Monday, November 28, 2016

G-Shock | MASTER of G Launch

Casio G-Shock has unveiled their latest watch series; the #MasterOfG series at #ShockTheWorldKL2016 event. G-Shock collectors, media and business partners were presented with the latest Master of G series namely GRAVITYMASTER, GULFMASTER and MUDMASTER. One that I foresee many would simply fall head over hill with.

I would love to have them all but this is my favourite so far - PERFECT for travelholic like me. Check it out at the nearest outlet near you! It comes with GPS HYBRID WAVE CEPTOR - the FIRST in the world. The GPS satellite signal reception and terrestrial (Multi Band 6) time-calibration signal reception, prompts analysis of current time and Daylight Saving Time data that enables GRAVITYMASTER to display of the correct time all the time, anywhere in the world.

This was the other model that I don't mind having as well (even though I have a diving license yet am not an avid diver) - the GULFMASTER model. Aside from the earlier model I posted here in IG obviously.

Reason being, it is equipped with Triple Sensors for Measuring Direction, Atmospheric Pressure/Altitude, and Temperature Hands Serve to Indicate Atmospheric Pressure and Compass Bearing. I still tak berapa faham what it says here but I nak jugak jam ni *hint*.

MUDMASTER is the most rugged of all, as you would have guessed, I would like to have this too. As most of you would know, I am very outdoorish (I spend more time outdoor than diving), love extreme sport (except high impact sport as I’ve injured my knee, sob sob…)

The question is why ‘mud’ right?
The cylindrical guard structure button shafts are fitted with gasket linings. It protects the buttons against intrusion by dust and mud, but it also helps to alleviate shocks. Not only that, it is protected by a highly airtight screw-lock structure. Aside from this, the gaskets are installed to assure superior resistance to dust and mud.

Errr.... but seriously I don't mind owning the other models as well though. Can I please have one.

I felt the climax of the launch was Mr. Ibe presentation and his mantra of “Never Give Up”.
Mr. Ibe life long mission was to create an unbreakable watch and G-Shock as stunned the world over its toughness that defied conventional watch-making logic. Creating a technology that are able to resist gravity, freezing temperature, high water pressure and magnetic field.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

#Caracamp | Camping in the City

Fit me perfectly, don’t you think so.

Participants and organiser

Camping in the City targeting globetrotters, adventure junkies, outdoor enthusiasts and curious explorers. A platform to create awareness and instilling interest to venture the world while respecting monther nature. Currently a trending genre of tourism; Eco Tourism, is skewed and emphasizes on campering and caravaning for roadrip lovers. Tents were set-up, contenna home was installed, hammocks were hooked, luxury travel coach and 4x4 offroaders were brought in, all ready to explain and educate the public on appreciating the journey that one travels (not just the destination).

With the intention to make Camping In The City an annual event, encouraging youth to be part of our eco tourism, building a nation of nature loving country and hopefully, government will take this initiative to build caravan park all over Malaysia. The inaugural event was held at Lanai Matic, Jalan Ampang where all the outdoor companies such as Malaysia Caravan, Tanah Aina, Villa Container, Sendok Group, Malaysia Hammockers, foodtruckers including campers from Thailand.

Tanah Aina

Food truckers

Villa Kontena

I am fascinated with this 'roof camp', kept feeling it is a big cute 'bird house'. However, I think it can't sustain my weight. Looking at their teamwork makes me want to join this overland trip to Sapa, Vietnam.

4x4 offroaders 

Urban hammocking is rising in popularity and technology plays an important role in encouraging the urbanites and hypters to have a bit of eco fun in the city. Packed in palm size, this colourful nylon hammock weighing <500g makes it easy and convenient for one to just hook it at own backyard, community park or/and at home balcony or patio.

Nowadays, there are even hammock gathering activities around Klang Valley and Malaysia being organised.

Hammock retailer

And I get to experience sleeping in a caravan in the heart of Kuala Lumpur city, now I hope I get to experience a road trip in Malaysia with this caravan. I bet it will give a new perception of roadtrip and overland trip.

Caravan interior


Join us next time!

This #CaraCamp Camping in the City event is supported by #MITA and #NBQS in collaboration with #MaTiC (venue), C.A.M and #HammockersMalaysia.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Spongebob Celebrates Christmas at Sunway Lagoon

Remember my earlier post on Nickelodeon Theme Park launch in February 2016 in Sunway Lagoon?
Well, guess what?

