Friday, October 29, 2010

Under Attack and Shot Twice!

OUCH!!!!! It HURTS!!!!

Especially shot my your team mate!

The objective of the game is different from those I organized or event the one I participated in Phuket. This one is abit tricky, some of the guys in my office says that it is like online game or Counter Strike (Errr.... very much ignorant on this, anyone???). Anywayssss, wegame goes like this :

1. Each team given 13,000 points
2. To utilise the 13,000 point in the purchase of either a marker (gun), bullet, harness, backpack, map, bullet bag, compass etc etc etc
3. Each team were given a objective and from her come out with a strategy to win (20mins to discuss)
4. Team were brought to the multi-level-run-down-old-car-park, orange team to go to 3rd floor. yellow team (ME! ME! ME!) from 1st floor
5. At the blow of weasel, game start for 45mins
6. Each person have multiple live, each time being shot (or died); the played must go to safety zone for 2 mins

1. Collect as much flag as possible (any colour), red and pink carries the highest value (YUP! All action item have a value tag to it)
2. Tie respective balloon on the satellite (a 1.5 ltr painted mineral water bottle, each team was given 20 balloons and rubber band)
3. Kill the opponent
4. Protect you satellite and balloon

Point system
1. Base on under-utilisation of points
2. Number of satellite and balloon (tied together)
3. Number of unburst balloon
4. Deduction on penalties ie removing of mask etc

Since am the only female, dutifully I guard our base and the rest move up to the next floor to ambush the opponent. My strategy was to hide my flag and balance of balloon. Hehhehe.... Our team strategy is to shot opponent BALLOON and not the person. ehhehhe.... (shooting opponent doesn't carry any point maah..). GUESS WHAT? It worked, we won. ahhaahah...

They have one orange balloon left and at least twice all opponent team (5 of them) were given time out at safety zone for 2 min as they were killed. ALL 5 OF THEM, WOW!!!! My team sooo darn good! Hehhehehee......

The result
1. Opponent in debt of 4000 points
2. My team, exceeded by 15000 points

So, being under attack and shot twice does make me feel happy last week!


Paintball TAG
Implikasi Dinamik Sdn. Bhd.
Corporate Address : 12B-West Wing, Level 12, Berjaya Times Square,
No. 1 Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel (Corporate) : +(603) 2149 1852
Tel (Booking) : +(603) 2149 1837/ 39/ 47/ 52
Tel (Centre) : +(6016) 268 2816 (Jai) / +(6012) 255 6763 (Khairul)
Fax : +(603) 2144 3182
Email :
Website :

Friday, October 22, 2010

Pua Give-Away

1st - Pua Purse Give-Away

YEAY! My very own very Give-Away, am SOOOO SUPER EXCITED!

Been wanting to do this for ages but couldn't find enough excuse, mainly because - the gift MUST be UNIQUE, AUTHENTHIC and SYMBOLIC to Malaysia culture and heritage. Unless ofcos I bought it during one of my oversee's trip, well; that's another story all together.

I had my mind set on something of Pua design and Sarawak is very famous for this motive/print and their beaded handiwork. This motive and handiwork is from Iban tribe which is a branch of the Dayak peoples of Borneo, they are also known as Sea Dayaks during the British colonial era. The Ibans were renowned for practising headhunting and tribal/territorial expansion. But no worries guys, long gone are the days of headhunting and piracy and the are now pretty much in tech savvy (those living in the cities of cause). The only headhunting now will be on online games/PSP, hahahhaaa.....

2nd - Bracelet Give-Away

Originally I wanted to have 1 give-away entry for each city I’ve visited but... Neh… I thought let’s just do 1 entry with 2 gifts instead. Hence the 2nd gift is from Kota Kinabalu (or KK) in Sabah. KK is basically popular for its cultured pearls but I don’t know how to buy a good one so I thought I just get an accessories from the famous Filipino Market.

Sabah is known for Mount Kinabalu (ranked 5th on the highest point in South East Asia) for it’s gigantic Rafflesia plants plus the orangutan as well as it's paradise diving spot/island - Sipadan Island. Do check out my entry HERE for Sipadan and Mabul Island visit. Oh! You can also climb Mountain Torq Via Ferrata.


