Tuesday, October 20, 2020

#TravelTips | Accommodation at Taman Hutan Lagenda, Gunung Ledang

Takde idea nak tuliiiiiiiiissss…
This is basically what will happen once you lose the momentum, hence I usually prefer to write everything within one week so that my mood, flow and lenggok Bahasa/jalan cerita will be more or less the same. BUT NOOOOOOOO… I took few weeks to continue with my last blog entry on my Endau-Rompin trip, see what happened?!!? Jenuh dok bertapa nak dapat balik mood lah pulak.
Earlier on I wrote about where to stay in Endau Rompin (Selai) National Park, you can read it HERE. I figure I should do the same for Gunung Ledang as it too has its own proper accommodation at Taman Hutan Lagenda. Jom, let’s take a look shall we.

I have to use photos from public/google reason being we arrived late at night and I was among the last few to go into the dorm (yup! We stayed in a dorm)… hence the place was pretty much a mess and most of us dah bukak tedung bagai, so sis tak ler ambek gambo.
I saw 2 dorm buildings (but when I googled, it stated 3 lah pulak, Nampak sangat I tak jalan kat belakang-belakang tuh). The 3 dorm buildings can fit 120 pax which means you can actually do a family day here. Each dorm consist of :

  • Double decker beds
  • Pillow and blankets provided
  • Metal lockers
  • Ceiling fans
  • Common bath area and toilets (female bath area and toilet are different from male, fret not)
  • There’s an open area beneath the dormitory can be used for activities (and its free)
  • Common surau, cooking and dining area located nearby
Standard Chalet
As I walk around the next day, I noticed that have a few chalets near the river, not bad jugak lah. Suitable for a family of 4 (or friends) and 8 chalets in total (located next to the park office). Each chalet consist of :
  • 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom (2 pax per room)
  • Master bedroom comes with airc-con
  • 2nd room comes with fan
  • Electric water heater in the bathroom
  • Living room
  • Kitchenette (however, no fridge and television tau. Kalau nak lebih-lebih gi JB)
Deluxe Chalet
They also have deluxe chalet catering for larger pax. But I did not go for a peep. Having said that, the basic amenities are the same as standard just that it is bigger in size.
Total of three campsites at Taman Hutan Lagenda, namely :
  • Lagenda campsite (accommodates 90 pax)
  • Obstacle (OBS) campsite (accommodates 50 pax)
  • Kolam Mahligai campsite (accommodates 40 pax)
  • Common bathrooms and toilet
  • Shared surau, cooking and dining areas (all located near each campsite)
Jungle Hut
I don’t even know where the jungle hut is, this place is huge obviously. Better to stay for 3d2n. Hahhaha…. This area is also pretty rugged and suitable for outdoorish folks.
  • Accommodate only 3 pax
  • Sleeping platform with 2 large PVC mattresses, 3 pillows and a wall fan
  • As usual, common toilets, bathrooms, surau, cooking and dining area
  • HOWEVER, no blankets nor towels provided

If you ask me, I will take the chalet but if budget is tight, dorm is good enough especially in large crowd – lagi seronok ramai-ramai satu bilik kan. Lepas MC Oni kita serang Johor JOM!!!
Gunung Ledang Johor National Park
P.O. Box 77, Batu 26, Jalan Segamat,
84020 Sagil, Ledang,
Johor Darul Ta’zim,
Office:     +60 6 963 1030
Mobile:   +60 19 777 2057
Email:      tamanhutanlagenda@yahoo.com
Facebook: Taman Negara Johor Gunung Ledang
Gunung Ledang Packages : https://www.johornationalparks.gov.my/v3/gunung-ledang-packages/

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Sungai Ayer Puteh Waterfall and #TravelTips

If you are looking for an easy trail when visiting Gunung Ledang or even if you feel-feel wanna visit Gunung Ledang yet not wanting to climb us (I feel you dude), well… what you can do is just take stroll at Sungai Ayer Puteh and enjoy the waterfall. Don’t worry, it is not as tough as the want at Endau Rompin as this one is simpler and easier, most importantly this is pathed. Yup! There’s a proper path (hence I said stroll *wink*).

Am not sure whether is there any other way to get to the waterfall but I start the stroll from Taman Lagenda Gunung Ledang as I was staying here. Makes it rather easy I guess.