22 November, 2016 marks the date where Sunway Lagoon brought Spongebob SquarePants and Patrick Star to celebrate year-end school holidays in the Christmas Lagoon where guests will be greeted with the Under The Sea Parade and perhaps, will even stand a chance to catch the Santa Walk Around with Captain Quack and Lady Quack Parade. I bet kids will be very excited hearing this.

Speech by Sean Choo, General Manager of Sunway Lagoon

The whole Sunway Lagoon will be Christmas themed, the Lagoon Express Train will also be adorned with Christmas ornaments; there’ll be Coral Christmas Tree as well as Christmas light. And you think Sunway Lagoon is done with the surprise, obviously not. The usual Santa Meet and Greet session will take place (make sure to get your camera ready, mobile phone will do too).

To channel the kids holiday energy and fit their curious and anxiety, Sunway Lagoon has prepared Christmas tree making with paper cup activity for kids, and if they still some energy left, head to Bubble Jellyfish Field and pop the bubble *cheeky smile*.

I guess Sunway Lagoon has it all covered for kids and adults during this Christmas and school holidays.

PS : Staying till the evening to experience the festive mood and lights probably be a good idea kot kan *wink*.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

#TravelTips | Where to stay in Berlin, Germany

This is very key, you need to read this and take note on what I am going to share.

#TravelTips 1 : Never plan a trip during a convention in town.
#TravelTips 2 : If you plan your trip and realized it later, then please please please book your accommodation way in advance, else you’ll get into a big trouble like us.

Pic source : Jugendgästehaus Hauptbahnhof website

Now that I got your attention.
This Scandi cum Europe trip was planned yet ad hoc. Why do I say that?
We have been planning for awhile but yet to purchase the flight tix, and when we did, it was 1 month before the trip. When our busy schedule and all, we apparently did not book anything except our flight. So. Our plan was to book our first accommodation and decide it in Copenhagen on when to stay in Iceland, and when in Iceland, purchase a flight tix to wherever and book an accommodation right after. Smart right. NOT.

Upon arriving in Berlin, we immediately fell in love, on everything we see, do, eat (there’s a lot of halal food near the highly populated Turskish/Middle East area), history, souvenirs and SHOPPING (because there’s Primark there and Anna wouldn’t mind coming here daily [me too *wink*]). The plan was 3d2n in Berlin and on the 2nd day we decided to make it 4d3n and we figure it was easy to get an accommodation hence we went and book our bus the day after and you can guess…. We couldn’t get a room on the 4th day. What happened in Amsterdam is going to happen again, history is going to repeat itself. We gonna sleep on street. I see this coming.

We tried to find an affordable accommodation; we tried everything, from hostel to Agoda/Expedia etc, to Air BNB or 1 to 2 star hotel, that was how desperate we were. Then as Anna was showering I bumped into a local hostel site, the hostel is located near Berlin main train terminal, which is perfect as our bus is departing late at night, we can just walk to the station, safely. I gamble and booked, worried that I might not find another place that is affordable, near and convenient. The only worries were, is it dirty and noisy, after all, it is a hostel (wanting to set the right expectation for myself).

Pic source : Jugendgästehaus Hauptbahnhof website

Jugendgästehaus Hauptbahnhof Hostel was simply perfect (unfortunately I did not manage to take any pic as there were already guests in the room, so I will use the visual from google and the hostel itself). Located at approximately 10 mins walk from Berlin Hauptbahnhof (main train stationattach to a small mall), near the hypermarket and walking distance to some of the attractions is a place if you are a budget traveller. Everything is clean and proper, facilities was great if you ok with just basics.

#TravelTips 3 : They also offer storage area.
#TravelTips 4 : Their canteen is super huge, they even have an ATM machine at the lobby.
#TravelTips 5 : WiFi is only available at the lobby.
#TravelTips 6 : Common toilet/bathroom for dorm.

Family Room
Pic source : Jugendgästehaus Hauptbahnhof website

And they even have family rooms, apartment (1-6 mths rental) aside from the usual hostel dorm.