1. Anyone
2. Everyone
* YES, I will ship it out to you as long as your address (anywhere/everywhere) is reachable by Mr. Postman (YUP! Even if you are not located in Malaysia, I will still ship it to you!) :D


1. Write what you think of Borneo, or have you ever heard of Borneo, or anything of Borneo (It's ok if you haven't, we are all not Mr. Atlas) in your blog. Keep it VERY SHORT, SIMPLE and SWEET, feel free to be creative :D
2. Tell me which gift you like best and why
3. Link back to Globetrotter
4. Drop your link entry in Globetrotter Pua Give-Away's comment box and your email address as well :)
5. Include the Pua Purse/Bracelet picture in your entry


15 November 2010
~ Winners will be announced few days after the closing date ~

My plan is to do a give-away purchased at the country I visited (wherever in the world I go to). I thought that would be more fun & interesting

PS : Am doing a short business trip next week to Singapore, hemm.... what can I get from the island of Merlion?

Hyperlink credits : Wikipedia, Sabah Tourism,

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Miaw Miaw si-Kuching

10 October 2010. Birdie is back.

I flew flew flew… like the beautiful Hornbill and reached the city of miaw miaw. KUCHING!

Okay! You might be wondering why the “miaw miaw bit”; a little language class - in Malay language, kucing means Cat thus Kuching is known as Cat City BUT I doubt it is because it’s cat inhabitant (didn’t see much too). It is actual famous for crocodile, orang utan and other Borneo animal which most of them close to extinction (Quick! Make a trip there fast!).

As it wasn’t a holiday trip hence I didn’t manage to roam around in Sarawak. Upon arriving I catch up with Kak Elvy and family (they transferred from Chiang Mai to Kuching, and obviously not that happy about it - I do agree with them here). Unfortunately for us the whole day was raining, so we just lepak (chill) at her house and eat and eat and eat (and played badminton). Only later at night we went out for dinner in town, that’s when I had my very first Sarawak Laksa. Yum yum.

, (yup… here’s the best part) I did manage to squeeze one day to walk (YUP! WALK, found out cab is kinda expensive here) around town, sad to say; most of the shop were close. Those that open did manage to make me part with my dollars though (good persuader).

To be fair, the Heritage Walk is very small PLUS most of the museums and shops were close, so; not much for me to share (good excuse for revisit!). I took a free shuttle from the hotel to Waterfront and took a stroll at the esplanade.

2 buildings that caught my attention was obviously the Astana and Dewan Undangan Negeri.

One can actually take a boat across but… lazy lar. Next trip when am on HOLIDAY mode perhaps.

Sooo… this lazy bump (referring to me of cause) decided to cross the street and go shopping instead. Hahhaaa…. Smart right? I know you'll agree with me.

You see, the great thing about states located in Borneo island (3 countries namely: Sabah & Sarawak belongs to Malaysia, Kalimantan belongs to Indonesia and one of the riches country - Brunei) is that the native/aborigines handicraft is unique and beautiful.

And this time around I shop with a purpose, jeng jeng jeng (my sound effect)…. I plan to do a give away on my next blog of things from Kuching and I hope to get something of it’s famous beads and Pua Kumbu design made famous by the Iban tribe (Sea Dayak). Nope! Not giving the guitar!

I walked around the India Street and saw a unique mosque located on a very small lane. Hemmm… Interesting.

Oh! This one was an eye-opening for me. Am sure it’s also available in other part of the world but let’s just let me brag abit huh :P. I saw the first KFC (I was very hungry and looking for food) in Sarawak run by speech & hearing impaired. WOW! Ordering was more of pointing to the menu, and they are super friend, dedicated and passionate. Oh! And by the way, it’s also a 24hrs outlet, provide FREE Wifi, serves Halal food (of cause lar) and accept credit cards. Changgih nye...

The I walked to 1874 Kuching courthouse and decided to snap a few pics.

Realized that wedding couples love taking pics here too.

Saw another wedding couple photo shot at the Post Office, spot the photographer?

Then of cause, if there’s India Street, there would definitely be Chinatown right?!

I was tired by then and decided to focus on buying a few kain pelikat (sarong/2mtr cloth) for my relatives from Indonesia (souvenirs when I visit them in January next year). Hemm... I seems to like almost every piece that the sales lady recommended. Argh…. Choices choices choices. Finally! These are the few I’ve selected. Hope they loike it!


Got my darling sis this ring and her “I heart Kuching” shirt.

Mommy asked me to buy the famous Kek Lapis Sarawak ie Sarawak Layered Cake. Apparently the flavour, colour, design and recipe is very very different and it is unique to this state only. Bought for her 3 rolls!

Me? Got meself fridge magnets… yeay! Not only that, gotten all major tribe magnets of Sarawak! Super proud this little collection.

Watch this blog for my give-away from Land of Hornbill - Sarawak.

Hyperlink credits : Wikipedia, Virtualtourist

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Land of Hornbill

Tweet tweet. Reporting from KLIA.