It is a loop trail so one can enjoy diverse riparian forest and streamscape (if there is ever such word, I can’t be calling it a riverscape as I feel it is to small kan), the of course the waterfall itself. The place is naturally taken care of, you’ll a few picnic area and gazebos along the stream suitable for family and group outings. Apparently if you are lucky enough, you might bump into black giant squirrel, dusky leaf monkeys and long-tailed macaques unfortunately we aren’t lucky. We only saw the tamed porcupine, Taman Lagenda Gunung Ledang popular resident. Will share more about the accommodation, surrounding and its resident – Bujang.

1. Try to avoid school holidays and public holidays as it can get really crowded here.
2. Monson/rainy season is to be avoided especially, it is from November till February. This is for the fear of ‘kepala air’ or ‘large column of water’ (that rushes from upstream to downstream),  a very situation to be in.
3. Come in early, as parking me be scarce
4. Do not litter hence, bring own litter bag and dispose at your house or at proper a prober bin
5. Do not pluck any plant, ruin our beloved rainforest.
6. Do not feed wildlife. Human food is not healthy for wild and that it creates a  dependency on humans thus weakens the animals natural and it survival abilities. They can end up starving.

found this on Wild Life Land Trust website and I thought it is good to share.
· Rinse all recyclable glass and plastic containers to remove any food remnants and odors. Some animals, like skunks, can get their heads stuck in containers and wind up starving to death.
· Cut and/or crush plastic containers, and cut each ring of plastic six-pack carriers.
· Feed your pets inside.
· Make sure plastic food wrap is rinsed and secured in a tied bag or securely covered garbage can.
· When visiting parks and similar settings, clean up after yourself and follow the rules regarding wildlife. Encourage others to do the same.

Gunung Ledang National Park (Taman Negara Gunung Ledang)
Batu 26, Jalan Segamat
Sagil, Tangkak

Photo credit : Azwan Ali 
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/azwanali/

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Monday, October 12, 2020

Mee Siput | Johor’s Mamee (A Muar delicacy)

When I heard we gonna try Johor’s mee siput, I was overcome with joy. After all, I am so very hungry with the early morning activities. As the line was unstable at Taman Hutan Lagenda Gunung Ledang, I figure why should I even bother to google about mee siput kan. I should just use my creative and my smart ass brain to visualize how a mee siput would look and taste like. Rilek lah…
I was toying with the idea of should I blog or should I not, ‘if I were to blog, how would I angle this mee thingy?’. Should I just do a comparison with other states noodle (laksa Johor aside, cos I can do a ‘Laksa from every state’ article later-later [later-later = nanti-nanti. Camni lah I localize bahasa omputeh keh keh keh]). I was skewed to writing about mee udang, mee ketam, mee daging, mee ikan (fish noddle, popular among Chinese) AND MEE SIPUT.

Yup! This is how I gonna write it. Until lah I saw how the noddle looks like… have you guys seen/eaten mee siput before? Cos this is my first.

My expectation
Santan-ish soupy (with coconut milk gravy)
Siput sedut (mud creeper)
Fish cake
Vege (namely tauge/green leafy vege)
In reality
Yup. Its dry like Mamee and you eat it like that jer

Kid you not. Okay okay… You don’t just eat it like that lah opkos. You put the sambal pedas manis on top and eat it like PIZZA (with hands). Some say you put both item in a plastic, crush it and then eat it. Bottom line is – NO GRAVY, NO VEGE, NO COOKING (well, the noodle is sold both raw and fried).

Imagine my shock and disappointment.
Penat jalan ikut the pakcik showing and explaining the mee siput-making process, and then I found out the noodle is served… Just. Like. That. Mau naik angin masa tuh. But you see, I am super cool lady hence I will not throw a fit just because the noddle is lacking in gravy, fish cake, slices and etc *eyes rolling*. So I did what any smart lady like me would do… and give a try. Tuh jer option pun kan.
Remember the song sung by arwah Sudirman?
‘To know Malaysia is to love Malaysia’.
Well, to love mee siput is to TRY mee siput.
And…. Mee Siput lah permenangnya (favourite line Khalishan).
Giler sedap hokkay. I bought 2 balang… sumpah tak tipu. You guys must must try, I think the sambal plays an important role, it is the sole contributor to the yumminess of the mee siput.
Here is how Johor’s famous old school snack is being made.

Mix the flour

Mee Siput is made of tepung gandum (wheat flour), tepung sagu (sago flour), air abu (sodium) and salt to taste.

Mix and knead the dough well

Flatten the dough and put it through the roller machine. Repeat the folding and rolling, dust it with flour if needed.