Pic source : Jugendgästehaus Hauptbahnhof website

I kinda like this place and wouldn’t mind to stay here again, probably will get a twin sharing room.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Auschwitz Concentration Camp / Nazi Death Camp, Poland

Built during World War II, the German Nazi erected  the German Nazi in Auschwitz –Birkenau. Aside from this, there are other 45 satellite camps. History told us that Auschwitz I was constructed to hold Polish political prisoners and the German SS systematically killed at least 960,000 Jews deported to this infamous camp, of which 74,000 of them are Poles. Thus, the Holocaust also known Shoah was the largest genocide in a single location in the history.

#TravelTips 1 : The history is very overwhelming, hence I highly suggest for you guys to read before visiting Auschwitz –Birkenau.

How easy is it to get to Auschwitz –Birkenau?
#TravelTips 2 : Get your bus ticket at the Bus Terminal located at the Central Station.

Of course you can also take a train there, however I noticed that the station is slight far versus the bus stop which stops just outside the camp museum.

#TravelTips 3 : As there are 2 main areas that you need to cover, and the distance is not feasible for one to walk, shuttle buses is available for your convenience.

As you noticed, there are direct train tracks leading to the concerntration camp, this is to transport Jews to the camp's gas chambers from all over German-occupied Europe. This happens between the year 1942 until late 1944, where they were killed with pesticide. And as for the death toll, I found a site stated the below, which says that there are might be more than the number mentioned earlier.

‘These people were not entered in the camp records; that is, they received no serial numbers and were not registered, and this is why it is possible only to estimate the total number of victims.’

#TravelTips 4 : Highly suggest for those planning a trip here to start your day early as the queue  to the museum is very long and the bus trip takes an hour plus to 2 hours.

#TravelTips 5 : If you are taking a public bus or train here, do take note that there aren’t many cafes or restaurant except the one at the museum and a snack stall nearby. My suggestion is to bring a bottle of water and probably some snack, if you are on a budget trip that is.

As we were walking into the camp, I saw students from Israel on a school trip. What they saw obviously sadden and hurt them emotionally. I was also asked by a few followers and friends on my feeling when I visited the camp, it was a feeling that I am unable to describe. I have visited a few war museums and I personally feel the one in Vietnam was the hardest to accept and comprehend. Hard to comprehend in a sense that how another human can be so mean and hurtful to another human, and the terror and torture to the locals were gruesome. After seeing such a grotesque torturing done to mankind, I guess the camp was milder in comparison. Having said that, it was still cruel, one don’t deserve to die is this manner. God created us equal, regardless or skin colour, race and religion.

#TravelTips 6 : I was here in September, and it was cloudy and rainy when we were there. Bring a rain poncho or an umbrella.

#TravelTips 7 : Take note on bus time heading back to Krakow as you wouldn’t want to miss it.

We breezed thru the museum as we don’t want to miss the last bus. The museum contains of a few building blocks with old articles, clothes and camp relics. Reading the old war articles, seeing the prisoners’ uniform and pictures of families and child being detain was not a pretty sight. I do feel their pain.

I suppose what I regretted the most is not buying a book on  Auschwitz Concentration Camp.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Cititel Express, Ipoh | Affordable, Convenient and Great Service

You guys must be wondering why the sudden post of Cititel Express Hotel right? Well, I have GOOD news to share and I bet you will love too, Insha Allah.

Strategically located in the heart of Ipoh Old Town area, a stone throw from heritage sites, hipster cafes, instagrammable spots, Tourism Information Centre and the famous moor design KTM train station makes Cititel Express a great place to stay. Ideal for business trips, weekenders or even lone travellers.

Providing comfort and convenient for business travelers, Cititel Express Ipoh is equipped with 40" LED screen smart IPTV offering free multiple movies on demand and internet TV programmes and all room comes with free high speed Wi-Fi. You would probably love the room scent as well – Honey Dew *smile*. As for families, Movie Animation Park Studios (MAPS) will be opening soon in Ipoh, Perak and Cititel Express is offering FREE shuttle service to MAPS and this is aside from their 7 shopping/food areas within Ipoh city shuttle service. To top it off, they have Superior Triple & Deluxe Quad Room catering for families on holiday. 

Worry not lone travelers, as Cititel Express Ipoh is strategically located in the city centre, one can always get hold of the Ipoh Heritage Trail map and self-explore the old town on foot, and be surprise of the hipster joints that is mushrooming as well as the boutique hotels that is joining the bandwagon. A colourful and culturally rich colonial city that is very laid back, suitable for those whom want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life.

