibis’s GM and PR proves that the management not only emphasizes on the business aspect, they also put an extreme care on each guests wellbeing. Guiding me on to get from point to the other, encouraging me to catch the beautiful sunset photos at Losari Beach and sample the box fish was plus point.

As a frequent travel, my necessity will be Wi-Fi access; both in the room and communal areas, high-speed connectivity, business centre and arrays of breakfast options. And Ibis did not fail me. As expected, all Ibis chain provides standard room layout but how Ibis Makassar City Center Hotel value add was by asking me on whether I would prefer a sea facing room, for me to enjoy the scenery and people surfing. The little details that made a guest felt special and valued.

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