Cut into sections and feed the pasta sheets through the blade

Boil and later drain the water

Sun-dry it and later oven bake for packaging purpose

When searching, I found out that it is called mee siput due to the fact the noodle’s swirl resembles the snail shell. Snail in Malay is called Siput, just so you know (kot-kot lah omputeh baca, diarang bukan tau apa tuh siput kan). Aside from that, the noodle crunchy texture is similar to the shell of the snail itself (not that I have eaten a snail shell before hahhahah… kita bayangkan jer yek); ie. fragile and breakable.
Kak Chik Enterprise has been operating since 2012. They produced approximately 50kg a day for it to be distributed/sold all over Malaysia. Due to the high production volume, the ovens have to be custom made while other equipment is available in the market. I hope to see more of mee siput in Klang Valley, otherwise I will have to travel to Muar once a month for me to fulfill my craving.

Kak Chik Enterprise
KB 6 (B) Lorong 1, Kg. Sawah Ring
Grisek, Tangkak
Johor Darul Takzim
Mobile : +60196276578, +60196276570
Facebook :

Majestic Johor Eco Adventure Media Trip 2020 is in collaboration with Tourism Johor and all its sponsors with #GayaTravel Magazine as media coordinator.

Thursday, October 8, 2020

My PACAT story | Endau Rompin (Selai) Takah Tempaang Waterfall

PACAT = Leech (that blood sucking worm like animal)

Despite that I absolutely love outdoor, I am no budak gunung; scared of pacat and get tired easily (mebbe weight problem kot ni 😋, takde kena mengena ngan gunung pun kan 🙄). Being a noob that I am when it comes to trekking, hiking, climbing or anything jungle… I will trust whatever Della says, the Mountain Queen. Hail!

Few days before we begin our trip to Endau Rompin (Selai) Johor, Della whatsapped us  on the packing list as she assumes most (if not all) are city kids. Ahhhh…. She knows us so very well. I immediately open the pdf file and saw the below list, I was pretty cool when reading it as everything is general knowledge then I saw the last item – YASSIN. Gulp. First thing that came to my mind was, Quran app is on my phone, Ayat Ruqyah and Yassin is under favourite. I got it - no worries.

Then it hit me, how scary will this trip be? Akan ada penampakan ke? Who is the team yang pandai baca-baca yek? I heard people say that Ayat Ruqyah ni panas… what if something shows itself? Ya Allah… sis ni jenis overthinking, terus menerus panic. I even thought on ditching the trip. But I was the one insisted to be in this trip *afcepalm*. I summoned all my courage and pack, InshaAllah we will be ok. Aamiin.

Except for item 11 & 12, I am set to go.
Things to bring/pack

1. Phone & camera
2. Sport shoes, hiking shoes, selipar getah (lupa nama, tapi diarang kata itu yang paling bagus)
3. Hat or cap
4. Leggings/shorts (if takut pacat [leeches] like me, pakai lah tights yea rakan-rakan)
5. Insect repellent (I even bought an anti-leech dulu-dulu socks, it works. Very avant garde 🕺hokkay)
6. Waterproof bag
7. Light snacks
8. Water bottle
9. Plastic sampah (jangan buang sampah dalam hutan, nanti Della marah, mothernature nangis)
10. Poncho
11. Headlamps (takyah kot)
12. Torch light (ni pun tak yah unless trek tengah malam, Memang tak lerrr)
13. Yassin (When I saw Della wrote this, I terus panic 👻... dok baca ayat kursi segala bagai masa trekking tuh)
You guys, feel free to add lah yek.

The day we did the trekking, I was overjoyed when I saw JPAM is with us and I (as usual) insisted that one is next to me reason being I operated my ligament a couple of years back (it was 50% torn and did not do my physio as instructed). At times, especially when going downhill it’ll hurt so I figure I should prep myself well. Demanding dak!?!
The trek is hard as we have to walk by the river cliff (korang leh bayang dak ni?), slippery due to the rain the night before, muddy (lecak) and lotsa and lotsa of leeches (pacat). Then we have to climb boulders and cross river (habis kasut basah bagai) just to see this Takah Tempaang waterfall (it better be worthwhile we said).

Some areas we do need to climb on steep slope, and some we need to jump over. boulders Me? I will go down on my two knees or sit and slide down, either this or kaki menggeletar turun. Takpe, pakaian kotor can be washed but if I injure my leg again (here in the jungle) someone will need to carry me back to the chalet. Padan muka korang, sis tak ringan tau. MUAHAHAHHAHHAAH (<- EVIL LAUGH, balas dendam).
We did arrive Takah Tempaang safely, the trekking took us approximately 2 hours or so. It was worthwhile. Do take note on my anti-leech socks, very avant garde gitew. The trip back was somehow faster or perhaps because we knew the route and what to expected.