Am blogging from KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) on Saturday - 9th October (the line was pretty week...arghh!!!).

While waiting for my much delayed flight to The Land of Hornbill - Yup! Am going to Sarawak - but not for holidays though, for work instead. Sigh....

Later to Sabah - The Land Under The Wind during this mid week.

It will be A VERY hectic week but am hoping to get some interesting stuff and probably can do a little give-away. So guys.... keep yourself posted on this blog yah.

p/s : Those that have me FB, probably can view the pics much earlier.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

ReFORESTation @ Mt. Brinchang

Day 3 (2 March 2008). DOOM!

I spoke to the Cameron Highlands locals as well as Malaysia Nature Society on the activity that I am interested in =
REFORESTATION. We did s small sum of donation as well as planting the trees on the hill of Cameron Highlands. My only concern was...

1. Will the journey to the reforestation are be far?
2. How high do we need to climb?

They : "Very easy to climb, 15-20 mins for you reach the top"

I : "Oh! Ok! Then I don't need to recce"
They : " No need lar"

We woke up and took a drive up, it was ok, no issue. Then the 4X4 stopped and that's when we saw it... DAMN HIGH & DAMN STEEP. What was I thinking, at that moment I knew I am sooooo DOOM, me bosses will be "sounding" me off very very VERY SOON. Of which, they did lar.... :p Ops!

I still remember one funny incident, I have low blood hence climbing on highlands is tough as the air gets thinner as you move upwards and with my sinus, I can practically breath normally. Don't forget my stamina, well... lets not talk about my weaknesses ;-) hahahaa...

Hemm.... I saw one my "overweight" partner having difficulty in climbing and in heart I was thinking "GREAT! Hopefully he say he can't climb that high and wishes to stop half way and return to our jeep" (praying and hoping like mad here okay!). As he approaches me (we were the last 3 of the "tribe"), I asked "You wanna rest here and go back to the jeep *hinting LOUDLY*?". Guess what????? "NO! If everyone can do it, I am sure I can!"... ARGHHHHH.... means I too have to climb, after all organizer can't u-turn right?!?! HAHAHHAAA..... climb I must!

We did reach the top and everyone enjoyed the fresh air and the little morning climb we did, we planted trees which make us feel really good & proud serving MOTHER NATURE.

How long did we take 45mins-1 hour. And the locals said 15-20mins... but of cos, they ARE LOCALS!

Next time...

LOCAL = 15-20mins
CITY FOLKS = 45mins-1hour

LOCAL = easy
CITY FOLKS = HARD!!!!! and TOUGH!!!!

Having said that, it was FUN!!!!!!

Have you experienced anything similar?

Monday, October 4, 2010

My dream k-x or k-r

I was reading Chawanna & Biqque blogged about their newly procured DSLR, I also jealous mealous lar ofcos... it has been my dream to own one (YES! Don't rub it in, I haven't gotten my baby DSLR yet! sob sob).

I posted this on my FB just weeks back but since now that everyone in the mood/mode, why not I too jump into the bandwagon (I figure, might as well lo...).
They kinda make me excited pulak. Hehheheee.... the power of blogging!

Crazy shit! I just soooooo LOVE the option! Pentax K-x - VERY COLOURFUL! VERY VIBRANT! VERY MOOOI!

What the #^&*....?!?!?? Might be running in your mind upon seeing this right? But believe it guys, this actual existed and guess what....

Am sooooo planning to get one! Well maybe not this exact model, NOOOOOOO!!!! Not because I will feel embarrass - NEVER (very proud in fact!). But because it is limited to 1000 unit ONLY and sold in guess where... Japan SA-HA-JA. It was launched early this year, there goes my hope. Sigh....

2nd option.... No way! Not because it's too manly (with the robot and all) but because it was launched last year. Lagi lar no chance for me... Japan is having conspiracy against me I think.

Sob sob..... guess what I have to settle for in order to be DIFFERENT?

The latest model just launched, and if I read it carefully.... this one runs on lithium batt... YEAY! The Pentax K-r.

Few features that I look forward to :
Toy Camera, Retro, Starburst, Fish-eye

They even have cooler playback :
Toy Camera, Monochrome, Retro, Color, High Contrast, Soft, Extract Color, Starburst, Sketch Filter, Water Color, Fish-eye, Pastel, Slim, Miniature, HDR, Posterization, Base Parameter Adjustment, Custom Filter

The rest of the spec :

That's it.......


Now, where's the link to Air Asia.....? hemm...

PS :
Biqque, that's why lar I mesti gi Nihongo
nih... I mengidam ni since last year okay!

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