For companies that are looking for reasonably price hotel in Ipoh to run seminars, training and meetings can also consider Cititel Express Ipoh as they offers 2 meeting rooms with a seating capacity of 120 each and a multipurpose hall with 160 seating capacity. And the best part is that the rooms come with FREE LCD Projector. 

Oh yah! You can also view Ipoh city from the top floor, be nice and get one of the managers to take you up and show you around *wink*.

What more can you ask!

Enjoy a 15% discount* from 15th Nov to 31st Dec 2016 (*except on 24th, 25th and 31st Dec 2016).

Cititel Express Ipoh
No. 2, Jalan S. P. Seenivasagam
30000 Ipoh

Tel: +605-208 2888

Movie Animation Park Studios :

Monday, November 14, 2016

#TravelTips | Warsaw Day Trip

I so much wanted to write on Nazi Death Camp but I thought I should wait until the next post, it is such a heavy topic that I have yet to decide on how to angle my post as I might not do it justice. At the moment, I will just share on my day trip to Warsaw, covering only the Old Town.

Macam ni lah kalau gi trip tak plan…
I shall call my whole 2 weeks odd trip as a recce trip.
Why? Cos I will surely repeat. Them. All.
I am so in love with all the countries picked.
Every. Single. One. Of them.

As most of you would have known by now, I usually spent 3 days min per city and I love it so very much, I will extend it. Poland was the same, well…. Kinda. After falling in love with Krakow (you can read more about my love story here), how could I not make a short and quick trip to Warsaw right, after all, Warsaw too has a HRC (camtuh pun boleh?!?! Hehhehehhe…..).

The decision made was pretty easy.
Me “We must go to Warsaw as well, ok or not?”
Anna “Of course”
Decision made.
Trip confirmed.

Remember what I say about an unplanned trip. Yeah… we woke up, took the tram to the central station and took the train.

#TraveTips 1 : HRC is located across Warsaw central station, probably 2 mins walk. In fact, you can see it from the train station.

First thing first, we look for information counter and ask how to get to HRC (masa tuh blur blur lagi), then how to get to the Old Town from HRC. After getting this ‘crucial’ information, we walk to HRC to settle our stuff and make our way to the Old Town. It was pretty straight forward but what make it so sweet was that there was this 2 teenagers that is so curious of both Anna and my origin so they decided to strike a conversation. After telling them where we were from, how long we will be in Poland and the other countries we visited and where else are we heading to. It was our turn to ask, are they local, how old, what are they studying and obviously, how to get to Old Town. And you know what, they we were so sweet that they said to follow them until reach this one junction whereby we are to turn left and walk straight. Darling aren’t them. Forgot to ask for their names pulak. Duh Lily.

#TravelTips 2 : It is approximately 10-15 mins walk from the central station to the Old Town. A really pleasant walk.

# TravelTips 3 : You can also take the bus but I have no idea the number as walking was cooler and more hipsters. Eh. Hahhahahhahaaa….

We were shouldered between beautiful buildings with rich architectural culture, street art being showcased, there were bicycle race that took place nearby, prominent buildings of famous international public figures and interesting cafes waiting for its patrons. Buskers’s music, crowd laughing and cheering can be heard. We quickly breeze ourselves to the Old Town, as we reach there, we were ecstatic as the courtyard is so huge, enveloped by old great buildings with stories waiting to be told.

#TravelTips 4 : I would recommend for you to stay at least a night in Warsaw and not rush it, this way you can sample the great cafes, street food and getting lost in those colourful lanes.

Upon reaching the centre, I was jumping with joy as the sunny blue sky is a bonus for I am sure my pictures will turn out nice and I can be all lazy and not focus on composition and whatnot. Macam lah gambar gambar sebelum ni lawa sangat. Poyo. First I heard this 2 guys playing guitar of which I fell in love (senang benor nak fall in love) and begin to take their video.

And I thought that was it until I saw a group of dancers with their musician. Running out of time, we decided to walk to another square, this is when we bumped into the group of dancers with their musician. And I was so lost, grasping of the concept and festival. All I can say is that they definitely grabbed the public attentions.

I have to say, Warsaw folks really know how to enjoy music and performances as I saw another street performer that catches everyone’s attention. A Beatles puppet show.

Then we realised the day is getting dark and we need to rush back to Krakow. Macam tuh lah cerito nya…

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