My leech panic moment
Nope, it is not over till I say it’s over.
We got back to our chalet and freshen up before we call it a day. Everything went well, no leech sighting except 1-2 on my shoes and my avant garde anti-leech socks. Just FYI, how the socks works is that the material is very air tight that the leech will not be able to wiggle itself THROUGH the cloth (tak tau kain apa diarang guna but bagus lah!). I was pretty safe the whole trip and then…

As we left Endau Rompin (Selai) Johor National Park to Gunungn Ledang National Park, we decided to stop at the Shell for petrol and junk food. And I head to the ladies (toilet), and as I was ‘undo-ing’ (betul ke perkataan ni?) my jeans, I SAW A BIG FAT (KENYANG) LEECH stuck on my undie. I wanted to scream and decide against it as I don’t want to cause a commotion, I mean… my jeans obviously already down when I saw the leech. If I were to scream, no one will be able to help me cos I’ve locked the toilet door, right! I can’t unlock/open the door as it only means I have to put back my jeans of which I DEFINITELY won’t (the LEECH on my undie remember *eyes rolling*). I was confuse, I was in dilemma even though the leech has probably died (darah I manis sangat kot). The only thing I can do is to use the hose/pipe to pick it away. Sis kena berani hokkay, takkan nak lari keluar toilet dengan seluar camtu just to suruh orang tolong?!?! Viral pulak kang. Hahahhahaha…

Once I got the stupid leech out, I ran back to the van and share the scary experience with the group, this ‘friend’ of mine said :

‘Pacat tuh mati sebab kena penyet kat perut you yek?’ jujur dia bertanya. Nak maki-maki I rasa kat mamat ni.
(‘The leech died cos it got squeezed between your tummy is it?’ my dear friend asked sincerely. I felt like cursing him.

FINE!!!! I diet lepas ni. Makan dalam ok. HAHAHHAHHAHAHAA….
(FINE!!! I shall go on diet after thing. Got the hint)
📸 :  @picturesquephotostudio

Majestic Johor Eco Adventure Media Trip 2020 is in collaboration with Tourism Johor and all its sponsors with #GayaTravel Magazine as media coordinator.

Monday, October 5, 2020

#TravelTips | Accommodation in Endau-Rompin (Selai) Johor National Park.

As mentioned in my earlier blog entry (click HERE to read), I will be sharing on where to stay if you plan to visit Endau-Rompin (Selai) Johor National Park. No no…. don’t worry, this entry will be short as I can’t elaborate much on a place to stay (hence I recorded a video and posted on my Instagram).

We were lucky that they have allocated us the Family Chalet for us to spend a night here, the chalet was big and comfortable, most importantly it is very very clean and INSTAGRAMMABLE.

1. Standard Chalet ðŸ 
- RM120 p/chalet p/night
- 2 single bed, pillow + blanket
- Fan
- Attached bathroom
- Towel
- Kitchenette

Family Chalet

2. Family Chalet 🏘
- RM200 p/chalet p/night
- 2 bedrooms (2 single bed each room), pillow + blanket
- Fan
- Common bathroom
- Towel
- Kitchenette
- Living room

3. Dormitory 🏢
- RM10 – RM30 p/pax p/night
- Double decker bunk beds and lockers
- Fan
- Common bathroom
- Towel
- Common cooking area 


4. Campsite ⛺
- RM3 – RM10 p/pax
- Able to fit 200 person at a time
- Common bathroom
- Common cooking and dining area.
- Bring your own tent

Click HERE to view the room video.

5. Jungle Huts 🏕
- RM80 p/hut p/night
- Basic huts with a sleeping platform, two large mattresses, 3 pillows and lights
- Fan
- Common bathroom
- Common cooking and dining area.

6. Others 🎒
- Bring own toiletries
- Bring own multi outlet wall socket/adapter (if you have many gadgets that is)
- Bring junk food/snacks

📸 : @eytajuwita

Chalet's balcony

They also have meeting room (this is the same place where they conduct most of their briefing) hence it is possible for you to do company team building at this place. All you need to do is to inform them on how many pax and cater the daily meal with them. Worry not, their caterer’s food is super yummeh (tak pernah tak habis hokkay). Shoud have taken photo of the food huh, sure takde orang percaya I said makanan sedap *facepalm*.

Basically you guys will be super comfy if you were to stay here lah, despite that you are in a tropical rainforest national park. Apa tunggu lagi, jemputlah datang.

Majestic Johor Eco Adventure Media Trip 2020 is in collaboration with Tourism Johor and all its sponsors with #GayaTravel Magazine as media coordinator. 

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